How to Use Flipagram to create Slideshows

Flipagram is a tool to create short videos on your Android and iOS and share it across all social media. It allows creating slideshows, add two or pictures together to create a movie, crop existing videos, add emoji to images and videos, filter your videos and photos before sharing on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

When you want to make a photo collage you make use of the app without watermark and share it on your WhatsApp status and even use it as your WhatsApp DP.

Flipagram is easy to use to crop photos, videos, creating your own videos, and making movies with them. Their countless number of music to use daily and different artworks to select to combine with your own photos while creating a movie.

The app works differently from TikTok. TikTok is a live streaming app and also allows you to take a video of yourself and post it on the platform.

However, the Flipagram app only allows you to create movies or slideshows using your pictures, artworks, adding music to videos, editing and crop videos, filtering files and photos, etc.

With this app, you can create a video of your own and then upload it to the app and start editing it. The app works like a video editing app for Android phone.

You can perform all sort of stunts using the app like changing your look, adding an umbrella to your photos, changing a movie’s color, add text to photos, add a customize music to video and overrides it.


Features of Flipagram

Here are some features of the Flipagram app.

  • Add photos and video clips
  • Free 60 second music clips
  • Pause and scroll through Flipagrams one moment at a time
  • Get likes and comments
  • Find friends to follow
  • Channels to help discover popular Flipagram content
  • Beautiful fonts
  • Notifications of interesting activity
  • Explore users, #hashtags, and editor’s picks
  • Control the privacy of your profile and each Flipagram that you create
  • Use Cortana to launch Flipagram and search for users or hashtags and see your activity
  • Pin Flipagram as a live tile
  • Use Windows Inking to draw on your profile photo
  • Easy sharing to all your favorite apps!

Download Flipagram

The app is available in the Google play store to download. You can also download it from the Google play store alternatives that you can trust.

At the same, Flipagram APK is also available. However, the APK app requires enabling install from unknown sources to install.

By clicking on the download link below you will be taken to the Google play store to download the movies’ creator app.

However, it worth to note that when you download the app, to enjoy the full feature of the like such as removing the watermark, uploading an unlimited number of photos at a time, etc you may have to upgrade from free version to a paid version.

How to use Flipagram

Here is a step by step guide to creating your first slideshow or movie with Flipagram app on Android. I’ll share a quick 5 steps with you here.

1. Download and install the Flipagram app

2. Tap the start button after you open the app

Use Flipagram

3. Start selecting the photos you want to include in the slideshow. You can select more than a photo at the same time.

Select multiple photos

4. Tap on the checkmark after you have selected all your desired photos from the top-right corner.

5. Re-arrange your photos the way you want it to slide.

6. Add music or narration

Music or Naration

7. Finalize your slideshow by verifying all the photos to make sure you select them all.


Now you can share your Flipagram with your friends online and offline via WhatsApp and Bluetooth or Xender.

Other features under Add “+”

There are a few things that you can do:

  • Add more photos: Just tap on the ‘Add’ button and start adding more photos.
  • Delete any of photo: tap on the photo you want to delete and then tap on the bin icon (bottom-right corner).
  • Move the photo around to change the order when it will appear in the slide show: tap and hold the photo you want to move until it wiggles than move it to its new location.
  • Make a copy of any of the photo: tap on the photo you want to copy and then tap the ‘Copy’ icon (bottom-middle). Why would you want to copy a photo, I hear you asking.
  • Well, since every photo will appear in exactly the same duration of time in the slideshow, you can make a photo to show ‘longer’ by copying it and place them side by side.
  • Or you can make the same photo to appear at a different time just by moving the copy to a different place in the slide show order.
  • Sort: Arrow with the dashes (allows you to arrange pictures by newest to oldest, oldest to newest, or to shuffle pictures)
  • Photo Format: This switches your pictures from “Fit to Frame” which puts a white border around the picture and “Crop to Fill” which makes the images full screen without

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