How to Fix Facebook App not Working

Facebook is a must visit social media for most us to meet our friends and family, to meet with our online clients, share our daily updates such as photos, videos, status, etc. However, if Facebook isn’t working for a whole day the whole internet would probably be melt down. The Facebook not working can be a global issue because the platform is down.

Facebook down couldn’t be the only reason why your Facebook account isn’t working and so many reasons could contribute to the reason why you can’t access your Facebook account.

If the Facebook social network is facing a gloal server down you will not be able to access the social network. However, if the social network is up and running but you are not able to access the social media either on the Facebook app or the Facebook messenger, then, this guide will help you to fix the Facebook app not working.

If you are also using the Facebook lite app and you are not able to use the Facebook Lite app, doing what I’ll share below will help you to resolve the issue.

How to Fix Facebook App not Working

If your Facebook app suddenly stopped working on Android or iPhone app or your Facebook account is saying the app has stopped responding, here are what you should do to make the Facebook app working again.

Update the Facebook App

If you are using the Facebook lite app or the official Facebook app for fast internet connection you’d possibly be faced with Facebook not working issue if you are running the outdated version.

If your Facebook app is outdated, the Facebook algorithm will prompt you to upgrade to the latest version either from the play store for Android users and iOS apps store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users.

  • Open the Google play store app on your Android by tapping on the store iconFacebook app not working
  • Click on the more options and click on “my apps & games”Play store apps menu and games
  • Find the “Facebook app” you are using and click on the update icon beforeFacebook App Update

Now, wait until the app update is successfully installed. After this, launch the app and see if it’s working fine again.

For iOS users such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod follow the procedures below to update the Facebook app.

  1. Click on the App Store icon on the Home screen.
  2. Tap the Updates button to access the Updates screen
  3. Then tap the Update button on the Facebook app
  4. Confirm the update from the popup by entering your Apple ID
  5. Press “OK” to proceed

After you’ve clicked on the “OK” button the Facebook app will start updating to the latest version.

If the above proceedings didn’t work on your Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod) to fix the Facebook app not working issues on your smartphone, try the approach below.

Facebook not Working on Android “Fixed”

If the Facebook app is not working after you’ve updated the app to the latest version, clearing the app caches can restore the app to its normal state.

  1. Click on your phone gear settings iconPhone settings gear icon
  2. Tap on the apps or applications manager or apps manager (depending on your phone configuration)Facebook not Working
  3. Find the Facebook app from the list of apps installed on your phone and click on it.Facebook not Working
  4. Click on the storage iconPhone storage
  5. Tap on “clear caches”Facebook not Working
  6. Restart your phone and visit your Facebook account using the mobile app.

Note: There is no possibility that the app is going to work with the caches cleared. If this is the case you ended up with, kindly go back to the interface where your cleared the app caches and click on “clear data”.

Clearing the app data will delete your login password and username. When next you want to log into your account on you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Uninstall and Re-install the Facebook App

I found out this technique to be a perfect way to fix the Facebook app not working on Android and on iOS smartphones. When you remove the Facebook app from your smartphone, the next version you’ll ended up download will be the latest version if you are running the older version in the first place and this alone can fix the itch you are facing with the app that is not currently working on your smartphone.

  1. Click on your phone gear settings icon
  2. Tap on the apps manager or applications manager
  3. Click on “Facebook app”
  4. Tap uninstall
  5. Click “OK” from the popup

Now, restart your phone and head to the Google play store to download the Facebook app

Facebook Account Temporarily Blocked or Disabled

If your Facebook account is temporarily blocked or disabled you will not be able to access your Facebook account. This is not to say that your Facebook account isn’t working or the Facebook app is down.

However, to regain your access back to your Facebook account you’d either wait for the period or open another Facebook account.

But, if your Facebook account isn’t working and you have updated your Facebook app to the latest version, cleared the Facebook app caches, then it could be that the Facebook app server is down.

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