How to Unpair Xfinity Remote Controller

Xfinity remote unlike some other remote controllers require you to connect your remote controller to your Xfinity device. This means you have to pair Xfinity remote to connect it with your Xfinity device, and unpair Xfinity remote to disconnect from your Xfinity device.

In this article, we would be explaining to you how to unpair the Xfinity remote from an Xfinity device using your Xfinity Remote buttons.

As there are different Xfinity devices and remote controllers, so there are different ways to pair and unpair Xfinity remotes from their connected device. 

Note that once you pair an Xfinity remote controller with a certain Xfinity device, you cannot use that same remote with another device until you break the previous bond.

There are three kinds of Xfinity remote you can pair and unpair. 

  1. Xfinity Remote has a setup button and number keys.
  2. Xfinity Remote has no setup button but has number keys (XR15 Xfinity X1 or Flex Voice Remote).
  3. Xfinity Remote has no setup button and no number keys (XR16 Xfinity Flex Voice Remote).

unpair xfinity remote

Unpair Xfinity Remotes that has a Setup button 

Follow these steps to unpair an Xfinity remote that has a setup button. These steps are easy to execute without the help of a technician, they however must be properly and carefully followed as a missed step could mean having to restart the whole process.

  1. Simply grab your Xfinity remote.
  2. On your Xfinity, remote, look for the setup button on your remote.
  3. Once found, press and hold the set up button for about five seconds.
  4. Once you’ve done this, the status light on your remote controller would go from red to green. If this doesn’t happen, long press the setup button again.
  5. After the red status light switches to green, now enter these numbers in this exact sequence on your remote controller. The number is 9-8-1.
  6.  Watch the status light closely and confirm it blinks the green light twice. Once the status light blinks green twice, the pairing for the remote has been reset.
  7. You can now pair the remote with another Xfinity device.

Unpair Xfinity remotes that don’t have a Setup button

Not all Xfinity remotes have a setup button. The method to unpair Xfinity remote controller without a setup button is a little bit different from Xfinity device remotes with a setup button. So if your Xfinity remote doesn’t have a setup button, this guide is for you.

  1. Grab your Xfinity remote and search for the A (Triangle) and D (Diamond). These two buttons would act as a setup key once pressed simultaneously.
  2. Press and hold the A (triangle) and D (diamond) buttons simultaneously for about five seconds or thereabout.
  3. Watch the status light carefully, it would change from red to green just like when you press the setup button.
  4. Once the status light changes from red to green, then this step is successful. If it doesn’t, it means you have to restart the process and hold the buttons again. 
  5. Once the status light changes to the desired color, the next step is to enter the Unpair Xfinity remote code. This code is 9-8-1. Please ensure you enter this code in the correct sequence one e after the other and not simultaneously.
  6. Once you’ve entered this code, the status light would flash blue twice. If you see the blue light prompt, it means you have successfully unpaired Xfinity remote controller from its device. 
  7. You can now pair your Xfinity remote controller with another Xfinity device.

Unpair Xfinity remotes without a setup key or number keys

Certain Xfinity remotes have no setup button or number buttons. You might feel this may be harder to unpair compared to the previous remote controllers. This however is easier than you think. Follow these steps closely to see how you can unpair Xfinity remote without a setup key or number keys.

  1. Grab your Xfinity remote controller and look for the Info (i) button and the Home button. This would serve as your setup button once pressed simultaneously.
  2. Once you’ve found these buttons, Press and hold Info (i) and Home button together for let us say about five seconds. This would prompt the LED light to flash.
  3. Once this flashes, Press these buttons in sequence. These buttons would serve and replace the missing number keys. The buttons in the respective sequence are the Power buttonLast arrow button (Last Arrow <-), and Volume Down button ().
  4. Once this is successful, your Xfinity remote would be unpaired from its current device and you can now pair to another device.

Please take note when pairing the remote controller to the Xfinity device. During the pairing process, your remote controller would automatically pair with Xfinity devices that are aimed directly at the Xfinity device.

Once the remote is unpaired, it won’t respond to any voice commands. You would need to pair it to a device before it responds to voice commands. For more details on how to pair Xfinity remotes with an Xfinity device, please read this guide.

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