Complete Guide: How to Charge Wyze Outdoor Camera [2022]

Now, maybe you’ve just mounted your Wyze outdoor camera device, and you’ve screwed it as required in the Wyze setup installation.

But, you keep wondering how it is easier it will be to remove your Wyze outdoor cam device for charging. Probably, you’ve been used to the Wyze indoor camera, which needs to be plugged at all times, or maybe you connected to the wrong power source, and the battery isn’t increasing, and you are stuck trying to figure out how to charge Wyze outdoor camera

One thing you have to realize is the fact that screwing your Wyze cam outdoor device tightly to a surface doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to remove it for charging, and you might not necessarily have to charge it constantly unless your Wyze cam device is facing a high activity area.

In addition to that, your Wyze cam outdoor device could take long hours to even a month before its power completely gets exhausted. High activity areas drain your battery fairly fast, depending on where you stay.

However, it is not a disadvantage of any sort since that is the purpose of the Wyze cam outdoor, device,

Moving on, I will be breaking down the easy steps on how to charge a Wyze outdoor camera device, but before we delve further, let me break down the specification of the Wyze outdoor camera device.

Specification of the Wyze outdoor battery

There are a few specifications of the Wyze outdoor camera battery that you need to be aware of.

They are listed below

  • Power Adapter Input: 110-240V AC
  • Battery Specs: 7.4V Rechargeable – 2600mAH
  • Wyze Outdoor camera life: It can last within 3-6months
  • Wyze Outdoor camera comes with a charger rated for 5V 2A
  • Charging it from 0%-100% using a Power Outlet, not a laptop, takes approximately 4 hours.

How to Charge Wyze Outdoor Camera

Your Wyze outdoor camera device comes with a base station like the one below.How to Charge Wyze Outdoor Camera

Suppose you are trying to figure out How to charge a Wyze outdoor camera device. The first thing you have to do is connect it to your base station, which is currently plugged into a power outlet.

Now, to know if your Wyze cam device is charging, you will see an indication that it is charging during the live footage from the Wyze outdoor cam device, and also, the camera LED light will begin to show a flashing red light indicating that it’s charging.

Once it is fully charged, the light will become a Solid red light

In addition to all that, you can charge your Wyze outdoor camera either while it is on or off, but you should avoid charging it outside.

Moving on, since your Wyze outdoor camera battery comes with a battery life of about 3-6 months, below are some tips you can use to make your battery last longer.

In summary, to chage your Wyze outdoor camera you need to connect the Wyze outdoor camera to the base station using the power cable and it’ll start charging.

However, to confirm that the Wyze outdoor cam is charging, the charging status will display on the Wyze cam via the Wyze cam app live stream along side the Wyze cam battery level percentage.

How to Improve The Battery Life of Your Wyze Device

Here are some Wyze outdoor camera settings and advice you want to be watchful of to improve your battery life.

  • View the Live Stream only as needed.
  • Limit your usage of the scheduled recording.
  • Sparingly make use of the Timelapse feature.
  • If possible, place your Wyze outdoor camera device in a low-traffic area.
  • Ensure that you charge the camera using the base station at all times

Problem with Wyze cam outdoor

Now, if you are using a Wyze outdoor camera device, a few of the problems you might run into are performance issues, or maybe your Wyze outdoor camera battery draining fast is also an issue you are faced with.

Try out these wyze outdoor camera troubleshooting tips listed below to resolve any of these.

  • Firstly, try changing the position of your camera to a low traffic area if you have motion enabled in the settings.
  • Next, review your Wyze cam recording setting since a high use of the time-lapse and schedule recording can affect your battery life.
  • Check your Wyze outdoor charging cable to ensure that you are using the cable that comes with the Wyze pack. And also, make sure you use the base station to charge your Wyze outdoor camera device.
  • Verify If the charging port is working perfectly by looking through it for any obstruction before inserting the USB cable
  • Also, you need to test your Wyze cam outdoor charger. The Wyze cam device requires at least 5V/2A to properly charge, so if you are using an adapter that isn’t meeting these criteria, change it with the correct one to confirm if the issue is coming from the adapter.
  • And lastly, you want to check your base station to confirm that it is plugged into power and ON.

Now that you’ve been able to figure out how to charge your Wyze outdoor camera, below are questions that most Wyze outdoor cam users face

Wyze Outdoor Camera Battery Draining fast

If your Wyze outdoor camera battery is draining very fast, the first thing you need to do is adjust the camera view to a place with lesser activities and also reduce your use of the time-lapse and schedule recording, as they drain your battery quite quickly 

Why is my Wyze outdoor camera not charging

some users complained about this issue, and in most cases, they were not connecting to the base station. so if you are stuck with this, kindly ensure your Wyze outdoor camera is plugged into your base station

What is the Wyze cam v3 Battery Life?

Your Wyze cam v3 device doesn’t come with a battery to power it up. You have to connect it to a power outlet with its USB cord. To learn more about wired Wyze cam v3 devices, check here

Wyze cam v3 Battery Pack

The Wyze cam V3 device doesn’t come with a battery, and it is wired, so there is no way it will have a battery pack. 

Wyze cam outdoor Battery Replacement

The Wyze cam outdoor battery isn’t replaceable; if your battery is in dire need of replacement, kindly contact the Wyze support staff to request another replacement camera. Opening up the device will void your warranty, so you should avoid that. 

Can you use a Solar Panel to Charge your Wyze Cam Outdoor Device

You can make use of the Wasserstein solar panel since it is compatible with your Wyze cam device. However, you want to follow the right instructions while setting it up; you can get the ascertained solar panel over here.How to Charge Wyze Outdoor Camera solar

Can WYZE Outdoor Camera be Plugged in

The Wyze outdoor camera is battery powered, but it can be plugged into a power supply; however, it is not advisable because it will require you to remove the rubber covering the charging port, making it easier to get damaged.

How Long is the Wyze Cam Outdoor Battery life?

Normally, your Wyze camera outdoor battery last from about 10-12 seconds a day, and the battery can last for a total of 3-6 months; between each charge, there are a lot of factors that reduce the battery life-like level of activity and the constant use of time-lapse and schedule recording. So you want to reduce the use of these features.


By now, you should have figured out how to charge Wyze cam outdoor camera and some troubleshooting tips you can apply if you are faced with any problem.

Lastly, if you are stuck with the battery draining very fast and have used it for less than 1 year, you can always ask for a replacement. However, if you’ve tried opening the device to add a replacement battery, you have voided your warranty.

You can read this post if you have connection issues with your Wyze cam indoor device; check here.

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