How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps via Mobile and Desktop

Are you trying to drop a pin on Google Maps or do you want to share your location with someone via Google Maps? Then this article is for you, follow through to the end to learn the various steps involved on how to drop a pin on Google maps via Android phonesiPhones, and Desktop/Laptop Computers. You will also be exposed to how you can save and label a dropped pin on Google Maps.

Dropping a pin on Google Maps is very important if the place you are searching for doesn’t have an outlined address or is just the road network. It’s also helpful in times when Google gets a location wrong. This post will show ways how to drop a pin on Google Maps via Android, iOS, and desktop.

Google Maps has so many other wonderful features aside from directing you merely from location A to destination B. It also shows you public transportation routes and times, customize your journey depending on the means of transportation you decided to travel on. Google Maps most importantly allows you to drop a pin in a location and you can either save it to your profile or share it with friends.

You can always drop a pin on Google Maps if you want to save a new location, describe an address to someone, or you want to showcase your business on the Google map. You can also drop a pin on Google Maps from your desktop/laptop computer or mobile app to navigate and save a specific location.

Once you know how to drop a pin on Google Maps, it’s easy for you to mark a spot on the map and get straightforward direction, you can save it for later, add your business location to it, and many more other fantastic features you will love on Google Maps. In case you are new to drop pins on Google Maps and you can’t wait to learn how it works, here’s the all-in-one guide you need. Stay tuned and read on!Drop a pin on Google Maps

Features of a Dropped Pin on Google Maps

The exact features vary slightly depending on whether you’re using a mobile or desktop operating system. Check out the functions of a dropped pin on Google Maps below:

Dropped Pin is used for directions

Just as stated earlier, Google Maps’ most important feature is its ability to provide directions. In case you are not sure about the address of a specific location, then you must drop pins on Google maps in the process of locating your destination.

You can either use your dropped pin as a start point or as an endpoint. Unfortunately, you can’t place two dropped pins and locate directions between them. Instead, you will need to place one pin, make a note of the address or coordinates, then drop another pin to use as your start point or destination.

Ability to Save a Pin Location

This feature is available on Mobile and Desktop devices. It’s possible to save a pin’s location to a list connected to your Google account and then have unlimited access to it on all your devices.

By default, there are three pre-made lists available namely; FavoritesWant to go and Starred places. You can add more lists (and remove the defaults) by going to Your Places in the Google maps app’s main menu. Each list can be public or private or shared with specific other users. It is also possible to make group lists that anyone can add pins to. They are very useful for vacations and day trips.

These lists are just an avenue that Google Maps can integrate with some of Google’s other products and services.

You can send a Desktop Pin to Your Phone

Did you drop a pin on Google Maps via the desktop version of the app? If yes, then you can share it with your Google Maps mobile app, email it to the Gmail address which is connected to your account, or share it via a text with the phone number associated with your Google account. All you need is just one click on Send to your phone option to get started.

You can share a Dropped Pin Location

This feature is also available on Mobile and Desktop. The Google Maps desktop app offers four various ways to share a dropped pin with other users (excluding the lists feature as stated above).

On the desktop, you can perform any of the following steps:

  • You can copy and paste the automatically generated short link to share it with other people.
  • Tap on the Facebook icon to share a location directly with the network.
  • You can post your link on Twitter by clicking on the Twitter icon.
  • Copy the HTML code to embed the map into a webpage.

In case you are sharing a dropped pin location from an Android or iOS device, it is recommended you use your operating system’s native Share menu since the embed option will not be available.

You can add a label to a Dropped Pin

The adding a label feature is also available on Mobile and Desktop. You can label your dropped pins with a customized word or phrase. The labels will synchronize across your whole Google account, and they will be displayed on all Google Maps versions.

This feature does have a trade-off. You’d get this Google’s message stated as thus below:

Personal places will be used across Google products, for personalized recommendations, and more useful ads.

You can decide whether you are comfortable with the situation of things from a privacy standpoint.

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps using your mobile phone

Adding pins on Google Map locations is not restricted to computers alone. It’s quite simple since your mobile phone has the required sensors and can run the normal Google Maps app.

The pin-dropping process is quite similar whether you use Android or an iPhone. All you need is to make sure you are using the latest version of the Google Maps app, follow the step below if you are an Android user:

Using an Android phone

  • Download and install the Google Maps app on your Android phone via the Play Store.
  • Launch Google Maps on your phone.
  • Locate or search for an address where you want to drop the pin on the map.
  • If you want to drop a Google pin on your present location (where you are standing exactly), you can click on the GPS button on the left side.
  • Long-press on the screen where you want to drop the location pin.
  • red pin will be displayed on the map if you placed it correctly.
  • The address or location will pop up at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the “Dropped pin” box below the screen to see what you can do with pinned location. You may get directions to the place you are searching for.
  • Click on the location to share it, save it, add a label to it, or get exact and straightforward directions.Drop a pin on Google Maps

Using iOS devices: iPhone and iPad

Dropping a location pin on Google Maps using your iPhone or iPad is like the same steps as an Android phone. All you need is to install Google Maps (preferably the latest version) on your device, then follow the same procedure. Here’s how to drop a pin on Google Maps iPhone & iPad:

  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Search for an address or scroll through the map till you locate the ideal place you want to drop the pin.
  • To drop a pin on Google Maps, long-press on the screen in the desired location.
  • The address or coordinates of the location selected will pop up at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the box labeled “Dropped pin” at the bottom of the screen to see what you can do with the pinned location.
  • You can tap on the location to see more details, get the right directions, add labels, etc

The procedure on how to drop a pin on Google Maps on iOS is broadly the same as the procedure for Android devices.

