How to Block a Number on iPhone

Sometimes, we just want to be free from certain calls that we find disturbing. This article will take you through how to block a number on iPhone, the ultimate guide you need in putting an end to the disturbing and unwanted calls.

Knowing how to block an incoming number has become something of importance for a lot of iPhone users. The reason is not far-fetched as most of the time, people get nuisance callers (or nuisance calls), and instead of just cutting off the person, you may prefer to just block the person till you have a change in heart.

Blocking an incoming number on an iPhone used to require a difficult process. But thankfully, these days, the introduction of iOS 7 (in 2013) brought with it a user-friendly number-blocking feature. Even if your contacts have hidden their caller identification, it is possible to block such numbers.

With the introduction of iOS 13 in 2019, the scope of the blocked list widened, and now, it includes email addresses. Also, the Silence Unknown Callers feature was included for maximum use.

How Do I Block Number On My iPhone?

Image shows the "Block Contact" prompt on iPhone

When you receive a call, and you’re really interested in not being bothered by that caller again, try these steps;

Step 1: You start by accessing your Phone app.

Image shows accessing phone app icon on Iphone, a step towards blocking a number on iphone

Step 2: Load the Recents tab, which is located at the base of your screen.

Image shows the recents tab in phone app

Step 3: Tap the ‘i’ symbol, which is beside the erring number.

Shows the "i"icon beside a contact for further information and action

Step 4: Scroll down, hit Block this Caller. You will be asked then to confirm your decision to block the unwanted phone number, after which you would have successfully completed the blocking process.

Images depicts prompt to block a caller on iPhone screen

There is an alternative process by which you can block an unwanted number. You can try these steps;

Step 1: Load the Settings application.

image displays the settings app on iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down, tap Phone.

Image shows the "Phone" under the settings app

Step 3: Hit Blocked Contacts. You will see Blocking & Identification if you operate an older version of IOS.


Step 4: Tap on Add New to add the number you wish to block.

How to block contact on iPhone

By the time your blocked caller tries to call you, such a person’s call will be diverted to the O2 messaging service. Your iPhone will not ring, and the caller’s number will not be shown in recent calls.

How Do I Silence Unknown Callers?

How to silence unknown callers on iPhone

As we said earlier, this feature arrived on iOS 13 in 2019. With this feature, calls from unknown numbers will go to voicemail, and you will not be in the know that your iPhone rang. A missed call will appear in the Recents list, which will enable you to know that you missed a call.

To silence an unknown caller, try the following steps;

Step 1: Open “Settings” application on our iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down, tap Phone.

Step 3: Hit the switch, which is beside Silence Unknown Callers.

Image shows guide on silencing unknown caller in the settings app, under "Phone"

How Do I Unblock Numbers?

You could have a change of heart about a number you have blocked. It is equally easy to remove a contact from your Blocks Contacts list. Follow this guide to unblock a number on iPhone. To try this;

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Hit Phone.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap Blocked Contacts, which is also the same as Call Blocking & Identification in older iOS versions.

Shows guidline to unblock caller under setting app under Phone with the "Call blocking and identification" option

Step 4: Hit Edit.

Step 5: Hit the red circle, which is next to the blocked number you have decided to unblock. You will see a red unblock button appear, tap it.

Image illustrates the use of a red button to authorize the unblocking of a formerly enlisted number

If you change your mind quickly about unblocking a contact you have just blocked, you can try this alternatively – simply hit the ‘Block this caller’ option once more after clicking the ‘i’ symbol next to a recent number. It reverts to ‘Unblock this caller’.

We should let you understand that when you block contacts, you can still call, text, or FaceTime that number. But if you are forever not interested in that number, you can delete it and maybe erase it from your memory. You could feel tempted to dial it again, you know.

How Do I Block A Number When Caller ID is Hidden?

If anyone (even you) wishes to hide their caller ID, they can simply do this in their iPhone’s settings, or enter a country-specific code on a call-by-call basis. The iPhone will not know whose number it is, and it will be impossible to block the call. It will only indicate that the caller is unknown.

Apple has provided a solution to this problem, and you now have the option of silencing unknown callers. When you turn on the Silence Unknown Callers feature,  you will not be aware of any calls from the unidentified caller. This is only applicable, though, if you use the iOS 13 version.

If you do not have the iOS 13 version, download a call-blocking application. Since sometimes, you may need to pay to upgrade these applications, you can simply use Do Not Disturb to silence calls from the contacts your phone won’t recognize.

To use the Do Not Disturb;

Step 1: Navigate to Settings, hit Do Not Disturb.

Shows the "Do Not Disturb" under Settings which is a way to block a number with a hidden ID

Step 2: Hit Allow Calls From, where you can select the option All Contacts, and receive calls from those on your contact list.

Illustrates options to choose on who and who not to allow or receive calls from on iPhone

You may also subscribe to any call trapping service or locate your phone company. Was this review helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.


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