Gyazo Review for Smartphones and PC


Gyazo is an open source software to take screenshots on  Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Gayzo allows users to take a screenshot on  Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and upload it on the web.

When you take a screenshot using Gyazo and uploaded it on the web, it created a unique URL for users to share across the internet. 

Previously we discussed best tools to take screenshots on Windows and Mac, Gyazo was mentioned as one of the best to use. Gyazo offers a unique feature for Chrome extension to take screenshots, edit, and erase sensitive information using the tool editing feature.

There are few tools to take screenshots on  Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, some of which include Fraps, Windows Snipping tool, ScreenPresso, ScreenLight, and lot more.

Frap is a simple tool to take screenshots for Windows with advanced options to add more features like PhotoShop and MonoSnap.

What you will learn!


Here in this Gyazo review, you will learn how to add Gyazo Chrome extension to your browser and take screenshots with it, how to use Gyazo to screen grab Windows screen, and round it up with some Gyazo alternative.

Is Gyazo Safe?

Gyazo is a free tool to take screenshots on Windows, MacOS X, and Linux and upload the screenshots to the web for Gyazo to generates a unique URL to the image.

The screenshot tool is safe to use. It doesn’t inject a virus into users PC and it doesn’t contain malicious code that poses threat to users documents, files, images, photos, and other screenshots.

Gyazo Camera App

This is not a beauty app. It’s an app to take screenshots on a smartphone and upload it to the web to generate a unique image URL to be shared across the internet.

The app has support for Android and iOS devices to take screenshot easily without using the default keyboard to take screenshots on smartphones.

The Gyazo screenshots tool overrides the default key combination on a smartphone when you installed it on it to take screenshots.


While you can still press and hold down the volume + power button to take screenshots on Android phones, the Gyazo camera offers a better means to do it without stress launching the app and press capture to grab the screen depending on the pre-defined settings.

Gyazo Price

The tool offers three different plans. The Gyazo, Gyazo pro, and Gyazo pro with different features and different plan subscription. The first plan cost $0.00, $3.99 and $7.00  per month for each plan with the features vary from one plan to another.



Download Gyazo Screenshot

Android users can download Gyazo app directly from the Google play store, iOS users, head to the Apple apps store, and Windows, MacOS X, and Linux users can download the latest version from Gayzo screenshot download source.

However, for your device download app click on the name of your device below to download Gyazo screenshots tool.

Android | iOS | MacOS X | Linux | Windows

Gyazo Chrome Plugin

If you re using the Google Chrome browser you can take your browser’s screenshots directly with a plugin and as well record your browser’s screen using the free tool.

Following the procedures below, you will be able to download and install Gyazo Chrome for your browser.


1. Go to the Chrome web store

2. Search for “Gyazo” and click on the enter button on your PC keyboard

3. Tap “Add to Chrome”



4. Click on “Add Extension”


5. Gyazo Chrome will be added to your toolbar

To take screenshots with it, tap on the screenshot tool icon to the upper right and take the screenshot. 

With this, you can take some select area or capture the entire screen of your Windows, Mac, MacOS X, and Linux with it.


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