How to Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox One

Turtle Beach headphones are well-known for giving game lovers a bigger competitive edge. Having a pair with your Xbox One can be a fun experience. However, it can be energy-draining if you encounter issues while connecting them. This post will walk you through the process involved in how to connect Turtle Beach headset to Xbox One.

It can be quite frustrating if you are just connecting your Turtle beach headset to Xbox One, especially when you don’t know where and how to start and also if you have very limited game time.

Since no one likes to spend too much time fixing a supposed-to-be straightforward problem.

This article will run you through the simple process of how to connect your Turtle Beach headset to Xbox One and how you can troubleshoot any connection issues in case you encounter one.Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox

What to know before you Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox

You can either have a wired or wireless headset which makes connecting it to Xbox One very easy and not stressful.

As long as your Turtle Beach headset has a standard 3.5mm audio jack, it should work with the Xbox One, Series S, or Series X.

The Turtle Beach headset is the first wireless headset to connect directly to Xbox One. 

For wireless headphones, that kind of universal compatibility may not be applicable since Xbox One does not support Bluetooth audio, which is the most common wireless communication technology used by wireless devices such as headphones.

There’s an exclusive wireless technology developed by Microsoft called Xbox Wireless, for the Xbox One, Series S, and Series X.

The Xbox Wireless uses radio frequency (RF) technology that provides gamers two significant advantages over Bluetooth such as reduced latency and better sound quality, among other things.

In other words, Xbox Wireless is thought to be the better choice for people seeking premium wireless gaming experiences despite lacking universal compatibility with Bluetooth.Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox

How to Enable Wireless Turtle Beach to Pairing Mode

If you have the wireless headset, you may need to synchronize it to the console even though the process slightly varies on the model of your Turtle Beach headphones. Follow the steps below on how to turn different models of your wireless Turtle Beach to pairing mode:

For Stealth 600 Gen 2 and Stealth 700 Gen 2: Turn on the headset and long-press on the headset’s Connect button till the power LED flashes rapidly.

For Stealth 600 Gen 2 Max: Power on the USB transmitter and connect it to Xbox One’s USB port. Long-press the power button located at the underside of the left ear cup (next to the headset’s USB charging port) to turn on the headset. This should automatically connect the headphones to the transmitter and, effectively, with Xbox.Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox

How to Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox One

Here is a concise step on how to connect Turtle beach headset to Xbox One. Follow the steps carefully below:

  • Power on the Turtle Beach headset by simply pressing down the power button till the LED light blinks.
  • To turn on the Xbox One, use the controller or tap the Power button directly on the Xbox.
  • Ensure both devices are turned on.
  • Enable the Pairing mode on your Turtle Beach Headphones by simply turning them on if it’s the first time.
  • You can as well manually turn on pairing mode to begin the process.
  • If you have the wired headset, simply connect it to the controller.
  • Once the Turtle Beach headset has been enabled to the pairing mode, both LEDs will begin to flash rapidly before it stops after a while.
  • Once you see a static green light blinking on your Turtle Beach headset, it means that your headset and console have been paired successfully.
  • Then a notification indicating “Headset Assigned” will pop up on your screen, and you should hear in-game audio immediately.Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox

Can’t Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox One? Try these Fixes!

You may encounter issues when trying to connect Turtle Beach headset to Xbox One, Series S, or Series X console despite them being Xbox-friendly wireless headsets.

This could be a result of some common causes such as outdated firmware on either your headset or Xbox console, low battery, or even Bluetooth interference. Try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the can’t connect Turtle Beach headset to Xbox One.Connect Turtle Beach Headset to Xbox

Hard reset your Turtle Beach headset

A hard reset usually helps to fix technical problems such as an unresponsive headset (i.e., displaying a solid red LED) and clears any connectivity-related issues. Follow the steps below to perform a hard reset:

  • Press down the Connect/Bluetooth and Mode buttons on your headset for about 20 seconds or until the headset turns off automatically.
  • Avoid releasing the buttons quickly, as this might interfere with the hard reset process.
  • Press the Power button to turn your headset back on and start the pairing and connecting process all over again.

In case the hard reset didn’t fix the issue, you can try the next fix below.

Reboot your console

When you are facing issues such as freezing, technical glitches, or connectivity problems, you can physically disconnect and reboot your Xbox console, which usually fixes issues related to the aforementioned.

The process is quick, safe, and quite straightforward as it does not delete your games or saved data inside the console.

Follow the steps below:

  • Long-press on the Xbox button on the front of the console for about 10 seconds until the light turns off, and the console shuts down completely.
  • Remove the Xbox One’s power cable and wait for about 20 seconds. This helps to reset the power supply.
  • Reconnect the power cable to your Xbox One.
  • Now, press the Xbox Power button on the front of the console to turn it on.
  • You can now reattempt the pairing process with your Turtle Beach headset.

Now, you can enjoy your Turtle Beach headset and enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. We hope this article was useful. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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