How to Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

The Kidde smoke detector is a long-lasting device that has a life span of an average of 10 years. Although, you might not need to unmount the detector for these 10 years or even need to change its battery except otherwise. This article will however show you how you can change battery in Kidde smoke detector easily in case it gets low before 10 years. 

Although, it is usually recommended to replace the batteries in all of your alarms at least once every year, or any time the unit indicates that the battery is low with the chirping noise. The basic rule is to change the battery twice a year. Here’s how to change battery in smoke detector hardwired.

The smoke detector is an indispensable asset needed for safety in every home. In other words, it’s a must-have in every home so far you cherish the lives of your loved ones and even yours. In case you have a big house, a functional smoke detector should be installed on each level of the house.

Installing a smoke detector increases the chances of your family’s survival in case there’s a fire accident by as much as 50 percent. For your smoke detector to warn you of looming danger, it must be functional, that is working perfectly!

In case you have a battery-operated smoke detector invented by Kidde, then you need to replace the battery every six to twelve months. Once the battery needs a replacement, the alarm will give a short beep or chirp sound. Now, you have to remove the old battery and change it with a fresh suitable battery of a similar brand. Read on to learn how you can change battery in Kidde smoke detector.Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

Features of Kidde Battery-operated Smoke alarm

However, before we go ahead with the steps involved in changing the battery in the Kidde smoke detector, it is important to know the general features of this device for better understanding:

  • Sealed-in Lithium Battery Control, you don’t have to replace the Battery over the Ten-Year Life of the Alarm, so far your alarm is always on.
  • Self Activation. The Kidde smoke detector automatically activates itself once it’s attached to the mounting bracket
  • No hardwire installation is required
  • Do not replace a battery during the 10-year life of the alarm
  • Alarm Memory. A rapidly flashing LED notifies the user once the alarm has only sounded since the last time the test/reset button was used.
  • Smart Hush. This will for a moment silence annoying alarms and will not allow hush mode to be activated till the unit is in alarm mode. Silences Alarm in Non-Emergencies.
  • Test/Reset Button. Test the smoke detector’s circuit operation and resets memory after an alarm condition happens.
  • End of Life Warning. The smoke detector chirps every 40-45 seconds showing you that the alarm needs an immediate replacement
  • Tamper Resist. Once the smoke detector has been activated upon installation, the tamper resists feature helps to prevent someone from removing the unit from the mounting bracket, especially children.
  • Alarms use ionization sensor technology, ionization sensing alarms detect invisible fire particles (which is associated with fast flaming fires) faster than photoelectric alarms.
  • No low battery chirps; the internal timer alerts you when it’s time to replace the complete unit after 10 years.
  • LED. This is a flashing red indicator light with four different modes of operation: standbyalarm modehush mode, and memory set.
  • UL Certified. Kidde smoke detectors meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent facility that tests products for compliance with widely-accepted safety standards.
  • A newly purchased box of Kidde smoke detector contains four ionization smoke alarms with a 10-year-sealed-lithium batterymounting brackets and mounting hardwarea 10-year limited warranty, and a user manual.Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

Kidde Smoke alarm Battery Type

Check out the product label behind your alarm (or in the user’s manual) to identify which type, brand, and battery model is recommended for your specific Kidde smoke detector.

Alarms require new and strong batteries. At times, off-brand batteries, or those that have been sitting on the shelf for many years, might not be powerful enough and this may cause your alarm to go into the low-battery mode even before the 10 year limited warranty duration.Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

How to Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

Here is how to change battery in Kidde smoke detector if the need arises. The battery compartment is situated behind the unit, and you have to remove the smoke detector from its mounting bracket to access it and disconnect it. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Twist the Kidde smoke alarm cover counter-clockwise so that the locking tabs will be released.
  • Pull the smoke detector out from the mounting plate that holds it firmly to the ceiling or wall.
  • Ensure you disconnect the alarm from power by pulling the quick-connect plug apart.
  • Click on the bottom portion of the battery door and then release it. The door will open, giving you full access to the battery.
  • Remove the old battery. Insert a new powerful battery, ensuring its positive and negative ends are positioned accurately by following the diagram on the battery door.
  • Note that if the battery is not holding down this finger, the battery door won’t close after depressing the battery reminder finger inside the compartment as you install the new battery.
  • Ensure you close the door shut firmly. Place the holes on the back of the smoke alarm over the locking tabs on the mounting plate.
  • Twist the smoke alarm in the clockwise direction to remount it to the ceiling or wall perfectly.Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

Once the new battery has been properly installed, connect the Kidde smoke detector to power again and twist it into the mounting plate in the opposite direction to seat it. Now you have been able to change battery in Kidde smoke detector successfully.

How to Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector i9010

The i9010 smoke detector model, formerly known as model 0910 is a hassle-free alarm in the sense that you do not need to worry about faulty batteries. The 10-Year Sealed Lithium Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm contains the power supply that lasts the lifetime of the unit.

It’s very dependable and easy to install, this no-maintenance alarm saves you stress and battery costs over its lifetime. Isn’t that amazing?

The i9010 smoke detector uses ionization sensing technology. Ionization sensing alarms detect invisible fire particles (associated with flaming fires) faster than photoelectric alarms which detect visible particles (associated with smoldering fires) faster than the ionization alarms.

Kidde recommends you install both ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors in your home to guarantee maximum safety and protection in case any type of fire occur within the home.

For the i9010 smoke detector, follow the instruction below if you are wondering how to change battery in Kidde smoke detector i9010:

  • The one Lithium-Ion battery is permanently sealed inside the alarm, which powers this unit.
  • The Kidds smoke detector i9010 is powered by a tamper-free sealed lithium power supply.
  • No battery installation or replacement is necessary for the lifetime of the alarm.
  • Do not try to open the Alarm for any reason.
  • The unit must be discharged (see “Permanently Disable Alarm/Discharge Battery” section) when alarm is in “low battery” condition.

How to Replace Battery in Kidde Smoke Alarm i12020ca

This model of smoke alarm has a low battery Hush feature. If the alarm is giving a low battery warning chirp, you can simply stop the chirp noise for approximately 13 hours by tapping theTest/Hush button.
Kidde smoke alarm i12020ca have a low/missing battery monitor circuit which makes the alarm to “chirp” approximately every 30-40 seconds for a minimum of seven (7) days once the battery gets low. Now, you have to replace the battery when this occurs.
Note that models i12020ca  use a 9V carbon zinc battery (alkaline and lithium batteries can also be used). A fresh battery lasts for one year under normal operating conditions. After the battery replacement, a weekly testing is required to ensure optimal functionality!
These batteries stated above can be bought at your local retailer. Follow the steps below to replace battery in Kidde smoke alarm i12020ca:
  • Turn the Kidde smoke alarm i12020ca cover counter-clockwise to release the locking tabs.
  • Pull out the smoke detector from the mounting plate holding it on the ceiling or wall.
  • Tab the bottom portion of the battery door to release it. The door will automatically open, giving you access to the old battery.
  • Remove the weak battery and insert the suitable new battery, ensuring its positive/negative ends are placed correctly.
  • Shut the battery door and place the holes behind the smoke alarm i12020ca over the locking tabs on the mounting plate.
  • Turn the smoke alarm i12020ca in the clockwise direction to remount it to the ceiling or wall.
  • That’s it!

Feel free to drop your reviews about this post in the comment section below if you were able to change battery in Kidde smoke detector all by yourself successfully. Thanks for reading thus far.

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