How to Login to Disney Plus on PS4

We will discuss how to login to Disney plus on PS4 and other methods in this article. This is similar to how to activate Disney plus on TV on and provide the activation code on your TV screen. 

To watch Disney Plus on PS4 you either need to activate the Disney Plus app on your PlayStation console or watch it via the official Disney Plus website at

However, the easiest and recommended approach for PS4 is to download and install the Disney app on your PS4 game console, get the Disney Plus activation for your PS4 and go to the portal,, sign in with your username and password and enter the Disney Plus activation code to start watching your favourite Disney Plus channel on your PS4 or TV at home.

Let me quickly tell you this, to activate Disney Plus on your PS4 you must be within the region where Disney Plus works without restriction. However, for those of us who couldn’t make use of the Disney Plus app on our mobile let alone activate it on our game console such as PS4, we will provide a lasting solution to start using Disney Plus across all your devices. PS4

The PS4 is a link to activate DisneyPlus on PS4 using the Disney Plus login code generate on your TV. You can find this login code on your TV when you launch the Disney Plus app on your PS4

Meanwhile, PS4 is only available in some selected regions at the moment. So, if the service isn’t available in your region then you may need to use a VPN service to unblock your access on your PS4.

Disney Plus Login Code PS4

The Disney plus login code PS4 is a unique character to link your Disney+ account and your PS4 console together.

Since Disney plus allows users to log into their account using a login code sent to the account-associated phone number there is no need to sign in to your Disney+ PS4 using your username and password as you can simply type the login code to activate the streaming service on your console.

Therefore, we will consider the Disney plus login code ps4 users.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Click on “Get Started.”
  • Enter your phone number.
  • A 4-digit verification code will be sent to your phone via SMS.
  • Enter the Disney Plus login code into the column provided.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the task.

Once the task has been completed you will be signed into your account on your PS4. Meanwhile, if you are using a smart device such as a Smart TV you may need to take a different direction.

Disney Plus Login PS4

We will discuss Disney plus login PS4 in this guide. We will break down both methods you need to know about Disney plus login PS4.

  • Disney Plus login PS4 with username and password
  • Disney Plus login PS4 with code.

With the first method you can complete the Disney plus login without the Disney Plus login code. While the second method require the Disney Plus login PS4 code and PS4.

Disney Plus/begin Code PS4

Disney Plus/begin code PS4 is either a 4 or 8-character to activate the Disney+ app on your PS4. This code is unique for all devices that support Disney Plus and the code is generated at random. So, the code can’t be guessed or assumed.

However, Disney Plus code on PS4 does expires with time. So when it expires you’d need to generate another code using the Disney+ app on your PS4.

Disney Plus PS4 Login Code

This connote how you can use your Disney Plus service on your PS4 using the displayed login code on your TV. The Disney Plus PS4 login code override the use of Disney Plus password and username to sign into your Disney Plus account on your PS4.

The Disney Plus PS4 login code is an alternative way to sign into your Disney+ account on all support device.  With this, you’d to login to Disney plus on PS4 without password and username

Disney Plus Playstation 4 Code

You won’t just get the Disney Plus Playstation 4 code on your console. To get the Playstation 4 code to link to your Disney Plus you need to download and install the Disney Plus app on your Playstation 4.

To generate the Disney Plus Playstation 4 code you need to follow the instruction we shared beow on how to log in disney plus on ps4

How to Log in Disney Plus on PS4 [PS4 Login Code]

For users using Disney Plus on TV without restriction, follow the steps below to activate your Disney Plus account on your PlayStation.

  • Launch your PS4 game console
  • Press the arrow button to open the PS4 app store.
  • Search for “Disney Plus” in the search box and tap on the download begin
  • Install the Disney + app successfully.
  • Navigate to installed apps on your PS4 and launch the “Disney Plus” app.
  • Tap on the option to log in with the code if the app didn’t pop up an activation code.
  • Go to on your web browser other than your PS4.
  • Sign in to your Disney Plus account with your username and password.
  • Type the activation code on your TV screen and click on the continue button.
  • Done.

Now, wait for a couple of seconds to a minute until the Disney Plus code and activation site begin page refreshed and disappear to display your Disney Plus page.

