[Major models] – How to Empty a Roomba Vacuum

If you own a Roomba vacuum, emptying it isn’t much of a fuss; however, the steps differ for different models.

If I posted a single instruction here, it might not tally with your Roomba model. The reason for this is that the models were created with some differences.

The way the bin is removed and how the bin comparison is structured is not the same. It may be more difficult to take out the bin from plus-based models when compared to other ones. But they all come with their pros and cons

That being said, I will be breaking down how to empty a Roomba vacuum for all available models and how often you need to do this.

Why should you Empty the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner?

Your Roomba vacuum collects dirt from your home and stores it in the vacuum’s bin compartment.

Since you know this, it shouldn’t be news to you that there is only so much dirt your Roomba can keep, so you have to empty it from time to time.

If you keep it for too long, it might end up causing issues such as a charging error, your Roomba not turning on, or your Roomba not charging.

All these are parts of the endless list of problems you might face when the dirt begins to clog up some delicate components. So you might want to ensure that you empty the bin regularly.

That being said, here is how to empty a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Note: This article covers different types of Roomba we come across before this article is compiled.

How to Empty a Roomba i3 & i-Series

How to empty Roomba i3

The Roomba I3 series follows the same process as other I-series models since they don’t come with a clean base station, making their bin compartments very similar.

Since that is the case here is how you should go about emptying this model.

All you need to do is:

  • Remove the dustbin
  • Empty the compartment.

Below explains how to empty your Roomba dustbin better.

Remove the dustbin

What you have to do is remove the dustbin by pushing the release lever behind it to release the lock.

Pour everything into a garbage can.

Empty the contents of the trash can by opening the door.

Additionally, you will need a brush to remove debris from the bin because the hole is tiny and restricted.

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How to Empty the i7+ Roomba Bin

If you own a Roomba i7+ model, one thing that distinguishes it from the non-i7+ model is that it comes with a clean base station.

The base station works like a bag on a traditional vacuum, which means you do not need to empty it after every use; you can do that once in a while.

If your home’s flooring is carpeted, you should clean it at least once a week.

Since all i+ models have similar bin compartments and clean base stations, here is how to go about emptying the bin.

  • Open the Clean Base’s cover and check if the bag is full.
  • If it is, raise the plastic tab on the edge and remove the bag.
  • Replace the old bag with a fresh one and throw away the old one.
  • Put the plastic tab back where it belongs.
  • Shut the lid on the clean base.

Since you have a clean base station, you can let the iRobot Home app empty the Clean Base unit itself.

  • To do this, click on the Empty Bin button in the app.
  • If nothing positive comes out of it, maybe your wifi connection isn’t working or your app needs an update.

How to Empty the Roomba J7+

How to empty Roomba

Just like the i-series, the j7+ series comes with a rear camera, making the difference between the j7 and the i-series model not far apart.

Since you have the J7+, here is how to empty the Roomba bin.

  • To remove the trash can, press the release latch.
  • Now unlock and remove the container by pushing the lever.
  • When the door is open, place the dustbin over the garbage to empty it.

How to Empty the Roomba E5

The Roomba E5 comes with a similar dustbin as the new model of the Roomba i6.

And this makes the steps for emptying the vacuum cleaner’s bin almost the same.

If you own a Roomba E-series model, here is how to go about it.

Remove the garbage can.

  • Pull the dustbin out of the Roomba vacuum by pressing the release clasp behind it.
  • Put the contents in the garbage can and

NB: Not all Roomba bins are washable, but the E5 model is, so if you’ve removed it, consider cleaning it to increase its performance. 

How to Empty the Roomba 600 Series

How to empty Roomba

One thing that stands out with the 600 Roomba series is that the filter and the bin are not washable since the motor is inside them, so you do not want to do that.

That said, here is how to go about emptying the Roomba 600 series.

  • Press the tab on the edge of the vacuum to open the dustbin.
  • Click the tiny yellow clasp on the bin’s edge to remove it.
  • Put the contents of the container in the trash.
  • Tap it lightly to get rid of any remaining particles.
  • Find and empty the filter (located inside the trash can).
  • When you’re finished, replace the filter and close the door.
  • Replace the dustbin in your Roomba, and you’re done!

How to Empty a Roomba 692

The steps required to empty a Roomba 692 are the same as for the 600 models since they have the same design and dustbin component.

So, instead of boring you with the steps, you can empty your Roomba 692 model by following the instructions for the Roomba 692 above.

How to empty a Roomba 675

Another model that is similar to the 600 series is the 675 model. If you have one, emptying the bin isn’t much of a fuss; you simply have to follow the instructions on how to empty a Roomba bin for model 60 to do the same for your Roomba 675 model.

How to Empty a Roomba 900 Series

  • Press the tab on the edge to remove the trash can.
  • Pull the top of the trashcan toward the ground to open the entrance.
  • Dispose of all the garbage in your trash can by shaking and hitting the bin.
  • You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the trash can.
  • After doing that, remove the top of your trash can and clean the filter.
  • Now, pull the tab that stretches out from the filter’s edge.
  • The same procedures should be used to clean your filter.
  • After doing that, reinstall the filter in the trashcan.
  • Now, shut the door after closing the latch, and return the trash can to the vacuum.

How to Empty the Roomba S9 bin

How to empty Roomba

The Roomba S9 model bin can be washed. However, I will be focusing on how you empty the S9 bin.

  • To access the dustbin, lift the cover on the top of the vacuum.
  • Remove the dustbin by pulling the handle on the side.
  • Now, remove the filter by pulling out the filter door.
  • Remove any dirt and debris from the filter.
  • Remove the trash can by hitting the grey release button.
  • Empty the bin’s contents into a garbage can and shake it to ensure it is empty.
  • Rinse away any dirt in the bin with water and allow it to dry completely before reinstalling it.
  • After that, use a microfiber cloth to clean the inside.
  • Clean the suet surrounding the sensors as well.
  • If the bin is dry, reinstall it with the dried filter.

How often should you Empty your Roomba Bin?

Regular maintenance will increase your Roomba’s longevity. However, the frequency at issue here depends on your usage.

You might wish to empty the Roomba bin after each cycle if you have dogs, use a carpet, or both.

But, as suggested by Roomba, iRobot advises consumers to empty the trash can after every third cleaning cycle.


Depending on the model, you should be able to figure out how to empty a Roomba bin by now.

If you still can’t find the filter or another component in your vacuum, consult the user manual or contact Roomba customer support. 

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