How to Fix Charging Error 8 Roomba Issue [2022]

When you are stuck with a charging error 8 Roomba, there are a series of things that could have caused it.

One of them is a dirty battery contact, and another is a faulty battery but it is not limited to that.

However, the one thing you have to know is that if the battery isn’t faulty and the power outlet is working fine then the vacuum might have a technical issue.

But then, before you go about contacting a vacuum require, there are a few troubleshooting procedures you can follow to resolve the charging error 8 Roomba on your own and it is not complicated.

Since you are here, let’s briefly break down what causes the charging error 8 Roomba issue and the different ways to fix it

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Fixing Charging Error 8 Roomba Issue

charging error 8 roomba

Before we go into how to fix the Roomba charging error 8 issues firstly, let’s break down what it means and why it happens so that we can avoid it next time

What it means:

Charging Error code 8 Roomba on a Roomba vacuum indicates that the machine is not charging despite being plugged in.

Also, using a battery that is not suggested for your Roomba vacuum will display an error code 8, indicating that the battery is not charging.

Why you are Stuck with the charging Error 8 Roomba issue

charging error 8 roomba

Your Roomba vacuum will have this problem if it is within the 500- 800 series.

It usually comes as a notification stating the message “charging error 8”

If you are faced with this, the below content will be breaking down the reason for that.

You’ve had your battery dead for too long

If you leave your Roomba battery uncharged for a lengthy period, you will notice some troubles with it when you pick it up for charging, unless the battery has passed its shelf life.

Roomba batteries have a two-year lifetime, or 400 charging cycles.

So If yours has reached that limit, it is time to upgrade. If it hasn’t and it is malfunctioning, perform a soft reset, as described below, or acquire a Roomba battery replacement.

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You are not making use of a genuine IRobit battery.

If you choose a low-cost battery for your Roomba vacuum cleaner and are stuck with this error, you may need to obtain a replacement.

This may sound strange to novice Roomba users, but you should know that Roomba features software that identifies non-OEM batteries. As a result, using a non-OEM battery may result in a Roomba charging error 8.

The Contact Points are Dirty

Your Roomba vacuum will have two battery connectors in the shape of silver metal square strips These Strips could be rusty or clogged with dirt,

Aside from a broken battery, a loose, dirty, or rusty battery connection might prevent a battery from charging correctly and result in a Roomba charging error number 8.

How to Fix the Charging Error 8 Roomba

This charging problem is widespread with all Roomba models, however, it appears to be more common with the Roomba 600 series.

You don’t need to worry if you own one of these models because they all follow the same procedures.

That said, let’s break down the troubleshooting steps to fix these

Confirm that you are using an authentic iRobot battery

If you have a cheap, non-OEM third-party battery and you are experiencing charging error 8 Roomba, you should replace it with a recommended Roomba iRobot battery for your vacuum.

Fitting a non-OEM battery into your Roomba vacuum will be easy to spot

Ensure the Roomba vacuum is charged at room temperature

In severe temperatures, one thing to keep an eye out for is changing your Roomba vacuum there.

If you charge your Roomba vacuum in a hot or cold environment, it may fail to charge, resulting in a Roomba charging error number of 8. So you should also avoid charging it near a hot vent or other electronic equipment.

Clean the bin and unclog the filter

When attempting the procedures above, you can clean and clear out the air filter if you are encountering Roomba charging error 8.

And here is how to do that

  • On the back of the robot is a bin release indicator. First, click the trash can button to remove it.
  • Press the bin door release button to empty the bin (often indicated by a bin icon).
  • After emptying the garbage can, clean the filter as well. The filter is frequently placed on the bin’s left side.
  • Grab the filter from each side and pull it out.
  • Now, pour the dirt that clogged the filter into a rubbish container.
  • Replace the filter in its original location.
  • Finally, insert and tighten the bin into the slot.

Charging error 8 Roomba 675

charging error 8 roomba

Roomba 675 series frequently experience the charging error 8 Roomba issue, but it is not limited to this model alone. So, if you’re using this model, you are not alone;

You can quickly fix it by following the steps below.

  • Ensure you’re using an original iRobot battery.
  • Check that the Roomba vacuum is fully charged and at room temperature.
  • Unclog the filter and clean the bin.

NB: A more detailed discussion of these points is provided above in this blog post.

Roomba 671 charging error 8

The charging error 8 Roomba issue is also common with the Roomba 671 series, however, it is not restricted to this model. 

If you’re using this model; you can rapidly restore it by following the steps below.

  • Ensure you’re using an original iRobot battery.
  • Check that the Roomba vacuum is fully charged and at room temperature.
  • Unclog the filter and clean the bin.

Roomba 890 charging error 8

You may be seeing a “charging 8 error if you own a Roomba 890 model since your battery isn’t charging.

You need to keep three things in mind if you find yourself in this situation.

It’s either…

  • You have the incorrect battery in use.
  • Your battery connection is broken, incorrectly connected, or otherwise flawed.
  • You are charging your Roomba vacuum at an extremely high or low temperature.
  • You are using a heater or radiator to charge your Roomba vacuum.

Roomba charging error 6

If you are stuck with a Roomba charging 6 error you are going to hear something similar to “Charging error six (6). Please open the iRobot App for help.”

If you hear this from your Roomba model, it’s either you are using the wrong iRobit battery, or you are charging the battery at extreme temperatures. It could also be caused by charging it near a heating vent.

Resolving it

Make sure you’re using a genuine battery. When using counterfeit batteries, charging issues might arise.

Check that the Roomba is charged at room temperature. Roomba should not be charged in a heated environment.

Check that Roomba is not charging close to a heating vent, baseboard heater, or radiator.


By now you should be well acquainted with how to deal with a “charging error Roomba issues”. If yes, feel free to drop down which con of them you haven’t tried from the troubleshooting steps listed above.

However, if you are still stuck with it, then you should contact iRobot Roomba customer support or take it to the vacuum repairer 

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