Wyze Cannot Connect to Local Network: Solved [2022]

Wyze cam products are prone to error and if you have one, you might have come across, a series of errors such as the error code 90, error code 42, or wyze cannot connect to local network error e.t.c.
Most Wyze cam errors are usually a result of poor or unstable connection, and sometimes the problems could be from your Internet service provider.
But that doesn’t cancel the fact that the Wyze Cam is an impressive product especially when you factor in the cost of the camera when compared to other smart devices.
Moving on, if you are stuck with a Wyze that cannot connect to a local network issue, below in this article I will be delving into the simple steps you can take to quickly get it resolved.
But before we proceed let’s understand the possible issues that usually cause your Wyze device not to connect to your local network.

Reasons why your Wyze Cannot Connect to local Network

As I mentioned earlier issues related to your Wyze not connecting to local network spans around causes ranging from, your router configuration, to the router frequency, your router passwords, and other related issues

Moving on, your Wyze cam device not connecting to your wifi router usually occurs right during the set just after you’ve scanned the QR code on your smartphone.

However it is not limited to this scenario alone, but most users come across it while they are setting up their Wyze cam device may be newly or while they are trying to change the wifi of their Wyze device

Moving on, if you are stuck and you are yet to figure out why Wyze Cam or any of the later versions of wyze such as wyze v3 cannot connect to the local network, in this blog post I will be showing you the simple steps you can follow to resolve that. 

Note: The troubleshooting process is the same for all Wyze versions

How to Resolve: Wyze Cannot Connect to Local Network

Now, while setting up your Wyze device, if you come across an error such as we cannot connect to local network, you should follow these steps to resolve it starting with the simpler ones to the hard ones

The first thing you do is to power cycle your Wyze device

Power cycle your Wyze cam

Wyze Cannot Connect to Local Network  

To power cycle your Wyze camera you simply have to Turn OFF your Wyze cam device by unplugging the power cord from the outlet and then power it on by plugging it back.

Moving on, follow these steps below to power cycle your Wyze cam device:

  • Remove the Power cord from the Power Outlet to Turn off your Wyze cam device.
  • Be patient for the Wyze cam device to fully discharge for 5-10 seconds before you finally power it ON.
  • Now, plug the camera back in and let it reinitialize

After trying these steps and still, your wyze cannot connect to local network, Proceed to the next simpler step which is to:


Force Close your Wyze app

Force closing your Wyze app is a pretty simple process, all it requires from you is to simply launch the recently opened apps on your smartphone home screen and specifically close down the Wyze app.

The process for iPhone differs from the process an Andriod user will follow to Force close the Wyze app.

For iPhone follow these steps below

Before you proceed: in a scenario where you are using an iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and earlier, you can simply double click on the home button to show your recently used app and then swipe up on the app you want to force close. to do it on your iPhone. 

  1. Swipe up from on your iPhone Home Screen.
  2. Now, stop at the middle of the screen.
  3. Finally, swipe to where your Wyze app is and Swipe on the app preview to close it

Moving on,

For Andriod users follow these steps below.

  • On your android screen and tap on the square icon at the bottom left corner of your device.
  • Over here you will see to see the recently opened apps on your device
  • Now, swipe down till you see the Wyze app,
  • Proceed to close down the app by swiping either left or right

Moving on, if your Wyze Cannot connect to Local Network after trying this, Check your router name.

Verify your Router SSID name

Wyze Cannot Connect to Local Network rrr

Over here, you have to first verify if the name on your router appears correctly, by firstly checking for spaces.

Sometimes your wifi SSID name could contain spaces and that alone could give a connection error, so to resolve it, choose the network and check if there is any space around the SSID for example

If the SSID name appears as “Wyze Network123 ” or it appears as ”   Wyze Network123” it won’t work

So what you have to do here is, remove the spaces around the name so that it will become, “Wyze Network123

Now, this particular troubleshooting process also resolves errors such as your “Wyze cam cannot find specified network name” and also if your Wyze cannot connect to local network.

So, if it isn’t resolving it, check the frequency of the Wifi network you are struggling to connect your Wyze device to 

Check the Frequency of your Router Network

Wyze Cannot Connect to Local Network rrr

Now, if you are trying to connect to a wifi network with a 5Ghz frequency, a connection error will persist until you change the frequency to 2.4GHz

To easily figure that out, here are two things you can quickly check out for if your wifi router has two networks.

If your Wifi has two SSIDs, then one of them should be 2.4GHz and the other 5GHz, however, if it has only one network, it highly going to be a 2.4GHZ,

Another way you can check for a 2.4GHz frequency is the number at the back of your router SSID name, in most cases, a 5GHZ frequency will have a 5GHz, 5G, or anything with the number 5 at its back while the one with 2.4GHz in common cases has 2.4Ghz at its back, so if you want to adjust it simply go to your router utility website page through its IP address

The IP address is usually pasted at the back or under the router, if you can’t find your router IP address, you can go here to learn how to find it

By now, your Wyze device should connect to your local network, however, if your wyze cannot connect to local network, then you should go ahead to reach out to the support team.

How to connect Wyze camera to wifi without password

You cannot connect your Wyze app to an unsecured network. The network needs to have a password, But if you want to connect without a password, there is a way to go about it.

And to do that, you simply have to create a separate Guest network, that doesn’t require a password. You can set it up using your current SSID to make it much easier to connect to it. But the main network has to be set up with WPA2

Wyze v3 cannot connect to local network

Now, if you are using a Wyze cam v3, another common question most users ask is “why is my Wyze cam v3 not connecting

If you are using any of the Wyze camera versions, the troubleshooting process listed above works perfectly for all of them.

But there might be a slight difference with the Wyze cam V3 device. To resolve connection issues with the Wyze cam V3 device Tyr out this step below before you try the ones listed above.

  • First and foremost, remove the Micro Sd card on your Wyze cam V3 device. 
  • Moving on, Check the wifi Router you are connecting to and ensure it is connecting to a 2.4GHz frequency.
  • Now, if this is a network you have connected to before, simply forget the network and reconnect back to it again.
  • Finally, Reboot your Wyze cam V3 device.

If your Wyze Cam V2 Cannot connect to Local Network, you can try out the steps above also.  


Wyze cam comes with a series of errors but following the steps highlighted above will resolve your Wyze not connecting to local network, so over to you, which of the troubleshooting step worked for you?

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