How to Change Quip Battery

If you are using the quip electronic toothbrush, you’d agree with me that it’s of the best quality with smooth bristles and a compact head. But, when the quip toothbrush keeps stopping, it could mean it is high time you change the battery. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss how to change quip battery.

Meanwhile, before we delve into changing your quip toothbrush battery, consider checking out our guide on how to fix quip toothbrush keeps stopping.

The quip brush uses a charge AAA battery that you can charge when the battery is low or dead. Mark you, a low battery will make the quip head stop working.

We recently considered how to remove the quip head. You may want to check it out to learn how to remove your quip toothbrush head without damaging it.

When to Change Quip Battery?

When is the right time to change the quip toothbrush battery? Since you cannot be changing your quip battery every day or weekly, there should be a minimum time to take to change your quip battery.

Meanwhile, changing your quip battery depends on the usage. Under normal circumstances, you are to change your quip battery when the quip battery is dead, or the quip toothbrush isn’t working, or keep stopping while working.

So, the right time to change or charge the quip battery is when the quip head is not working, or the brush bristle performance is weak.How to Change Quip Battery

Why do you need to Change the Quip Battery?

The quip electronic toothbrush is unlike the smoke detector, with a chirping sound to signify that the smoke detector alarm battery is low or dead.

However, to know that it’s time to change your quip battery, the quip toothbrush bristles might be stopping, or the motor won’t work efficiently.

Therefore, below are signs that your quip toothbrush battery needs to be changed.

  • Quip toothbrush keeps stopping
  • The bristle is not working.
  • Quip brush motor speed is too low.
  • The quip battery is dead and couldn’t roll the motor or control the bristle.
  • Quip toothbrush not working

These are a few reasons to change your quip electric toothbrush battery. And for any other reasons not listed here, you can decide to change your quip brush battery.

Note: You should only use a recommended quip brush battery when changing it in order not to damage your electric brush.

How to Change Quip Battery

It’s easy to change your quip brush battery, but the precaution is far more than you can imagine. When changing your quip brush battery, it’s important to protect the quip motor from water or getting wet, and if it does, it is advisable to clean it with a towel or cloth that can absorb water easily.

With that in mind, follow the procedures below to remove your quip brush battery.

Remove Quip Toothbrush Head

The first step is to remove the quip head. However, you need to be calm to ensure that the quip head tread isn’t damaged. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the steps below to remove your quip toothbrush head.

  • Hold the quip head and handle in opposite hands, bristles facing away from you.
  • Place your thumb on the two dots
  • Pull the toothbrush head off in a slight arc motion (don’t snap it directly backward) to remove it.

Once you have removed the quip head, the next is to remove the quip motor.

Remove Quip Motor

The quip motor is the next in the quip toothbrush when you want to remove the quip battery. Therefore, we will proceed to how to remove the quip toothbrush DC motor from the toothbrush.

  •  Pull the motor out by lifting it by the wings or using the thumbnail notch.
  • The quip DC motor will slide out of the compartment.

You are now at the point of removing the quip battery. After removing the quip head and DC motor, the next step is to remove the quip battery.

Note: Keep the quip motor in a dry place after removing it so that it will not get wet to the extent that the quip brush will keep stopping why working.

Remove Quip Battery

To remove your quip battery, follow the steps below.

  • Remove the quip head.
  • Remove the quip DC motor.
  • Tilt-out the quip battery.

You need to replace the quip battery with another AAA quip battery.

How to Replace Quip Battery

After removing your quip battery from the housing, you need to replace it with a new one. However, which quip battery size is right for your quip toothbrush to replace?

The quip battery size is 1 AAA and is the same for most quip toothbrushes to run the brush motor so that the toothbrush bristle can control in line with the electric brush design.

However, to avoid error when getting the quip battery size for your quip battery replacement target, read the number on the old quip battery and use it as a measure to get your new quip brush battery for the replacement.

Now, we can move to replace your quip battery after the quip battery died.

  • Insert the new AAA quip battery into the toothbrush compartment with the negative side going in first. You will have the head [positive] facing the top.
  • Gently insert the quip DC motor and ensure that it connects [see how to check whether your quip brush is working below].
  • Install the quip brush head. Check out this article on how to remove and install the quip head.

That is all you have to do to remove and replace the quip battery without damaging your quip toothbrush.

How to Confirm Quip Battery Change

After changing your quip battery, you need to confirm whether the battery is perfectly installed or not. With this, you will know whether you have changed the quip battery the right way or the quip battery stuck at not working or still keep stopping after you’ve changed the battery.

To know that you have changed the quip battery successfully, press the “Q” button on your quip toothbrush, and the brush should show a sign that the brush is installed successfully.

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