How to Activate Facebook Dating

Facebook’s dating feature combines the best features of apps like Tinder and Bumble with the world’s most popular social media platform. We’ll show you how to enable Facebook Dating so you can start matching. In this article, you will learn how to activate the Facebook dating feature on your phone.

Facebook Dating is not a separate application but integrated into the website. If you have a Facebook account, you are already ahead as you need it to access appointments. Although your dating profile is separate, some of your information is taken from your other profile in the dating section.

Go to the Facebook app first, tap the menu icon in the top right of the screen, and then tap Meetings. (If you don’t see the “Dating” option, you should probably tap the “show more” option.) You will then be directed to the “Facebook Dating” section. Click Start and follow the on-screen instructions to set up a profile. You have to indicate which genre you are looking for, where you are, and choose a good photo of yourself.

From there, Facebook automatically generates a dating profile for you by scrolling through your walk-in profile. You can then customize the profile exactly as you want by removing items, adding photos, and adding posts from your Instagram by tapping the Profile Preview option. When you’re satisfied, click Done.

The information in this article applies to the Facebook Mobile App for iOS and Android.

What Is Facebook Dating?

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a new feature that allows you to make romantic connections through the global social network. You don’t have to create a separate dating profile. Facebook uses your current profile information to recommend possible matches based on common interests. Your profile will also be recommended to other people who have Facebook dating enabled.

Facebook’s dating feature is very similar to Bumble and Tinder in that you cannot send a message to other users until they have both spoken. The app will not make a suggestion to any of your current Facebook friends. Likewise, your dating profile is not visible to your friends who use the function. However, friends can be added to their secret love list so that they can correspond with a friend when they are in love with you.

Facebook users must be at least 18 years old (depending on their profile) to access Facebook Dating.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Before you can activate Facebook Dating, you need to create a Facebook account. Since the dating feature extracts information from your regular profile, you should fill it out as much as possible. There is no Facebook dating app or Facebook dating site. The function is integrated into the mobile Facebook application.

Images and other content that you share via Facebook Dating will not appear in your regular Facebook profile. Conversations on Facebook Dating are also separate from your Facebook Messenger conversations. If you find Facebook friends with some after finding them on Facebook, you can still see their dating profile.

The dating feature is not available on the Facebook website, but there is a Facebook FAQ page for dating.

How to Activate Dating on Facebook

How to start Facebook Dating:

  • Open the Facebook app and tap the burger menu in the top right corner of your feed.
  • Tap dating.
  • Follow the instructions to set up your dating profile. After you’ve shared your location and selected a photo, your dating profile will be created based on your Facebook account information. You can personalize your Facebook dating profile by adding more information, photos, and even Instagram posts. Press Done when you’re satisfied.

How to use Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating recommends profiles one after the other. You can access the dating area of ​​the Facebook application at any time to view its recommendations. Before this is possible, you need to activate the Facebook dating feature.

  • Touch the heart in the user profile to let them know you like them, or tap the X to skip. If they like you, you can start a conversation.
  • If someone else likes your profile, you will receive a notification. Touch the heart of your profile to send a direct message.
  • You can view your matches and conversations by tapping matches at the top of the app.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your profile and tap Answer Question to answer random questions that Facebook can use to improve your game suggestions.
  • You can also add photos and share Instagram posts at the bottom of your profile page.

How to Adjust Facebook Dating Settings

  • Changing some settings will change the way the Facebook dating app works for you.
  • Tap the gear on the screen where Facebook suggests profiles to access Settings.
  • The Ideal Match tab allows you to set your preferred criteria for possible matches. On the General tab, you can control what is shown in your profile.
  • Tap the ellipsis (…) next to Instagram to connect your Instagram account.
  • Tap Connect Stories and then Connect buttons to share your Instagram and Facebook stories.

Secret Crushes on Facebook Dating

With the secret overwrite function, you can connect with your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the screen where Facebook suggests profiles and select Secret Crush.

Then you can choose friends from Facebook and Instagram. If you have Facebook dating enabled, you will receive a notification that someone is in love with you, but you don’t know who. If they also add you to their secret favorites, they will be matched.

How to Delete a Facebook Dating Profile

It is possible to delete your Facebook dating profile without deleting your regular Facebook profile. However, if you delete your account, Facebook dating will remove you.

  • Tap the gear on the screen where Facebook suggests profiles to access Settings.
  • Tap the General tab.
  • Tap Remove profile from the account.
  • Choose a reason to quit Facebook Dating and then tap Next.

Facebook Dating Security

Before you meet someone online in person, you should always tell a friend where you are going. It is also good to communicate with them via SMS or Facebook messages so that they know that you are safe.

If you want to prevent a user from communicating with you or viewing your profile, you can do so on the General tab of Facebook Dating Settings.

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