[8 Reason & Fixes] Roomba Battery not Charging

If you’ve used other types of vacuum cleaners one of the things that most have fascinated you about the Roomba vacuum is the ability to clean your room automatically.

It acts like a robot since you do not have to move it around to get the cleaning done.

Another interesting fact about the Roomba vacuum cleaner is that it comes at pretty competitive pricing since I have listed it among the best and cheapest vacuum cleaners you can get on amazon.

While it sounds like one of the best things you could purchase to ease your learning tasks, it comes with its fair share of issues.

The most popular issue faced with the Roomba vacuum is when your Roomba battery not charging.

Probably, you might have tried cleaning different parts of your Roomba vacuum cleaner but yet your Roomba battery doesn’t seem to charge. 

If you are still stuck with it, I will be breaking down 7 fixes you should try to fix this on your own before taking it to an electronic expert

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Why Roomba Battery not Charging

roomba battery not charging

There are a series of reasons why your Roomba battery not charging. In most cases, it is caused by the accrued dirt the vacuum cleaner sucks over time.

These specks of dirt could reach other parts of the vacuum and in turn affect the sensors or the connection points. But the problems you might face are not limited to that.

That being said, let’s delve into the reason why your Roomba battery not charging and what you can do to fix each problem

The Electrical Contact Points have accumulated Dirt

The Roomba vacuum cleaner’s primary duty is to keep your home clean. However, you must clean the vacuum if you want it to operate long and be problem-free.

One of the consequences of not cleaning the room vacuum is that gunk and dust may quickly accumulate in the contact points.

When this occurs, the battery will not be properly linked, preventing it from charging since dirt clogs the better portion of the vacuum

How to Fix it 

To resolve this issue, you must thoroughly clean your Roomba vacuum.

To do so, you’ll need a few common household cleaning supplies.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Clean the contact sites, using a soft, dry cloth and 99% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.
  • Wipe using a moist melamine foam or a microfiber cloth

If you are still experiencing “Roomba battery not charging” issues after cleaning the contact points, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

Soft rest Roomba vacuum

Sometimes a software-related issue is the cause of your Roomba battery not charging.

It might be the problem preventing the battery from charging because there is no sign that your Roomba is not charging and it could be charging.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should do a soft reset.

NB: It does not factory reset your Roomba vacuum, so don’t be concerned.

Here is how to do that

How to fix

How to soft rest Roomba vacuum cleaner

  • Hold down the clean and dock buttons on the device.
  • Once you hear a beep from it, release the buttons.
  • When you plug the Roomba back in, it should start up and display the charging indicator.

 NB: If you own a 700 and 800 series Roomba model it comes with a button for soft reset. You can simply long-press it for 10 seconds to carry out a soft reset.

The power outlet is faulty

roomba battery not charging

The first thing you should do is check the vacuum cleaner’s power outlet. This is included first since it is easy to troubleshoot and serves as a fantastic starting point before delving into the vacuum.

So you should check the sockets to see whether the lights flash when connected. You can also test the outlet with another electronic item to ensure it is operating properly.

Aside from that, make sure the GFCI outlet is not tripped.

The docking station is dirty

roomba battery not charging dock station

There are several reasons why your Roomba isn’t charging after docking at the station. The most typical cause of this is a buildup of dirt on the charging connections.

These specks of dirt disrupt the link between the ports and the outlets.

As a result, it is critical to clean the docking station of trash regularly.

If you encounter this problem, cleaning the dock station contacts and the vacuum contact should resolve it.

here is how you can do that

  • Rotate the Roomba over and remove it from the caster wheel.
  • Check that the wheels are free of debris.
  • Clean the charging contacts with rubbing alcohol and a gentle cloth.

The battery is not well positioned

Several scenarios might cause the battery to be shifted or loosened from its position.

So, before concluding that the battery is defective, check to see whether it is properly positioned and try charging it.

How to fix

  • You can gain access to the battery compartment by removing the five screws on the rear panel.
  • Now reinsert the battery in the proper location and Replace the screws

The battery is faulty

If the battery has not surpassed its shelf life but is behaving strangely or underperforming, it is time to replace it.

You must use the recommended battery 

For optimal performance, you should use iRobot’s original batteries.

Also, keep the battery in good condition to avoid charging problems.

Factory Reset the Roomba Vacuum

If you have tried all of the troubleshooting procedures above and your Roomba battery is still not charging, you may have to perform a factory reset.

A hard reset returns the gadget to its factory default settings, restoring its software to a fresh state

Here’s how you do it:

Long press the Clean button for ten seconds.

When the indicator lights flash, release the device, and it should restart.

Contact iRobot Vacuum Support

Many things can go wrong with your Roomba vacuum, including charging troubles and error code issues. 

This could leave you unsure of what to do if you can’t find a solution.

If you need general assistance with your Roomba vacuum, you can receive it by contacting iRobot customer service at 1-877-855-8593.

Roomba charging dock light goes off

roomba battery not charging

You should not be alarmed if your Roomba charging dock light turns out while it is charging.

Yes, that is uncommon, however, if it occurs and the charging dock light shuts off, it could indicate that the charging dock is fully charged.

However, unless there is a technical problem with your Roomba vacuum, the light will not stay off for long. So there is no need to be concerned.

However, if you suspect something is amiss, you can check the charge status of Roomba via the I-robot app.

Roomba s9+ won’t charge

If your Roomba S9+ isn’t charging, you should try these few troubleshooting steps.

While there is a full description of how to fix your Roomba not charging above,

The procedures for troubleshooting your Roomba S9+ if it won’t charge are mentioned below.

  • Clean the charging contact
  • Check for faulty battery
  • Remove the battery pull out tap
  • Check the wheel caster
  • Cheek the charging station
  • Perform a soft reset
  • Perform a Factory reset
  • Contact iRobot Support

Why is my Roomba not fully Charging

If your Roomba vacuum is not fully charging the most likely culprit to this is a bug issue, Maybe the battery is full but the bugs in the software indicate that it isn’t full after long hours of charging.

If you are faced with this you need to perform a soft rest. Here is how you can do that for different series.

S Series/I Series

  • Press Home>Spot Clean>CLEAN buttons
  • Now, wait till the light running around the CLEAN button starts flashing.

E Series Roombas

  • Press the Home>Spot Clean
  • Press the CLEAN buttons for 20 seconds.

900 Series Roomba

  • Press Dock>Spot Clean
  • Press the CLEAN buttons down until all the LEDs activate.

Wi-Fi Connected 600 & 800 Series Robots

  • Press Dock>Spot Clean>
  • Press the CLEAN Buttons down until you hear a beep.

Roomba Combo

  • Open the lid and locate the Reset button
  • Hold down the Reset button for at least ten seconds.


By now, you should have figured out what to do about the Roomba battery not charging and the necessary steps you need to take before considering a technical expert.

If this article has been helpful, tell us in the comment section which of the tips worked for you.

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