How to Connect Fubo TV to Smart TV and Streaming Devices

For a successful Fubo TV connect on your device, you would need to have an active data connection and you must also have an account with Fubo TV. You are also expected to download and install Fubo TV on the device you want to stream Fubo TV on. 

Fubo TV connect is a crucial step in activating your Fubo TV on your device. To have access to all exclusive contents and sports on your device, Fubo TV needs to confirm your subscription status and device type using their backend servers. for this reason, you would need to connect your TV manually.

During a fubo TV connect or activation, you would require an activation code which would be provided to you immediately you sign in to fubo TV on your device. You must have to visit to use this activation code.

I’ve written a quick and easy guide on how to prompt a fubo TV connect and activation on all Fubo TV compatible devices. 

Fubo TV connect on Amazon Fire TV

  • Create an account with Fubo TV if you don’t have one yet. You can use your mobile or PC to do this
  • Visit the Home Screen on your Amazon Fire TV
  • Open the Amazon App Store on your Amazon Fire TV 
  • Search for Fubo TV on the app store and download it to your device.
  • After download, sign in to Fubo TV using your log-in credentials.
  • Once you log in, you would be directed to a screen with the word “Sign in with a code” clearly written on it.
  • Beneath this word, there would be a 6-digits code provided. This code is your activation code.
  • Grab your mobile device or PC and visit
  • Enter the activation code in the box provided on the site and click Submit.
  • You would get a confirmation upon successful activation and you can start streaming on Fubo TV.

Fubo TV connect on Android TV

  • Create an account on Fubo TV using your android device or PC
  • Visit your Android Home screen and Open “Google Play Store.”
  • On the search box in Google Play Store, search Fubo TV.
  • From the search result provided, click Fubo TV.
  • Click on install and wait for the app to be installed on your Android TV
  • After installation, Launch the Fubo TV app.
  • Sign in to Fubo TV using your login credentials.
  • You would be directed to a page where a six-digit code would be displayed. this code is your activation code.
  • To use this code simply visit using your mobile device or PC and enter the code in the provided box
  • Select Submit once you’ve entered the code.
  • You would get a confirmation upon successful activation.

Fubo TV connect Apple TV

  • Go to your Apple TV Home Screen and launch the App Store.
  • Use the search icon on your App Store and search for “Fubo TV” Alternatively, you can use the voice command to search for Fubo TV on the App Store.
  • Click on “install”. It is usually the cloud icon next to the app.
  • The download process may some seconds depending on your internet speed.
  • Once installed, open and sign in to Fubo TV using your login credentials.
  • After you’ve signed in, you would see a code on your screen
  • This code is your activation code. Take a mental note of it.
  • Simply grab your mobile device or PC and visit
  • Enter the activation code in the space provided.
  • Select “Submit”. Fubo TV servers would automatically connect your device to Fubo TV and you can start streaming.

Fubo TV connect on Roku

  • Go to the search icon on your Roku using your Roku remote controller.
  • Type in “Fubo TV” in the search panel and press “Enter.”
  • Select Fubo TV and navigate to the “Add Channel” icon. Highlight Add Channel and press OK
  • Your Roku device would automatically begin to download the Fubo TV app.
  • Once downloaded, go to your Roku Channel list and press OK
  • Once you’ve launched the Fubo TV app, simply sign in using your Fubo TV login credentials.
  • you would be redirected to a page where a unique code would be displayed on the screen.
  • To use this code, visit using your mobile phone or PC
  • Enter this code in the search box provided on the website.
  • Select “Submit” your activation would immediately be processed by Fubo TV backend servers.

Fubo TV connect to Samsung Smart TV

  • From your Samsung Smart TV Home Screen, Visit the Samsung “Smart Hub”.
  • On the Smart Hub, select the search icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once you’ve found the app, select install to download the app.
  • Once downloaded, you would find the app in your TV Apps list.
  • Launch Fubo TV on your device.
  • Sign in to Fubo TV on your device using your username and password.
  • A code would appear on your screen asking you to activate your device. take note of this code as it is your activation code.
  • To use this code, simply visit on your mobile phone or desktop.
  • On the website, you would see a box requiring you to enter an activation code.
  • Enter your activation code in this box and select “Submit.”
  • Once submitted, your device would automatically be connected to the Fubo TV server and you can start streaming. 

Fubo Tv connect on Vizio Smart TV

Unlike other devices, you don’t have to download Fubo TV on Vizio Smart Tv as it is already installed.

  • Simply press the VIA or Home button at the center of your remote.
  • Go to “All Available Applications” on your Vizio TV and select The Fubo TV app.
  • Sign in to Fubo TV using your login credentials.
  • You would be given a code once you sign in. This code would appear on the screen of your Vizio SmartCast TV.
  • Simply visit and enter the activation code in the space box provided on the website.
  • Select Submit and your device would automatically be connected to the Fubo TV server.

Fubo TV connect on Xbox 

  • From your Xbox Home Screen, scroll right to store and select it.
  • Go to Apps and highlight it then press the A button.
  • Select Search Apps and click the A button.
  • Using the search box, type in Fubo TV and press the A button.
  • Click on the install button next to the Fubo TV app using the A button.
  • Wait for the App to download. Once downloaded, Launch the Fubo TV app and sign in using your Fubo TV credentials.
  • You would notice a code appear on your screen. This code is your activation code.
  • Simply visit using a smartphone or any internet-connected device.
  • Enter this activation code in the box provided on the website and click “Submit”.
  • Once submitted, Fubo TV backend servers would review your subscription status and activate your device.

Fubo TV connect on HiSense

Fubo TV comes preinstalled on supported Hisense devices. So there is no need to prompt a download process. Simply go to your Sports channel on your HiSense and launch the Fubo TV app.

Fubo TV connect on Chromecast

You can cast fubo TV to any device using Google Chromecast. You must have created an account on Fubo TV before doing this. For Fubo TV connect on Chromecast, follow this procedure.

  • Download and install Fubo TV connect to your iOS device or Android device.
  • After downloading, simply log in to your Fubo TV account using your Fubo TV credentials.
  • Connect your streaming device to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device (iOS or Android).
  • Start watching Fubo TV on your mobile device the select the google cast icon.
  • Select your Google cast from the options and it would automatically display on your streaming device.

Note: The activation code always expires after five minutes. If you don’t use it within five minutes, you must have to get a new one on your device. It is compulsory to have a Fubo TV account before you can use this feature.

Fubo TV also allows you to record contents using a cloud DVR for about 250 hours. Fubo TV has some great features such as 4K streaming and also Picture-In-Picture so you can watch up to four streams at the same time. There is however no parental control for Fubo TV. 

If this article helped let us know in the comment section. You may also want to check out how to connect fubo TV to Smart TV.

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