How to Cancel Probiller Subscription

The phone call approach is the fastest means to cancel your MBI Probiller subscription. It instantly cancels the MBI payment and you will no longer be charged for the service. The payment solution gateway helps in handling online e-commerce payment makes life easier to make online transactions under the maximum security ever possible. There is no commitment to using the MBI Probiller payment gateway. You can cancel your account at will and at any time. In lieu of this possibility, we will walk you through how to cancel Probiller Subscription in this guide.

What is MBI-Probiller?

MBI Probiller (ProBiller) is an online service helping millions in handling secure online payment solution for millions of transactions for innovative businesses worldwide every month. ProBiller uses the latest online security technology and data encryption to maximize security and protect payment card transactions for high-intelligent scammers and online-hackers.

MBI-Probiller payment platform is one of the leading groups in the industry when it comes to complying with the payments industry and international regulations.

MBI-Probiller provides supports for a wide range of international payment methods ranging from credit and debit cards, to gift cards, eWallets, bank transfers, and other alternative payment methods.

ProBiller serves millions of customers on every continent, in over 150 countries, on some of the world’s most innovative eCommerce websites and their growing fast in the industry due to unquantifiable service the company renders.

How to Cancel MBI-Probiller Subscription on Phone

Only call to cancel your Probiller subscription when you want to make an urgent move on your Probiller payment cancel to protect your savings or credit card if you noticed a foul play.

  • Dial the customer service number “1-855-232-9550” on your phone.
  • A representative will attend to you asking for how you want to be helped.
  • Reply with “I want to cancel my MBI-Probiller payment”.
  • Provide the account details such as the name, email, and security code of the account you want to cancel.
  • Wait for the agent to process the service and request whether you can get a refund.
  • Finally, request that representative should send a confirmation email that your MBI-Probiller subscription has been canceled successfully.

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How to Cancel Probiller Payemt via LiveChat

You can request for your MBI-Probiller payment to be canceled by a representative via a LiveChat. This is easy and direct.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Click on “Start Chat” in “LiveChat”.How to Cancel Probiller Subscription
  • Sign in to your MBI Probiller account.
  • Request to cancel your account.
  • State the reason why you want to cancel your account.
  • Follow the instruction by the representative.
  • Don’t forget to request a confirmation email after your payment method has been canceled.
  • Done.

Look out for the confirmation email from the MBI-Probiller representative that you have successfully ended your subscription on Probiller.

Probiller Payment Cancel via Email

You may also want to consider this approach on how to cancel Probiller payment and also request your eligibility for a refund.

  • Log in to your email account (using the email associated with your Probiller account will make their response quicker).
  • Click on “Compose”.
  • Compose a short message request for your account to be canceled.
  • Use “Cancel Probiller Subscription” or “Probiller Payment Cancel” as the subject.
  • Forward the email to
  • Done.

You then have to wait for a reply from the representative that is handling the payment cancelation on the payment solution platform. Be active and respond in time to avoid delay.

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