How to Charge Airpods Without Case

Did you recently misplace your AirPods case and have been wondering about how to charge AirPods without case. Then you should read this article so you can find out if there are alternative methods you can use to charge AirPods without case, and how to go about it.

The Apple AirPods, from the first generation to the latest model have been quite popular among earbud users, this popularity might be owing to the fact that you get great value for your money. 

The Airpods are a great choice for an amazing wireless listening experience and it helps deal with the inconvenience of using a wired earpiece, however, one of its cons includes the fact that you need to carry the case around to charge the AirPods.

The case is quite small and can easily be misplaced, perhaps you are reading this article because you have misplaced yours, then find out in the section of the article below, if you can charge AirPods without case.

Can you Charge AirPods Without Case

The simple answer is no, there is currently no provision by Apple the manufacturers of the Airpods for charging airpods without case.

You might have read articles or watched videos where the supposed hacks to charging airpods without the case are shared but it is well known that those methods do not work and are just click baits to get your attention.

Some of the myths being portrayed as the solution that can help you charge airpods without case might include downloading an app to charge the airpods or charging the airpods with a tiny pin charger.

Let’s discuss in the section below why the proposed solutions are wrong and can potentially damage your airpods, or cause you other issues which might be quite costly to fix.

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Why you Should not use Narrow Pin Charger for Airpods

Using a narrow pin charger for charging airpods has been touted as a proven solution to charge airpods without case, but further investigation has proved that it is not the case.

The proposers of this method will tell you to use a narrow pin charger like the Nokia 3310 charger and insert it directly into your Airpods for some minutes. 

However, it has been proven over time that this method is not effective, and does not charge your airpods. In some cases, it has been known to damage the AirPods.

So it is advisable that you do not attempt to experiment with this method, as it might damage your Airpods and will cause you to spend more money to buy another pair of Airpods.

Why you Should not Download an App to Charge Airpods

Some articles, blogs, or youtube videos will ask you to download a particular third-party app and use it as the solution to charge airpods without case.

However, this is untrue as there is no official app released by Apple the manufacturers of the airpods that you can use to charge airpods without case.

It is also dangerous to download unverified third-party apps, as the app owner might have malicious intent, and could use the installed app to harvest important data from your phone.

To avoid getting into the hands of potential scammers, and malicious people, it is advisable that you do not download any unverified app to charge your airpods without case.

The method has been proven over and over again to be ineffective, so this is not a solution to charging your airpods without a case.

Now that we have cleared up the myths presented as the solution to charge airpods without case, what then can you do in situations where you have misplaced your airpods case?

The only available method to charge airpods when you have misplaced your AirPods case is to buy a replacement case either from Apple or from a generic brand.

You can also learn more about How to Track a Lost AirPods Charging Case

We will be discussing both methods extensively in the sections below.

Buy a Replacement Airpod Charging Case From Apple

We have established that you cannot charge airpods without case, so the available solution when you have misplaced your airpods case will be to get a replacement case from the manufacturer.

All you need to do is to contact the Apple customer support team and explain the situation to them, you will then be asked for the model of your Apple Airpods and sometimes its serial number.

Once you have supplied the necessary information. depending on your location you might be charged about one hundred dollars and a replacement case will then be sent to you.

You can then charge your Airpods and begin to use them, although you have to be careful not to break or misplace the Airpods to avoid having to pay for another replacement Airpod case.

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Buy a Replacement Airpod Charging Case from Generic Brands

If you are unable to get through to the Apple customer support team, or you are in a hurry to use your Airpods and cannot wait till a replacement Airpods case is shipped down to you.

Then you can purchase an Airpod charging case from other generic brands available on sites such as Amazon or your local tech sales shop.

However, the generic brands might not last as long as the original Apple Airpods case, but they will surely get the job done.

How to Charge Airpods Pro Without Case

Just like every other model of the Apple airpods, you cannot charge airpods pro without case. If your AirPods pro charging case is broken or you have misplaced it.

The only available solution is to get a replacement Airpods’s pro charging case, either from Apple or from other generic brands.

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How to Charge AirPods Case

There are two methods you can use to charge airpods case, and we will be discussing both methods below.

Charge Airpods Case Using a Qi-Certified Charging Mat: If you use at least a second generation airpod or airpod pro, then your charging case is a wireless charging case and can be easily charged using a qi-certified charging mat.

All that you have to do is to place your wireless charging case on the mat and ensure the status light is facing upward.

The status light should turn on for a couple of seconds before turning on to indicate it is charging, and if the status light does not turn on, reposition the charging case on the mat.

Charge AirPods Case Using a Wired Cable: The Airpods charging case usually comes packaged with a USB or USB-C to lightning cable.

All you have to do is to plug the lightning cable at the bottom of your charging case, and plug the other end into a USB cable preferably an iPad or iPhone charger for faster charging.

The status light will turn on, and then turn off during the charging process, signifying that your AirPods charging case is already charging.


This article has looked at how to charge airpods without case, the myths surrounding it, and the available solution.

We also looked at how to charge the airpods case.

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