How to Fix Facebook Messenger Has Stopped Working

How often the do you get the “Unfortunate Facebook Messenger has Stopped” working notification when you launch messenger app on your Android phone? Most times, when you try to send a message on messenger, the messenger app will simply quit and stop working due to the fact that the app couldn’t be launched and it has stopped working.

If this has bordered you for long, don’t see yourself as a victim of malware or virus. Even the best mobile antivirus cannot solve the error from occurring.

However, as a means to fix the error message emanating from Facebook messenger app whenever you try to launch Facebook messenger that unfortunately, Facebook has stopped working surfaced this article.

In today’s article, you will learn how to fix the error and how not to make it happen after it the error has been fixed. However, before we proceed, in our previous article we give a detailed explanation on how to solve Facebook orca error message on your Android phone and enjoy the Facebook app without deleting com.facebook.orca and com.facebook.katana folder.

Is the “Unfortunate Facebook Messenger Has Stopped” Message a Malware or Virus?

The message is neither a malware or a virus. Rather, it’s as a result of caches eating up your phone memory they’re by lagging the app performance.

If you take note of the error message you will discover that it’s not only the Facebook app that pops up such a message that the app has stopped working.

In a countless time, you discover that WhatsApp app also popup the message error message. When the message popup on WhatsApp the app will remain inactive.

It’ll only be left for you to either quit the app and restart the app again or wait until the app starts running smoothly.

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Use Facebook Messenger Lite App

The Facebook mobile app is of two types. The official Facebook app and the Facebook lite app. Both apps are Facebook.

The first approach to fix unfortunately Facebook messenger app has stopped working is to check whether the official Facebook app is eating up too much of memory space on your device.

The Facebook lite app occupy less than 5MB space of your phone RAM while the official Facebook app consumes more than 100MB to run smoothly.

However, other important features like video call, voice call, and use of emoticons are now available on Facebook Lite, so, there is no or little deficiency for using the Facebook lite app over the official Facebook app.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Has Stopped [Method 1]

When you are faced with the error message on your Android devices such as Infinix or Samsung, here is the first-hand approach to fix the error message once and for all is to clear the app caches.

To fix the Facebook messenger has stopped on Android phone navigate to phone settings >> apps or applications >> all apps >> Messenger >> Clear caches >>Restart your phone.

 Facebook Messenger Has Stopped

On this page, you will see an option to clear data and clear caches. However, it worth to note that both terms are not the same even when the sound the same.

Caches are a piece of information stored on your computer when you visit a website or launch an app for the first time on your Android phone or computer to enhance smooth ride when next you want to use the same app. However, the more time you spend using this app or website the more caches your device stores.

Meanwhile, when these caches are in excess it can cause a minor error on your end such as the unfortunate error message on Facebook messenger.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Has Stopped [Method 2]

While this should not be your first approach to solve the problem it could be your last hope to restore your Facebook messenger to a fully functioning state.

To fix the unfortunate Facebook has stopped working error on your Android phone Uninstall the Facebook messenger and reinstall the latest version from Google play store.

When this is done, it removes all information associated with your Facebook messenger app on your phone and tries to create a new detail. However, this approach left you with “0” caches to clear to reinstate your Facebook full functionality.

How to Uninstall Android Apps

There are different approaches to uninstall Android apps. An app can be uninstalled on Android devices directly from play store, phone app manager, and phone menu.

The easiest of them all is removing an unwanted app from the phone menu. However, each of the approaches is explained below.

 Facebook Messenger Has Stopped

How to Uninstall App from App Menu

Let say you have an app you wanted to remove from your phone without internet connection here is the simplest approach to do that.

To uninstall an app from your app menu navigate to the app icon and hold it for few seconds. It depends on your phone. For an Infinix mobile, move the app to the trash can at the center-top and click on “OK” to remove the app.

 Facebook Messenger Has Stopped

How to Remove Apps from Google Play Store

To remove app directly from Google play store you need an internet connection and administrator’s right to the play store account.

To remove unwanted app such as Facebook messenger click on play store app >> my apps & games >> Facebook Messenger >> uninstall.

 Facebook Messenger Has Stopped

Then restart your Android phone and then reinstall the Facebook messenger app and log into your Facebook account via the messenger to begin your chat with your friends.

How to Uninstall Apps from App Manager

This is probably most people don’t try when they want to uninstall apps from their phone. However, the procedure is somewhat hiding but it offers a super fast way to uninstall an app and at the same times, to clear app caches and data.

To remove unwanted apps from app manager go to phone settings >> apps or app manager >> app name >> uninstall or force to remove.

 Facebook Messenger Has Stopped

This will simply trash the app and fore to remove it from your phone app. However, always restart your phone when you remove an app before you install the same app back to your phone.

The “Unfortunately Facebook Messenger has stopped” working is a common error I encounter on daily basis. The first method which is clearing the app caches works for me while the second method works for some other people. However, before you remove the app and then reinstall the app again always endeavor to clear the app caches, restart your phone and the error will be cleared.

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