How to Vote in Among Us: All You Need To Know

How to Vote in Among Us has been explained in this article, including how to know who voted you out with clear pictures to aid for proper understanding.

Despite all the deception, dishonesty, and betrayal that goes along with us, they cannot be said to be undemocratic. Similar to the OG board game Werewolf from the 80s, Among Us’s gameplay is based on discussion and reflection.

It depends on someone pushing the emergency meeting button, doing an unsuccessful exercise on baseless allegations, and finally ending up with an innocent teammate being tossed into the endless, unresponsive void of space.

Meanwhile, a shapeshifter alien impostor smiles greedily under his pseudo-cloth with his disgusting upper body lips.

It’s just the best game.

And like any good citizen of space, you want to know how to vote in Among Us and how to participate in this important component of a good game of social derivative. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy.

What is Among Us Voting about?

Before we show you how to vote in Among Us. Let’s discuss his first.

The element of voting is one of the key mechanisms that add to the hook of this indie game. The vote takes place whenever a vacancy is reported or when a crew member calls an emergency meeting after the discussion has ended.

Teammates need to find out who the imposter is and vote for them, while scammers have to trick their teammates into believing that they are not the imposter or that it is someone else. Players can also choose not to vote if they choose to.

Sometimes a vote is also called to remove annoying teammates. However, if there is a majority, the game will show the player who was rejected by being thrown into space, as well as whether or not they were an imposter.

How to vote in Among Us: Who can call for voting in Among Us?

Nobody asks for a vote per se, crew members can only start meetings with the report function or the emergency button. Once the chat time is up, the meeting will automatically switch to voting, and players will have a set amount of time (depending on how the host customized the game) to vote against the player of their choice or to skip the game. Poll. fully vote.

2 Ways to vote in Among Us

There are two instances in the game that trigger a vote. Either when a dead body is reported or when someone calls for an emergency meeting.

How to vote in Among Us Method 1: Report a body

Whenever a teammate hits the body of another dead teammate, the megaphone activates a button in the lower right corner of the screen with the text REPORT. The teammate should use the megaphone button to report the death and bring all teammates together for discussion and later voting.

How to Vote in Among Us

During the discussion, the teammates have to think and try to find out who is the imposter among the players present. This is done in preparation for the actual voting so that teammates can vote for the imposter. This is the first step on how to vote in Among Us.

How to Vote in Among Us

When the voting box appears, two options appear in front of each team member’s name: a green checkmark to vote against, or a red X to let you undo just in case. change your mind and want to vote for someone else.

How to Vote in Among Us

How to vote in Among Us Method 2: Call for an emergency meeting

We explained in detail what an emergency meeting entails and what to expect when the meeting is called. Please see this article for more information.

Please note that the coordination process that takes place during an emergency meeting is the same as when reporting an organization. The only difference between the two events is that emergency meetings are fueled by suspicion and speculation, with no actual death justifying it. Some crew members initiate emergency meetings even if another crew member follows them for a suspiciously long time. Paranoia takes the element of emergency meetings to the next level.

How to vote in Among Us Mobile

Well, it’s the same on cellphone and pc. Just hit the big REPORT button whenever you want to report a body or call an emergency meeting. Fortunately, everything is the same on mobile and PC. Now this is how to vote in Among Us on mobile.

1. Vote to Survive

Whether you are an imposter or a crew member, your main voting focus should always be on survival. For teammates, this means staying in the game for as long as possible while keeping as many teammates on board as possible.

Fraudsters, on the other hand, need to dispel the suspicion themselves and possibly make an innocent crew member appear as suspicious as possible. This means that different situations require different actions.

Therefore, if necessary, take part in the discussion, stay calm, assess the situation, and act accordingly.

2. Communicate

On the one hand, there are their allegations, and then there are legitimate discussions aimed at eliminating imposters. Please note that there is very little time left before voting begins. So communicate as effectively as possible.

If you’ve seen the scammer in action, report them. If you think a teammate is suspicious, ask for confirmation of that teammate’s behavior. Look out for any suspicious signals, scam traps, false allegations, etc. and vote accordingly.

3. Keep track of your counsel

Remember that the final call to any vote is yours and yours alone. Whether you want to protect yourself and your fellow imposter, or whether you are in the position of a teammate and you know that an innocent person is being accused, handle the discussion accordingly. This will certainly have an impact on the voting process.

This is how you can see who voted out

Once the voting is complete, you will be able to see the helmets of the players who voted against you next to their name in the voting box.

How to Vote in Among Us

How to skip voting in Among Us

Another option that is also available during voting is the SKIP VOTE button. This option is valid if the teammate cannot make a decision or if the discussion was in vain and therefore did not deserve a vote. In certain circumstances, it is best to just skip voting (which we will discuss in the next section).

On the lower left of the voting screen, look under the names of all crew members for the “Skip voting” button. When you tap or click it, you’ll see a green box with a checkmark next to the button and a red box with a cross next to it. Select the green box to skip.

This is how you can see who skipped the vote

Once the voting is complete, the game will show you the number of votes. Crew members who skipped voting will be shown below next to the skipped voting text.

How to Vote in Among Us

When to skip voting and when not to?

It is better to skip voting (or not) in the following circumstances:

If you are an imposter

If you’ve been able to convince the other crew members of your innocence and you are certain that they have no idea who else is the scammer, skip the vote. However, if they are currently voting for an innocent teammate, then you can get on with the whole deal without arousing suspicion.

There will also be unique circumstances, e.g., When your colleagues have unequivocally identified your imposter partner and you may need to vote to avoid suspicion and keep the game going. Choose wisely and be careful if you are the scammer.

When you’re a crewmate

As a teammate, it gets pretty cold after catching an imposter defeating himself in the act. In this case, voting is that easy. However, you should also be aware of situations where the scammer could try to trick you into taking out an innocent teammate (which it often does). So be wise and skip voting to fight another day if necessary.

Whether you are a scammer or a crew member, there is no clear formula that can be applied to the voting process. The fact that no voting round can be the same, along with the premise that people are their worst enemy, is what makes this game so great in the first place.

How to change the voting time in Among Us

The voting time varies between 15 and 120 seconds. You can only adjust this time if you are the host of the game. Here are the following steps.

Once you’ve done the game, you’ll be in the spaceship while others are participating. Get closer to the laptop you see in one of the boxes and tap or click on it.

How to Vote in Among Us

Now the customization menu will open to give you editing options. The last tab is for the game, click/tap on it.

In the game menu, you will see the option to increase (+) or decrease (-) the voting time. Click/tap the plus sign (+) to increase the time and click/tap the minus sign (-) to decrease it.

How to Vote in Among Us

Can you cancel the vote?

There is absolutely no way to cancel the vote if the crew members have been invited for an interview. The only way to avoid voting is to ignore them.

How to ban players in Among Us

A game that is so easy and accessible is also a breeding ground for scary and obnoxious gamers trying to cause glitch and conflict outside of the game’s premises. Therefore, users should play with people than. ‘they know and they know. However, not everyone has the luxury of doing so. It is therefore important to understand how players can be banned from “Below Us”.

Before proceeding, please note that you must be a game host to ban players. The prohibition ability only remains until you are in the spaceship. Once you have started the game, you can no longer lock the player, you can only fire them.

Click/tap the chat icon at the top right of the screen.

How to Vote in Among Us

If the chat opens just below the message icon, another icon will appear. It will look like a shoe. Click/tap on it.

Once you click or tap the icon, another window will open with the names of the people who have joined your game. You need to click/tap on the name of the person you want to block/ban first click the “ban” button.

How to Vote in Among Us

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