How to Stop the Annoying Facebook Notifications

Are you tired and sick of thousands of Facebook notifications on your email, timeline and mobile phone whenever a friend or follower on Facebook like your post, share new status, update a Facebook story, comment on a post on Facebook, and tag other friends to a public and private post?

Well, you are not alone. I fell pissed off with unnecessary Facebook notifications and I think of how to disable them often. The pesky Facebook friend request notification throw a tantrum in my heart seeing them in my email.

What I’m going to do in this post is that I will share with you how to turn off Facebook notifications on Desktop, Android phones, Tablets, and on iPhone. So, irrespective of your phone OS you will be able to address the excessive Facebook notifications issue.

How to Disable Facebook Notifications in Desktop View

Here is how to disable Facebook notifications on your computer [Windows or Mac OS] and put an end to the annoying notifications on your FB account.

1. Log into your Facebook on desktop or laptop

2. Click on the “Drop Menu” icon and click on “Settings”

Facebook Notifications

3. Click on “Notifications” on the left panel under “General”

Facebook Notifications

4. To stop “Facebook email Notifications” click on “Email Edit”

Facebook Notifications

5. Turn off notifications on the page to stop receiving them in your email box.

Facebook will stop sending notifications to your email address whenever you have a new friend request, live video update, status update, and status notifications.

Meanwhile, the easiest way to stop all Facebook notifications once and for all is to just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email sent to your by Facebook in your email address and confirm you want to stop receiving notifications.

How to Stop Facebook Notifications on Android Phones

Facebook Android app offers a handy way to stop the annoying notifications from disturbing your inbox and before you throw a tantrum on your Facebook friends, just stop the notification and we are good here.

1. Launch the Facebook app on your Android or Install the latest app if you don’t have it already

2. Click on the “More” option to the upper right of your Facebook app

3. Click on “Notification Settings” under “Helps and settings”

4Scroll down to “Where to receive notifications” and click “Email”

5. Click on “Email Frequency” and select  on “All” from the pop-up

6. Disable all enabled notifications

This disables all Facebook email notification and Facebook will stop sending every of your Facebook account activities to your email address.

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