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How to Send Apps Via Bluetooth App

The cliche way to send apps via Bluetooth on Android and iOS before transfer apps for Android and iOS still work fine. Before Flash Share, Xender, and Shareit were introduced Infrared app and Bluetooth app were the best means to send files, music, videos, PDF, Doc, Docx, TXT, and other attachments from one phone to another.

Back in the day of Symbian phones, Bluetooth app played an important role to send files from one phone to another. However, many have ditched the use of Bluetooth app for transfer apps like ShareMe, Flash Share, Shareit, Xender to send apps and other files through Bluetooth.

If you are one the few people that missed how to send apps via Bluetooth apps from one phone to another, here is a complete guideline to lean the rudiment to transfer apps from one phone to another with Bluetooth.

How to Send Apps Via Bluetooth App

First and foremost, you are to connect the two phone together if you are ready to transfer apps between the two devices. You may not need to enable automatic-connect when Bluetooth is enabled for both device but if the device to connect with is a device you use often you can enable auto-connect when Bluetooth app is enabled.

1. Download and install Bluetooth File Transfer for Android Phone and connect the two devices using the Bluetooth app installed.

2. Launch the Installed Bluetooth file transfer app and click on send button

3. Select all apps you want to send from your phone to the connect phone via Bluetooth app you installed

How to send apps via Bluetooth app

4. Wait for a couple of minutes for the two phones to show connection and then click on the send option to start sending the selected apps.

Note: For an unstable Bluetooth App, you may not be able to send multiple apps at the same time so you are to select a few apps at a time and send.

This is exactly how to transfer apps via Bluetooth without you download Shareit or Flash Share or other Bluetooth file transfer apps.

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