3 Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone

There are reasons why iPhone users might want to get rid of applications on their devices. Deleting apps on iPhone does not require extraordinary knowledge. We have brought you this guide on how to delete apps on iPhone so you can get to perform the process on your own whenever you need to.

One of the reasons for wanting to delete apps on iPhone could be a result of a suspected virus hiding in one of your apps. Just as we recently discussed the possibility of your iPhone getting viruses, it is important to take adequate measures so as to limit the damage if in case your device gets infected.

delete app prompt

As at the release of the iOS 13.2, the process of deleting apps on iPhone changed. This is not exclusive to iPhones with 3D touch though. Neither is it limited to the iPad Pro also. Once you are able to install the iOS 13.2, irrespective of the device you are using, you are to follow a different method of deleting apps.

Important; You must have the iOS 13.2 installed so you can see the “delete” option on an app icon. If otherwise, you can easily trigger the jiggle mode to perform app deletion on your device.

In this article, we will take you across different app deletion options and how to go about them. They are;

  • How to delete multiple apps on iPhone using jiggle mode
  • How to delete a single app on iPhone

Additional knowledge of moving an app or encountering difficulty when deleting an app is not a waste. Therefore, we will go further to cut across;

  • Moving an app on your iPhone home screen
  • What to do if your motor skills make deleting apps difficult

How To Delete a single app on iPhone

Just like how you can enter jiggle mode on devices with 3D Touch feature, the process is to long-press on an app icon for about 2 seconds. Follow this guide for details;

  • Decide the app you wish to delete on your iPhone home screen
  • Press and hold the app icon for about 2 seconds (might not take up to that)
  • Tap on the Delete app when the prompt appears.

This process will delete the chosen single app on the home screen. In case you wish to delete two or more apps, the next guide will give details on how to delete multiple apps using the jiggle mode

How to Delete Multiple apps on iPhone

A little patience is needed to be able to use the jiggle mode. To deletes multiple apps using this method, follow this guide;

  • Choose the app you wish to delete
  • As usual, long press for about 2 seconds
  • Tap the X you see in the upper-left corner of each app you want to delete
  • When you are done, Tap Done in the upper right corner of your phone ( or press your iPhone home button if it has one)

As we said earlier, you might wish to move apps instead of deleting. We have brought you how to move apps on your iPhone home screen.

How to move an App on iPhone home screen

There are two methods to move apps on the iPhone home screen. It is either you open the app icon menu or jump into the jiggle mode. Follow this guide for details;

  • Select an app on your iPhone home screen (you can select any app, it doesn’t matter)
  • Long press the app icon for about 2 seconds (might not take up to that)
  • Proceed to tap on the “Edit Home Screen” prompt.

edit home screen to move app

This will take you to the jiggle mode interface we took you through in previous guides. At this point, you can move apps around to wherever folder or page you wish.

After making your choice, proceed to tap on Done at the upper-right corner of your screen.

Having understood that, we figured you might be facing difficulties in deleting an app. If you’re unable to carry out this process, we have prepared a guide for you.

What to do if your Motor Skills make Deleting Apps difficult

It could occur that you are unable to delete apps through the jiggle mode on your iPhone, an alternative is to delete them from the settings app. Follow this guide to perform this process;

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Click on General

delete iPhone app under settings - general

  • Proceed to tap on Storage

delete iphone app under settings - general- iPhone storage

  • Select the app you wish to delete
  • Click on Delete app when the prompt appears
  • Tap Delete to verify that you want to delete that particular app.

Your app is successfully deleted.

As we said earlier, you might want to delete apps on your iPhone for a reason. It could be that an app is abhorring a virus or you suspect a problem with your operating system, in this case though, we suggest that you restart your iPhone before deciding to delete apps. a restart might restore normalcy to your device’s operation. you can proceed to delete suspected apps if the problem persists or if you are simply done with the usage of an app.

how useful is this article to you and what experiences have you had to face concerning app deletion on your iPhone. we would love to know your thoughts in the comment section.

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