How to Power cycle Wyze Camera

Having the security camera with enhanced monitoring capabilities that can record, stream and capture live video in a high definition format, makes the Wyze security camera quite an impressive invention.

If you are using the Wyze security camera, you don’t need to be at home to know what’s happening in your house, with the Wyze camera you can see who’s at home and also see what’s happening in your home, right from your smartphone without being there. 

All this makes the Wyze security camera a go-to CCTV security camera, however, the Wyze camera sometimes gives out some errors that you can easily resolve if you can power cycle Wyze camera

Errors like error code 90, error code 27 which are caused by Issues, like frequent time-outs during the setup, unstable internet speed, restricted connections, or even the device Micro SD card can all be resolved if you know how to power cycle Wyze camera.

But before we proceed, let’s try to understand the series of issues that normally require you to perform a power cycle and then we break down what power cycle means and how to go about it.

Problems that Requires you to Power Cycle your Wyze camera

There are a series of errors that usually occur which can be resolved by carrying out a simple power cycle. issues such as:

  1. Connection issues, this could be as a result of unstable time-outs that could happen while setting it up.
  2. Secondly, a not soo strong internet speed could cause errors, since your device has to stream at a format of 1080P. using the level of video definition, the internet connection needs to be at par otherwise, it will display error code 90.
  3. Thirdly, you might not notice this but, Interference between your Wyze camera to access signal alone could result in an error too
  4. Also, another scenario that could cause an error code 90 is when your wifi channels begin to consume lesser frequency, which in most cases is due to having a lot of Wi-Fi signals that could be conflicting among themselves.
  5. Lastly, this one might not be easy to realize but sometimes your SD card might not be inserted properly or it is outrightly corrupt. if the SD card is corrupt you have to change it. but if it isn’t maybe it isn’t well inserted, make the necessary adjustment and power cycle it

Now, that we know the series of issues that you can resolve by doing a power cycle, what exactly do we want by a power cycle

What Is Power Cycle?

When you say you want to power cycle a device, it means you want to power off an electronic device normally by unplugging it from the power supply. doing this is a way of carrying out a troubleshoot since this alone is enough to reset a device and its connection.

You can also carry it out when you are faced with any related error with your Wyze error cam

To power cycle, your Wyze Camera follows these steps closely.

What does it mean to Power Cycle the Wyze Cam?

how to power cycle wyze camera

Now that we know what power cycle means, power cycling a Wyze cam simply means turning the Wyze camera OFF, not just by switching it OFF but by removing it at the power source. and. Turning it back ON by plugging the power socket of the Wyze cam

When powering it ON varieties of things normally occur which are:

  • Reinitializing the device’s set of configuration parameters.
  • Recovering the Wyze Cam from an unresponsive state.
  • Resetting the network activity inside the camera.
  • Troubleshooting an issue with the device.

To be on the Safer side, Power cycling should be one of the first steps to consider when you are facing any of the issues listed above

And here’s how you carry out a power cycle on your resize cam

How do you Power Cycle a WYZE Cam?

Since you’ve decided to power cycle your device, which is a good option to start with

Here are the steps you need to follow based on the version of  the Wyze security camera you are using

how to power cycle wyze camera

How To Power Cycle Wyze Camera for V1/V2 and Pan versions

Follow these steps, if you are using a Wyze Camera for V1/V2 and pan versions. 

  • Firstly, Unplug it from all power sources.
  • Secondly, wait for 10-15 seconds as soon as you unplug the device from the power sources, to get the camera to be completely drained.
  • Finally, power on the Wyze Security Camera by putting the plug back into the power supply

How to Power Cycle Wyze Camera Outdoor version

Follow these steps if you are using a Wyze Camera Outdoor version.

  • First and foremost, switch the camera OFF by toggling the switch button which is at the back of the camera
  • Secondly, remove the cord from the power supply, if it is attached to one and give it a time of 30 seconds
  • Finally, Plug back the cord to the power supply and switch ON the device.

Now, that you’ve figured out how to power cycle Wyze camera, by turning OFF and On your Device, do you know, you can also power cycle Wyze camera even when you are not close to the device.

How do I Remotely Power Cycle a WYZE camera?

Sometimes you might be at work and get one of those notifications like “Webcams need to be rebooted” Since you are not home, you can power cycle it by using the app, and here’s how to go about it.

  • Launch your WYZE app
  • Now, pick your camera from the list of cameras shown on the Wyze app and Turn it OFF
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes and then turn it back ON.

In addition to that, it’s also a good idea to control the switch in case the Wyze App develops some technical issues.

Technical issues ranging from maybe a program running on your computer got hung up or maybe the whole operating system crashed or the entire operating system got hung and it made the computer unresponsive 

in scenarios like this, using your app to power cycle might not work because you have to be physically present to power it OFF and ON so what can you do in the scenario.

You have to incorporate another device, which is called Smart Plugs. Smart plugs simply give you the ability to switch on and off your power outlet hands-free or with the use of voice commands, 

Using this would be a perfect solution since you can simply turn OFF your smart plug remotely and it will also completely power OFF your Wyze cam device.

You can learn more about setting up a smart plug here

how to power cycle wyze camera

Note: wyze has its own smart plug too, which was just lauched recently, ypu can check it out here.


Using a Wyze camera comes with its perks, and one of them is its price when compared to other brands’ security cam, however, issues are common with tech devices and one of, the most common issues with Wyze camera devices is the error code 90.

The good thing is. It can be resolved by simply power recycling the device. and to power recycle your device you only have to power it OFF and then ON. now that you’ve figured out how to Power cycle Wyze camera both physically and remotely was you able to get the error fixed after power cycling it?

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