How to Clean Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Have you been using your Shark vacuum cleaner for a while and will want to know how to clean shark vacuum cleaner? Then read this article as we will be taking you through the nitty-gritty of the required steps.

The Shark Vacuum cleaner is a very popular vacuum cleaner brand, that enjoys patronage from a lot of people and is the favourite vacuum cleaner of choice for a lot of homes.

The Shark vacuum cleaner comes in different ranges and in different prices, ensuring that everyone will find the right product and price for them.

Some of the Shark vacuum cleaner models are:

Regardless of the model of Shark vacuum cleaner you own, it is necessary to clean the Shark vacuum cleaner to maintain its quality, and have it in good shape for a very long time.

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When Should You Clean Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

As earlier stated, it is important that you clean shark vacuum cleaner regularly to prolong its use. Although, sometimes you can see certain signs while using your vacuum cleaner which will signigfy that your vacuum cleaner is in need of a cleaning session.

Some of the signs you might notice, that signifies your shark vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned are:

  • Your Shark vacuum cleaner is in need of a cleaning session when its suction power has been drastically reduced.
  • Your Shark vacuum cleaner needs cleaning when you begin to perceive offensive odours when it is in use.
  • Your Shark vacuum cleaner requires a cleaning session when the motor begins to produce a disturbing screeching sound.

You should clean Shark vacuum cleaner if you can see any of the signs above. Also the manufacturers of the Shark vacuum cleaner recommend that you clean the Foam/Hepa filters in your vacuum cleaner once a month and the entire vacuum cleaner every three months.

How to Clean Shark Vacuum Cleaner

This section of the article will explain in details the required steps to clean Shark vacuum cleaner.

However an important precaution you must adhere to before attempting to clean Shark vacuum cleaner is to ensure that you unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet. Failure to do so can lead to electrical accidents which are best avoided.

After you have unplugged the vacuum cleaner from its power source, you can then proceed to clean Shark vacuum cleaner by following the instructions in this article.

Tools needed to clean Shark vacuum filter includes:

  • Trash can
  • Microfiber towels
  • Warm and cold water
  • Tiny scissors or seam ripper
  • Nylon brush with soft bristle
  • Drying rack
  • Large bowl

After you have assembled all of the required tools, you can now follow the instructions below to clean your shark vacuum cleaner.

Dissassemble your Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Since you must have unplugged your vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet, you can take apart the different components of the vacuum cleaner, namely the dust cansiter, foam and felt filter, hepa filter, handle hose and the rest.

The process of cleaning the shark vacuum cleaner might be a little bit messy, so it is recommended that you disassemble and clean shark vacuum cleaner outdoor.

Empty and Clean the Dust Canister

Move the dust canister close to a trashcan and empty its content into the trashcan. After emptying you can then wash the dust canister with soap and warm water.

There are usally dirts lurking at the crevice of the dust caniser and just washing with soap and water might not be enough to get the dirt out, so additionally you can use a toothbrush to clean the crevice of the dirt canister.

Once you are done with cleaning, dry with a microfiber towel and leave to air dry. It sometimes take up to 24 hours, before the dust canister completely dries off.

Do not attempt to put the dust canister back into the vacuum cleaner unless it is throurougly dried.

Clean the Shark Vacuum Filters

The Shark vacuum cleaner has a filter system which consists of one or two thick foam filter (depending on the model), one felt filter and one hepa filter. We would be looking at how to clean the shark vaccum filters below.

How to Clean Shark Foam /Felt Filters

To clean shark foam/ felt filters, just rinse carefully with cold water as it is recommended that you do not was the foam/ felt filter to avoid damage.

It is also necessary to note that even after cautiously cleaning and rinsing the foam/felt filters, it might not return to its original white color. However,that should not be considered as an issue as long as the foam/ felt filters stills works properly.

Although, if you think the foam/ felt filter is disintegrating, you might need to get new set of filters.

It is also recommended by the manufactures, that you wash the foam/ felt fliters once a month.

How to Clean Shark Hepa Filter

You can find the Hepa filter behind the filter door on the lower front door of the machine. Tug on the door to expose the Hepa filter, and take it out. Then clean shark hepa filter thouroughly in cold water and allow to dry.

Only put the Hepa filter back into the vacuum cleaner when you are sure it has completely dried.

Clean the Rotating Brush

The rotating brush in a shark vacuum cleaner are of two types depending on the model, we have the floorhead with one brush roll, and the duoclean floor head with two brush rolls.

Below is how to clean the rotating brush.

Clean Floorhead with One Brush Roll

Remove the debris and dirts in the rotating brush by carefully using a scissors to cut away all the debris or dirts that is attached to the rotating brush.

Clean DuoClean Floorheads

The duo clean floorheads consists of a bristle brush roll and a soft front roller.

To clean the bristle brush roll, remove the cover and gently remove all the dirt and debris that has been attached to it.

To clean the soft front roller,you can either rinse with water, or just tap on a microfiber towel to remove the dirt and debris.

If you decide to rinse with water, wait until it is completely dried before you reassemble.

clean shark vacuum cleaner

Reassemble The Shark Vacuum Cleaner

After you have cleaned the different parts of the Shark vacuum cleaner namely, the dust canister, the foam/felt filter, the hepa filter, and the rotating brush.

You should ideally wait for at least 24 hours to ensure that they have completely dried up before you then reassemble the different parts together.

If you reassemble without first allow them to properly dry, it might cause mildews to grow in it which will damage your shark vacuum cleaner.


This article has given you a detailed guideline on why you need to clean shark vacuum cleaner and the steps you have to take to clean shark vacuum cleaner.

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