Download Fortnite on Android [Tutorial]

Fortnite video game by Epic game now available for Android. If you own a Samsung Galaxy devices of any brand you should be able to download Fortnite directly and without any trick. To use Fortnite on Samsung is simple and direct. There is no trick to make it happen. All you need to do is visit Fortnite download center and download Fortnite for your Samsung. However, using Fortnite on Android is not a mere play. It requires a bit of workaround else the video game will not play and all the game configuration will not be available and it will not run successfully on your Android device.

Fortnite mobile game was first released in 2017 by Epic Game starting out with all Samsung devices. Almost all Samsung devices are compatible with Fortnite. So, if you are using a Samsung device you’d probably not need this guide. The only thing you need to do is check the list of compatible Samsung device below.

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How to Download Fortnite on Samsung

Samsung phone doesn’t need a trick to make this happen. Once the Fortnite installer is available on your device, you can simply download the video game and start playing it. However, if you are still among the huge Samsung users that have not started playing Fortnite here is how to download it.

First, download Fortnite installer to always keep the video game update. This is very important to keep Fortnite running on your device.

Next, you need to download Fortnite on Android APK after you have downloaded the installer on your phone. The purpose of Fortnite mobile installer is to keep the game up to date on your device.

Open any browser on your Android device and visit Note, you must do this on the Samsung you want to download and install Fortnite video game on.

Now, once your Samsung device detected and it’s compatible with the game specs you will be prompt to download Fortnite APK. You will be able to play Fortnite on your Samsung for the next few days after which you will be prompt to download Fortnite installer to keep the app up to date from Epic game or Samsung apps store.

Fortnite on Android

Note: I’d advise you download Fortnite installer from the Samsung store as you will be able to manage this easily. However, in the case of Fortnite mobile site, Epic game, once it opens tap on the play free now, click on the Samsung button on the next page, and grant Fortnite installer permission to be able to download the Fortnite game.

Once the installer is downloaded successfully. While you still connect to the internet launch the Fortnite game and wait for the first time load for the game to load all the assets needed to play the game and have fun while playing it.

To get the next Fortnite update do not remove or uninstall the installer as that is the only way to get the future update. For Fortnite on Android proceed below.

Fortnite on Android

For a non-Samsung device to play Fortnite you have to appear smart. It’s not like playing Fortnite on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.

It’s very easy to install Fortnite on the cross-platforms above. However, for Android users to use Fortnite on Android, Fortnite APK has to be downloaded. This isn’t as easy as using Fortnite on Samsung or PS4.

To play Fortnite on Android, you need an invitation for Fortnite beta. However, here is a simple approach to download Fortnite on Android and enjoy the video game.

  • Launch your Android browser and visit and you will be redirected to the Epic game website
  • Click on signup for email invite and enter your best email address
  • Wait for a couple of seconds or a minute to receive the invite email
  • Create a new Fortnite account or login with your Fortnite mobile account
  • Select your device from the drop menu
  • If your device isn’t not listed click  on “other Android device” and tap select
  • Fortnite will add you to the list of their waiting list
  • Log into your email account and open the Fortnite invite email link saying “Get Started
  • Click on the download button
  • Enable install from unknown sources to avoid a warning message and the inability to install the video game
  • At first, you will be prompt to download and install Fortnite installer because of a future update
  • Once the game is installed successfully you are ready to go with Fortnite battle Royale video game

Note: If asked whether you have played Fortnite before, click on No

Note: If you granted Fortnite installer permission using Google Chrome browser you will be notified to revoke the permission and you can also go to your settings under security to disable install from unknown sources.

After all these, you are ready to play Fortnite on your Android. For the official email address from Epic game login into your Fortnite account and wait for the invite.

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