How to Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

There are two ways to change batteries in Kidde Smoke Detector, and that is because the batteries are loaded differently. Therefore, we will consider how to change battery in Kidde smoke detector.

Although the Kidde smoke detector battery can last for a year, but it’s recommended to check and change your Kidde battery at least once every 365 days. But, it’s not mandatory that you have to wait for a year to change your Kidde smoke detector batteries.

You can change your Kidde smoke detector batteries whenever the smoke detector indicates that the batteries are low.

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However, to keep your Kidde smoke detector in good shape, you should consider changing the batteries once every 6 months. With this, you can conveniently switch between your Kidde smoke detector daylight saving time and daylight standard time.

How to Know When to Change your Kidde Smoke Detector Batteries

The Kidde smoke detector is designed in such a way that the smoke detector will sound an alarm to notify you that your battery is due for replacement.

While the alarm will keep you alert that the old batteries aren’t functioning well or are damaged, so, whenever you hear a beep sound or chirp from your Kidde smoke detector, it’s an indication that your batteries are due for a change.

However, to avoid changing your Kidde smoke detector battery in the next few months, ensure not to use old and new batteries together, as this isn’t recommended.

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Meanwhile, always ensure to get the best and recommended Kidde smoke detector battery will last for a year or 10 years depending on the battery capacity or voltage.

Before proceeding further on how to change battery in Kidde smoke detector ensure to have your batteries available and follow the steps below.

How to Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector

There are two types of Kidde smoke detector battery placement. 

  • Kidde back-loading batteries.
  • Front-loading batteries.

This implies that there is a version of the Kidde smoke detector whose battery location is at the back [bak loading batteries] and the other in front of the smoke detector [front loading batteries].

So, irrespective of you to load your Kidde smoke detector batteries, we will examine both batteries loading in this article and explain how you can change and replace their batteries.

Note: Do not use a combination of an old battery and a new one when replacing your Kidde smoke detector battery.

How to change battery in Kidde smoke detector

How to Replace the battery in Kidde Smoke Detector with Back-loading

Do not tamper with your Kidde smoke detector tamper-resist pin; otherwise, you will not be able to remove the battery from the detector. However, to remove your Kidde battery, you need to push the tamper-resisting lock tab with a screwdriver so that the smoke alarm can be twisted and remove the alarm from the wall bracket.

So, if you have all these measures in place and you have the Kidde smoke detector whose battery is back-loading, below are the steps to take to change and replace its old batteries.

  • Twist your Kidde smoke detector alarm toward the OFF arrow on the plate.
  • Gently remove the smoke alarm from the plate.
  • Squeeze the alarm plastic prongs pull the wires at the back of the alarm to remove the quick connect wires from the alarm. This is for those with an AC hardwired alarm interconnected.
  • Remove the alarm battery cover.
  • Push the red battery remainder finger into the compartment to insert your new batteries.
  • Confirm that the batteries (- and +) are rightly inserted into the battery housing and then cover the batteries.
  • To know whether the batteries are installed correctly, press the Kidde smoke detector battery test button.
  • Once it beeps or sounds, it means that the batteries are installed correctly, and you can proceed to mount your smoke detector back to the ceiling. However, if there is no beep from the detector when you press the battery test button, it means that the battery isn’t installed correctly. Therefore, you need to remove the battery and reinsert it again.

Ensure that all removed wires are plugged back accordingly before installing your smoke detector.

How to Change Battery in Kidde Smoke Detector with Front-loading

You don’t need to unmount or uninstall the Kidde smoke detector hardwired from the ceiling to change the batteries. Once the smoke alarm is installed on your ceiling, you can change the battery without removing it from the wall bracket.

  • Push and hold the battery cover unlocker until the door or cover is opened.
  • Pull the old batteries from the housing to remove them.
  • Insert the (+) battery into the (+) compartment and (-) into the (-) compartment. You can get to know this with the yellow indication on the battery cage.
  • Cover the detector alarm battery until it clips with a snap sound.
  • Once you have inserted the batteries, press the Kidde smoke detector test button to confirm that the batteries are properly installed.

Note: If your Kidde smoke detector model uses AA batteries, ensure that the batteries’ contacts are adjacent to one another.

In summary, to change a battery in Kidde smoke detector, you first need to remove the battery cover, pull out the old batteries, insert the new batteries using the positive and negative charge option and press the test button to confirm that the Kidde battery is installed correctly.

So, that is exactly how to change battery in Kidde Smoke Detector at home.

If you are still facing some known or unknown issues concerning installing your Kidde smoke detector battery, do leave a comment below.

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