[Solved]: Is your GE Washer not Spinning

If you own a GE washer, you wouldn’t be surprised as to why a lot of users prefer GE washers to others. However, they may not be the best in the market but their warranty and service repair deals seem to make sense since it covers parts replacements and labour of repairs for a period. 

That said, a lot of customers still feel the GE washer isn’t living up to its expectation following numerous complaints from popular review sites. One of such issues the majority of users face or you may be facing is your GE washer not spinning.

An issue such as your GE washer not spinning means the washer won’t be able to wash your clothes, In common cases, it gives off a strange sound while the spin remains static. 

If you are experiencing any of these. 

I will walk you through the different reasons why it isn’t working and some appropriate troubleshooting steps anyone can do to resolve it.

Let’s proceed.

Reasons for your GE washer not spinning 

Reasons why GE Washer not Spinning

Below are some of the reasons why your GE washer has decided not to function and the Easy troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve it.

The clothing in the washer is Unbalance

The Plate that ought to spin once the washer starts could cease to roll if the clothes stuffed inside the washer are heavier on one side.

Maybe you have placed a towel and a blanket on one side of the washer while the other side has light clothes.

It could stop the washer from spinning. 

If you feel you have some heavy clothes in the washer follow the steps below to troubleshoot it


Close the lead and try spreading them evenly across the spinner while making sure the clothes inside the washer are not too much.

If after doing this you are stuck with your GE washer not spinning, proceed to the next step

Level the Washer

Another surprising issue that could stop your Washer from functioning is if the washer is not well levelled with the ground. You might not easily see this if your eyes are not straight. 

However, here is something you can try to be double sure that the Washer is levelled


To check the level of your washer, get a carpenter’s level and place it on the GE washer. 

While doing this look for 5 points resting on the same level.

In a scenario where you are seeing an incomplete line or you notice that one endpoint is higher than the other. Then your machine requires levelling 

All you need to do here is to adjust the legs of the washer till it is balanced with the ground.

If levelling isn’t solving your GE Washer not spinning, proceed to the next heading.

Overloaded or Underloaded Washer

Over here there are two different things you out to watch out for. Underloading won’t stop your GE washer from not spinning, as it would throw off your cloth while washing it less effectively.

However, overloading could stop your washer from spinning. 

If you are unsure of the correct amount of clothes that should be loaded into the washer at a time keep reading


A good rule of thumb is to leave 2 to 6 inches of extra space for air circulation.

With this space, you don’t need to worry about overloading or underloading.

Master Reset

Apart from the troubleshooting steps listed above, another option you can try out is a Master reset.

Probably you have tried Reloading the machine or maybe you’ve tried running a new cycle and there are no changes.

Then a Master reset could resolve your GE washer not spinning 

If you are unsure about how to do it follow the instructions below


  • Firstly, Drain your Washer and then remove the plug from the power source and open the door. 
  • Once it’s completely drained close the door and plug back the door
  • Now plug the machine back 

To carry out a master reset unplug the washer and open and close the door six times in 12 seconds.

Clogged Drain Trap

Another reason why your GE washer is not draining is the Drain Tap. The way the GE washer is structured. It reduces water wastage, however, it ends up collecting more lint which could be a problem for your drain tap.

An easy way to notice that is if your Drain tap begins to overflow. 

If it does, it is a good indication that the drain Trap is clogged and needs some cleaning


To resolve this, Unplug your GE washer from the power supply 

empty the water and clean off any lint inside the drain

Not insert it back into the washer and check if the washer is spinning. If it isn’t try out the next step 

Check the Lid Switch

The majority of electronic devices work with a closed lid. For example GE microwaves or dishwashers.

If you open the lids. The machine will cease to work. 

The same scenario works with your GE washer. If the lids are not closed correctly or the lids switch is faulty or broken, the machine won’t start 

Now, here is something you need to realize, apart from the lids opening and closing. The lids switch has to close mechanically. if none of these is the issue proceed to the next heading

Check for Continuity Control

Firstly, drain all the water inside the Washer

After doing that, unplug the GE washer wires that are connected to the control.

Now get an Ohmmeter or Multimeter and check for continuity in both the positive and negative wires.

After doing this, you should get continuity of 10 to 15 continuity from the terminal.

If you are not getting anything within this range, it means the Control is faulty and needs a replacement.

Check Water Pump

Another common reason why your GE washer is not spinning could be a result of a clogged water pump.

The water pump’s job is to move water out of the drum to evenly distribute the water across your clothes while also enabling the machine to spin.

If the pump isn’t gushing water out of the water drum, it can stop the washer from spinning. 


In this instance, you might notice that the water in the system seems to drain quite slowly. to resolve these, unplug the washer from the power supply and check for any obstructions, like lint etc.

While checking for obstruction or damages, if you spot none, The pump might be faulty and needs a replacement.

Broken Drive Belt

The broken bet comes out as the last troubleshooting step since it might be too advanced for just anyone to repair it, If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps above, and there are no positive responses, then the Belt might be the issue.

The belt is responsible for moving the agitator and spinning basket in your washing machine. Maybe you have used your GE washer for a long time and it needs a replacement. 

if you have used it for a while and you have gone through the troubleshooting steps above, then you should call a repairman to help you get it fixed

Front Load GE washer not spinning

Front Loader GE not Spinning

If you are stuck with this here are three things you ought to check

Check for power loss, since it is one of the common reasons for this, if the power connections are working fine, check the thermal fuse if it hasn’t tripped.

Another thing you can check is if the dispenser drawer, ensure it is closed. 

How to Fix a Washing Machine that Won’t Spin.

If your washing machine is not spinning go through the Troubleshooting steps listed above to deal with your GE washer not spinning.

Washing Machine drains But Won’t Spin

If your GE washer drain but isn’t spinning, one of the most common issues for this is a blocked drain pump. As I mentioned earlier if your Drain Pump is blocked, the driving process would be very slow and the drain pot will be most likely filled.

If you want to resolve this, unplug the washer and check for any obstruction or damages, if there isn’t, then the pump needs a replacement

How do you reset a washer that won’t spin?

To rest your washer follow these steps below

  • Unplug the machine for 5 minutes
  • Now, plug it in
  • Raise and lower the lid 5 times within 8 seconds
  • After doing all that your Washer would be reset.


By now you should figure out how to resolve your GE washer not Spinning. The spinning is an issue that can be easily resolved. However, when it comes to either replacing the belts or the Pump, you should call a repairman to help you out or contact GE customer support with that so as not to tinker with the system.

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