How to Delete Snapchat Account on Android

SnapChat makes it very easy for users to delete their account if they no longer want to be part of the community again. So, if you are an ardent SnatChat user, and you are ready to let go your account for other things here is how to delete SnapChat account. For Facebook users, before you think of how to delete your FB account here is what to do first.

If you think you are done using your snapchat account, you may need to delete your SnapChat account or suspend your account temporarily and go ahead with your own life without SnapChat. After all, no one forced you to create the account in the first place.

So if you want to delete snapchat account you created yourself without any obligation, there won’t be any harm.

SnapChat is an Android central app to send and receive messages such as text, videos, GIFs, emoticon etc called snap. The thoughtful part of snapchat is how to delete a snap you’ve sent to either a friend or wrong person. Like, you want to delete conversations just like how to delete the Instagram conversation.

SnapChat messages are so fast that it delivers instantly and once read by the recipient it will be deleted instantly to free messages on your SnapChat account.

Note that whether you choose to delete your snapchat account on Android or on PC you will ended up deleting snapchat messages and story alongside your account. However, what you will achieve reading through this post is that you will delete all snaps sent, and put an ends to your SnapChat account.

Note: Accessing your snapchat account once you have deactivated it within 30 days will reactivate your snapchat account again.

One of the reasons why you many want to delete your snapchat story may because you have been additive to it just like most people are addicted to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Meanwhile, it can be fun chilling with a cool selfie on snapchat but when it’s becoming a must used or when you see that snapchat is becoming a must visit the site to read your friends messages, then you have to check mate yourself.

However, if you are concerned about how to delete snapchat account permanently, how to delete snapchat story, how to temporarily delete snapchat account, and how to delete SnapChat account on Android, here is a post for.

It’s is of importance to note that if you delete your snapchat account or your deactivate your snapchat account temporarily for at least 30 days, you will be denied access to the snapchat even to read your sent messages on snapchat will be withhold for at least 30 days, and if you permanently delete your snapchat account, you will not be able to use the account any longer except you open a new snapchat account with the same username and password since it will no longer be in snapchat database.

Update: Before, you can easily delete SnapChat account without waiting. But now, SnapChat has integrated a new features in case you have a change of mind about deleting your SnapChat with 30 days grace. You nave have to wait for 30 days for SnapChat to delete your account. Within this period you can reactivate snapchat within 30 days by login to your snapchat account again.

How to Delete Snapchat Account on Android

The purpose of this post is to streamline how you can easily delete snapchat account permanently on Android phone and in less than 5 minutes you are done deleting your snapchat account permanently.

1. Open a web browser on your Android phone and visit “

2. Sign in with your snapchat login details and click on delete account button to delete your snapchat account.

How to delete snapchat account on Android phone

3. It’s of great noticed that once you are taken away from snapchat account delete page you will no longer be able to sign into your snapchat account again using the same username and password.

Note: Meanwhile, you can still use the same username and password to sign up for a new snapchat account but all your friend and snapchat story or conversation will no longer available again.

If you encounter any problem when you want to delete your snapchat account, kindly leave a message in the comment section so that we can see to it together.

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