How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android

It wasn’t easy to connect two devices back in the days of Infrared because you have to maintain a certain range. However, upgrading to Bluetooth makes it a bit relief, and that is why you can connect PS4 controller to Android without losing the connection. 

Although, the game control for PS4 to connect with your Android or iPhone could also work while using Infrared because the control is within the range to using Infrared to pair and transfer files from one phone to another.

As a matter of fact, it’s a fun fill to use game control to play games on Android and iPhone because it makes it real and more like playing PS4 with a virtual keypad. Therefore, if you are planning to get your PS4 game control and do not know the possible way to pair it with your Android phone or iPhone or iPad, this guide will librate you with every information you need to make it happen.

It’s assumed that you have got yourself a game controller to be used. If not, bookmark this page, get a game controller either from Amazon or eBay, and come back to continue reading this guide on how to connect a PS4 controller to your phone using Bluetooth.

Note: If you have ever paired your phone Bluetooth to either your AirPods or iPhone to transfer and receive files, this will not give you much stress. This simply implies that you can turn on your device Bluetooth, find an available device, click and connect with them, and enter the pairing code when you are prompt to do so. 

This the same process that is involved in paring your PS4 game controller with your Android phone to play games like call of duty mobile, Fortnite, etc.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android

You have got your PS4 controller and the phone you want to pair with ready. Here is how to link both the controller and phone together using Bluetooth on both devices.

  • Swipe down the screen of your phone from the top and click on “Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth icon to open the “Bluetooth search” interface.
  • Click on “Search” below the paired devices or “pair a new device,” depending on the phone you are using.Pair Bluetooth
  • Press and holds the share and PlayStation buttons on your PS4 game controller.Connect PS4 controller to Android
  • After a couple of seconds, a flashlight will come up on the controller on its bar, indicating that the device is ready to be detected by another device.
  • Find and click on “Wireless Controller” on your Android Bluetooth search.
  • Done.

The PS4 game controller will be recognized as a “Wireless Controller” on your Android. If you are asked to enter a code to pair the two devices, kindly do so; otherwise, press the home button on your phone to return to your home screen.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android Call of Duty Mobile

If you want to play the Call of Duty mobile using a PS4 controller, you’d need either  Dualshock 4 PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controllers. These are the two official game controller to play call of Duty mobile on your Android.

  • Swipe down the notification tray.
  • Press and hold the Bluetooth icon for a few seconds.
  • Tap on the scan or pair a new device depending on your phone configuration.
  • Hold down both the PS4 and Share button and wait for the controller light to start blinking.
  • Select the name of the game controller you have on your mobile device and click it. In most cases, if the name isn’t on the list, you will see “Wireless Controller”.
  • Pair it successfully.

The Call of Duty mobile game will be detected automatically by the controller when you launch to play it, and it will allow you to use the keys on the controller to play the game at your convenience.

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