How to Connect Tozo Earbuds to iPhone

You just got a pair of Tozo earbuds and you can’t wait to connect it to your iPhone? Well, you are in the right place as this post will walk you through how to connect Tozo earbuds to iPhone easily regardless of the Tozo earbuds model you have since the procedures are quite similar.

Tozo Earbuds are compatible with devices such as iOS, PC, Android, and Mac. The most current Tozo earbud update is the A1 wireless model which you can still connect with your Android or iPhone or iPad by following the same approach.

Follow the steps below to connect Tozo earbuds to your iPhone. However, it’s easier to disconnect your Bluetooth earbuds from your phone. So, what you need to do if you want to disconnect your Bluetooth device from your earbud, is to simply turn off your Bluetooth to disconnect both devices.

 how to connect Tozo earbuds to iPhone

Do Tozo Earbuds work with iPhones?

Tozo earbuds are compatible with iOS devices in the same way that Android earbuds are. All you need is the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone to make it discoverable which can be found by navigating to iPhone settings. Then, by tapping the Devices menu in the Devices menu, you can pair your Tozo earbuds with the device.

The procedure for pairing Tozo Earbuds with an iPhone device is the same as for pairing them with an Android device. Once Bluetooth is activated, a little Bluetooth sign appears in the notification bar. By tapping on the Devices option, you can pair your Tozo earbuds with your device.

How to Connect Tozo Earbuds to iPhone

Tozo earbuds are completely wireless and come with a charging case. They are simple to connect to your iPhone and offer an excellent listening experience.

Before you go ahead to connect Tozo earbuds to your iPhone, place the earbud in its case, and press and hold the pairing button until the pairing flashes. If you have other devices connected to your earbuds, ensure they are also turned off. 

Follow the steps below to connect your Tozo earbuds to your iPhone:

  • Remove the earbuds from the charging case.
  • Insert the earbuds into your ears, making sure they are secure and comfortable.
  • Go to Settings >> Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Once the Tozo earbuds appear on your iPhone, tap the name.
  • You will hear a voice prompt saying “connected” once the earphones are connected.

Once you hear a voice saying “connected” it means that your Tozo earbuds have been connected to your iPhone successfully. You can use it to receive calls on your iPhone, listen to music, and do all sorts of functions supported by the earbuds.

However, your earbuds will work properly if it is malfunctioning, damaged, or not Apple-certified. Also, ensure that the connector on your iOS device is clean or not damaged, it may prevent it from connecting to your Tozo earbuds.Connect Tozo earbuds to iPhone

How do I Connect my Tozo Earbuds to my iPhone?

Literally, there is no hidden trick on how you can connect your Tozo earbuds to your iPhone. The whole process is more like plug-and-play. Just turn on your Tozo earbuds and make them discoverable and turn on your iPhone Bluetooth to be able to discover your earbuds. Once discovered just click on the name of the earbuds and it’ll pair automatically. 

But, if you for any reason, known or unknown; your Tozo earbuds couldn’t connect to your iPhone you might need to do the following.

  • Ensure that your Earbuds are easily accessible to your iOS device: Place the two devices close to each other for better connection.
  • Restart your Tozo earbuds: Your earbuds must be switched off and then back on.
  • Ensure that your Tozo Earbuds are turned on, charged, and either connected to power or turned off.
  • Once you take out your earbuds, look for blinking blue and red lights, these lights must blink.
  • Simply tap the touch buttons behind the earbuds three times to completely reset your T6 earbuds.
  • They will be disconnected once more after being returned to the charging case. After being factory reset, they can now be paired with any device of your choice.

Many Tozo earbuds users have stated that their Tozo earbuds and iPhones are incompatible. However, a temporary fix to this problem was caused by a software defect. Tozo earbuds will not pair if they are too far away from your iPhone. Set your devices as close as feasible.

Ensure that there is no interference. Bluetooth pairing can be difficult if it is interrupted by a neighbouring wireless router or another Bluetooth device. If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact the Tozo Support Team for assistance.

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