How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Blue

When using Xfinity, there is a great chance that you are familiar with the several LED lights that usually come on to signify either a process or an error. And most times, you will find it at stable white and in some weird cases, you will find your Xfinity router blinking blue.

Therefore, if your Xfinity router is blinking blue, which is unusual for it, then you need to look at how to fix the Xfinity router blinking blue LED.

Therefore, in this article, you will understand the primary reason [s] why your Xfinity is blinking blue and the steps to take to fix it.

Causes of Xfinity Router Blinking Blue?

Before talking about the problem, we first tell what message each LED light passes.

With a colourful LED notification array, Xfinity has laid out what specific status each colour implies.

  • Red light – When the red light is stable, there is no internet connection on your Gateway.
  • Orange light – This means that there is an error in your connection, that is, no internet.
  • White light: This can come in different sequences; when it is stable, it means it’s operational. Steady white light with a purple tint is after activation. A blinking white light happens during activation.
  • Blue light – If your Xfinity gateway blinks blue light, it means it is connecting to another device.
  • Lastly, the blinking Greenlight – the internet connection is unstable, check server.

Now back to our topic, so according to Xfinity, when your Xfinity router is blinking blue light, then it means that your router has connected to another network. In other words, your router has entered WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) mode.

Perhaps, it has happened that someone had pressed the WPS button, and it has entered the active mode. Usually, this should not be a problem, but when it does become a problem, it remains in this mode, blinking blue instead of a steady white. Then, you should be worried as to how to fix the Xfinity blue LED blinking.

There are a few problems that could cause this

  1. It could be Loose Cables or Connection
  2. Faulty Splitter 
  3. Power outage & Network outage etc.

xfinity router blinking blue

How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Blue LED Light

To troubleshoot the Xfinity blue LED light, you want to take various steps and stick with what works. Since we cannot ascertain what is going to work for you, we recommend that you should attempt all the troubleshooting methods and see whether the blue LED will stop.

Restart your Xfinity Router

The easiest fix to almost all problems is to restart it, hence why trying a quick restart on your device might make it start as new. To restart your Xfinity router blinking blue, you can do so via the Xfinity app or manually.

Restarting the router through the Xfinity app is pretty simple. Launch the App on your smartphone or tablet.

To restart;

  • On your phone, open the Xfinity My Account app
  • Scroll down till you find the internet tab.
  • A list of the modem will be presented
  • Select your modem
  • Select Restart this device (This can take nearly ten minutes).

You can also do it in the manual and traditional way of just unplugging the power cable. Wait a while, then plug it back.

If this does not work, check out the next solutions.

Close Router/Device Distance

It might be that the distance between the device and the router is past its maximum, and so the signal is weak.

The WPS is would endlessly search or try to sustain a poor network, hence your inability to connect.

To fix this, just move the modem and router closer to each other. If this were to be the problem, the WPS connection would then link up, giving off a stable white light.

Check Splitters or Loose Cables

Before going further, please check your cable connection. It could be that the connection of the router might not be tight as it should be. It might also be that the splitter is damaged. You can try a new connection by linking everything up directly to see if there is a difference.

Restart WPS mode

On the Xfinity router, you will have to restart the WPS connection process all over again.

To start the WPS connection process again:

  • You must enable the WPS connection on your device.
  • Press the WPS button on the router. (You should get a message that the connection was successful on your computer or the device you wanted to connect to the home network.)

Restart the Xfinity Router

If the above steps fail to stop the Xfinity router blinking blue, then you have to restart the modem (Internet source) to fix the connectivity problems. Follow the next steps:

  • Disconnect the modem from the power source for a few minutes.
  • Reconnect the modem back to power.
  • After it boots up, try connecting from the router.
  • Reconnect other devices to the network.

Reset Xfinity Router

Usually, this is the last resort from the fix it at home wave. If you have to reset, it means that you have to exhaust all other options. The reset is simply wiping all stored data and connectivity information to its factory state.

Therefore, the steps below explain how to reset Xfinity router blinking blue LED light.

  • You will find your reset button at the rear of your Xfinity router. (The reset button is in a small hole)
  • With a toothpick or office pin, you can push the button through its inverted hole. This push will initiate a reset.
  • Hold and press the reset button. (This process should last for about 30 seconds)
  • Thereafter, it will turn OFF and ON again.
  • Check if the white light is stable at this trial.

You can do this from the App too.

  • On the App> Go to Admin Dashboard
  • Login to the router using the default IP, username and password.
  • Select Troubleshooting
  • Reset/Restore gateway. 
  • Click the Restore Factory Settings button.

After you are done, you will reconfigure your router like it is a new one. And at this point, the blinking light should have disappeared from the router.

Xfinity Router Blinking Blue: Conclusion

All the aforementioned solutions will help you get rid of the Xfinity router blinking blue light. Tested and trusted. But if your blue light lingers still, then it would help if you could contact Xfinity support.

They will help you fix the problem by either replacing the router for you or having an in-house technician fix it for you. If you would prefer this from the start, well, it might save your stress, but it might be expensive.

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