How to Activate Starz On Apple TV

Starz Play is a TV network based in the US, it’s a streaming service that creates some modern and major content and programming. It’s possible to access the streaming service almost anywhere on many different devices. Activate Starz on Apple TV.

Starz is known to be an American premium cable channel that streams different series, originals, movies, and the like. Starz also has a free app available for most smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices. It’s possible to stream Starz content for free via a TV provider subscription.

Starz is available for most devices like Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV box, Roku, Xbox, etc. You can get a Starz TV subscription and enjoy streaming with Starz. You have to know how to activate Starz on various devices first. Once you are registered to one account, you can stream up to four devices at once too.

In case your Apple TV is that of the 4th generation or higher, you could stream Starz content effortlessly by installing the app from the store. Starz delivers great TV shows, ranging from American Gods, Power, Black Sails to Spartacus. This article is going to guide you through how you can activate Starz on Apple TV.

Below are detailed guidelines on how to activate Starz on Apple TV. Read carefully as we take you through how you can subscribe to Starz service, how to install and activate Starz, how to activate Starz on Apple TV, how to airplay Starz to Apple TV, and some common issues you might encounter while activating Starz on Apple TV. 

How to Subscribe to Starz Service

To be able to activate Starz, you need an active premium subscription or you must be on the free 7-day trial offered to have full access to Starz content. To subscribe, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Starz Website (
  • Tap on the “Start Your Free Trial
  • Sign up for the service by providing the required details (an email and password).

Now, your account is set up and you can add the Starz channel or app to most devices. Watching on a different device on Starz is quite easy. You can add Starz service to any streaming device and enjoy the available content.

Install Starz On Apple TV

You need to install Starz first on your Apple TV before you can enjoy all the fun embedded in it. Follow the steps below:

  • Switch on your Apple TV and connect to a reliable internet connection.
  • Select the App Store on your home screen.
  • Search for the Starz app by using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select the Starz app from the search list.
  • To install the app, click on the Get button.
  • Tap Open, once installed, then you have to go through the activation procedure.Activate Starz on Apple TV

Activate Starz On Apple TV

If you want to enjoy watching Starz shows and movies on Apple TV, you must start by activating Starz on your Apple TV. The activation process is quite simple. To activate Starz on Apple TV, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Starz app with your account sign-in details (email and password).
  • Navigate to from your smartphone or PC web browser.
  • An activation code will be displayed on your Apple TV screen.
  • Enter the activation code and tap submit to register the device and activate
  • Enter your TV provider sign-in details.
  • The media content in the Starz app will display automatically upon activation.

Airplay Starz On Apple TV

In case you have the 3rd and 2nd generation models of Apple TV, then you can use the airplay method to watch Starz. Follow these steps below to achieve that: 

  • Ensure your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad device is connected to the same WiFi network.
  • From the App Store, install the Starz app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Sign in with your Starz account details once installed.
  • Select any of your favourite content and play it, then click on the Airplay icon.
  • Choose your Apple TV device, from the list of nearby devices.
  • On your Apple TV-connected TV screen, you can now view the selected video playing.

That’s it! You are good to go. Just have fun viewing selected videos of your choice.

Common Starz Activation Problems

Starz opens several opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment content on different devices. Although, there are a lot of issues that affect the service, particularly when it comes to activating the channel on some devices. These problems include:

Starz App not Working

One of the major issues many customers come across on some devices when activating the Starz app is the not working issue. The problem can be caused by so many things ranging from outdated app to bug problems, but most times, it is due to third-party app issues. But luckily, you can easily fix it to start enjoying your favorite movies and shows. Fix the issue by following the steps below:

  • Sign in to your account on the Starz website (
  • Navigate to the streaming device where the app stopped working and delete it.
  • Restart the device, then install the app again.
  • Launch the app and sign in to your account.

This should fix the problem of the Starz app not working. What are you waiting for? Activate Starz on Apple TV today and start streaming the best and new movies and TV shows. For a related post on how to activate different streaming services on your devices. Click here.

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