How to drop a pin on Google Maps with your desktop/laptop computer

Apart from your mobile devices, your computer is also a great tool to drop pins on Google Maps. You can achieve this with just a single click via the Google Maps’ website on your browser. You don’t need to download any special app or do any configuration.

In addition, dropping a pin on Google Maps with your computer is quite better, because you would see the location clearly on a bigger screen. However, your computer must have the proper sensors to get accurate, real-time locations.

With the above stated already, follow the steps below to drop a pin on Google Maps using your computer:

  • Go to the Google Maps website ( on your preferred browser.
  • Hover around with your mouse to find where you won’t drop a pin on Google maps.
  • Left-click an exact location on the map to drop a pin there.
  • A small grey pin icon (showing where you’ve selected on the map) will be displayed on the map, and you will also see an information box pop up at the bottom of the screen (giving you a concise detail about the chosen area).
  • Click on the map coordinate numbers inside the box to view more options about the chosen location.
  • From there, you can save, share, get directions, add your business location, and more to the pinned location.
  • That’s it!

Many people don’t realize that it’s also possible to drop a pin on Google Maps from any desktop operating system. You can see the process is quite straightforward.

What to do after dropping a pin on Google Maps

Below are some of the things you can do after you have dropped a pin on Google maps and you are happy with the pin’s location. Dropping pins on Google Maps isn’t just for dropping sake. You can do many other things with a pinned location on Google Maps with your computer or mobile phone. Check out several things you can do after dropping a pin on Google maps below:

  • You can share the pinned location with someone who needs the address of your location.
  • You can get directions to the place.
  • You can save it for later use.
  • You can add your business location to it.
  • Add a missing place.
  • You can locate nearby places and many more.

Let’s shed more light on some of them below!

How to save and label a dropped pin on Google Maps

If your major reason for dropping a pin on Google Maps is to save it for later use. Then, the steps below will help you. It is also possible to group your pinned locations into customized lists for easier access. Follow the steps below:

  • Drop a pin on Google maps by following the guides mentioned above.
  • Click the Save option.
  • Choose any list on the page or add a new one to save the pinned location.

Apart from saving the pin, you can also add a label to it. Google may use your tags across its services to give you personalized recommendations. Isn’t that great!

  • Click Add a label on the same page.
  • Now, enter your preferred name for the label, then save it.
  • You can edit or remove the label by following the steps below.Drop a pin on Google Maps

How to locate and remove dropped pins on Google Maps

Now, I am sure you know how to drop a pin on Google maps. However, do you know how to delete a dropped pin or how to remove one from your map? If not, follow the steps below.

To remove a pin location on Android and iOS,

  • Click on the X icon in the text box at the top of the page.
  • In case you want to delete a dropped pin on your desktop, either click anywhere on the map or press the X icon on the information box at the bottom of the screen.

On mobile:

  • Set up the Google Maps.
  • Click on the Saved tab below the screen.
  • You will see all your lists containing the dropped pins. Click on the one you want to view and remove it.
  • You may also need to go to the labeled tap to view or remove your labeled locations or pins.

On a Desktop computer:

  • Go to the Google Maps website on your browser.
  • Tap on the Menu button in the sidebar.
  • Choose “Your places”.
  • From there, you can view, edit, or remove your saved and labeled pins.
  • That’s it!

How to share a dropped pin from Google Maps

There are so many ways to share the location pin with people from your computer or mobile phone. You can copy the link or share it directly with your social media accounts or apps. Here’s how to drop a pin on Google Maps and share it:

  • Follow the steps stated earlier to drop a pin on your device.
  • Click the Share button.
  • Select your preferred method to send the link to wherever you want it.
  • Once sent, the receiver can visit the location from their end.

How to drop a pin on Google Maps for your Business Location

Do you own a new business or have you just moved to a new area that’s not yet on Google Maps? Then, you can pin the location so more people can reach out to you. However, you will need a computer for this, as the option is not available on the mobile app. Are you ready? Follow the steps below to add your business to Google Maps:

  • Go to the Google Maps website ( on your computer.
  • Drop a pin on your business location, and tap on the map coordinates below the screen to view more options.
  • From there, select Add your business.
  • It will direct you to the Google My Business page first, fill in information about your business.
  • Submit the form after completing it. Google claims it may take about 24 to 48 hours or more before your business location goes live. So, you need to be patient!

I am sure this article has helped you with all you need to know about dropping pins on Google Maps. The Google Maps app and website have made it much easier to pin your location for easier access. We hope it works well for you as well. Let’s hear from you by dropping your comments in the section below.



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