The steps above work on all versions of PlayStation provided you follow the steps as explained and for people in a region where the Disney Plus isn’t restricted due to geo-restricted location.

How to Login to Disney Plus on PS4 [Password & Username]

I don’t want to hate the Disney plus streaming platform due to its geo-location restriction. So, if you are restricted from accessing the website don’t feel bad because most people can’t access Disney unless they make use of a VPN service.

Therefore, without wasting your time, we will quickly rush through how to log in to Disney plus on ps4.

  1. Switch on your PlayStation 4 and navigate to the PS4 App Store.
  2. Search for Disney+ in the search bar.
  3. Select the Disney+ icon when it comes up.
  4. Navigate and select download to download and install the Disney Plus app.
  5. Open the app and Sign in.
    1. You can sign in with your username and password.
    2. You can also use the Disney code option to sign into your account on your PS4.

That is how easy it’s on how to log in to Disney Plus on PS4. on PS4 not Working

If the link to activate Disney Plus on PS4 failed to work, i.e, on PS4 due to gee-restricted location here is what to do to find access to Disney Plus on all your devices and without restrictions.

  • Download the Express VPN and subscribe to your desired plan.
  • Log in with your ExpressVPN to ExpressVPN DNS settings.
  • Navigate to the “Primary Registration” option and select “Register my IP address”.Activate Disney Plus on PS4
  • Take note of the MediaStreamer DNS server IP address on the ExpressVPN setup page.

This will give you a new domain name server (DNS) IP address. And next, is to set up the DNS server on your PS4 game console to be able to activate and watch Disney Plus on your PS4.

How to Setup New DNS Server on PS4 for Disney Plus

In the steps below, we highlight how to set up a new domain name server on your PS4 to be able to bypass Disney Plus geo-restriction and watch Disney Plus on your PS4.

  • Switch on your PS4 and wait until it comes up completely.
  • Tap on the “PS4 settings.”
  • Click on “Network” >> “set up internet connection.”
  • Select your internet connection from the list.
  • Tap on “Custom >> automatic.”
  • Choose “Do Not Specify” >> Manual.
  • Select “Primary DNS.”
  • Enter the ExpressVPN DNS address from the previous headline.
  • Tap “Done” to complete the first step.
  • Choose “Next” >> “Automatic.”
  • Finish up the DNS settings on the PS4 you want to watch Disney Plus.
  • Launch the “Disney Plus” app.
  • Take note of the activation code and
  • Open a browser other than your PS4 browser and go to
  • Sign in to your Disney Plus account.
  • Enter the Disney Plus activation code.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Done.

That is all you have to do to activate Disney Plus on PS4 on and code.

How to Fix Disney Plus not Working on PS4

Don’t feel dejected if the Disney Plus app is not working on your PS4. We have a similar experience. So, here we will discuss how to fix Disney Plus not working on PS4 after connecting your Disney Plus to your PS4 gaming console.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Disney Plus App

The Disney plus app can get stuck when it’s loading. At this point, restarting the console might not fix it. So, it’s better to remove the old Disney Plus app and download the later version to reconnect it to your PS4 Microsoft game console.

  • Go to your PS4 apps library.
  • Highlight the “Disney Plus” app.
  • Press the “Option” button.
  • Choose “Delete.”
  • Restart the console to remove all remnants.

That is how to delete apps on PS4. You can now proceed to reinstall the Disney Plus app and connect it to your PS4.

Clear System Cache

You should clear your system cache once in a while if you don’t save them for a purpose. When the cache becomes excess it can cause the device to malfunction. Therefore, it’s advisable to clear your PS4 system cache if you can’t connect your Disney Plus to your PS4.

  • Open the Disney Plus app that is not responding.
  •  Press and hold the L1 + R1 buttons at the same time.
  • This will clear the Disney Plus app cache instantly.

Close Open Apps

If you have some other apps opened you might want to close them. How to connect Disney Plus to PS4 is quite easy but when it opens and it conflicts with some other adblockers or other ads it may not function as expected. So, it’s advisable to close other similar apps that can cause conflict between them

All done. These are the steps you need to connect Disney Plus to your PS4 and activate the streaming platform with or without the Disney Plus code on your PS4.

If you think we miss out on what you expect kindly make use of the comment section or better still share what you think about this article.

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