How to Set Up Google Auto Ads for Publishers

Google Auto Ads… Google recently launched a new feature for AdSense publisher called Google Auto Ads. The debuts feature provides an easier way to plug AdSense codes into a publisher website with a single code instead of generating turn of codes.

The new Google auto ads use machine learning to help make ads placement on your behalf. The auto ads is about to displace and replace the old method of verifying Google ads code and doing a manual Google ads placement on your website for publishers.

Rather than using several plugins to place ads on your website and use heatmap to find out where visitors concentrate more on your website and place your ads codes for more clicks, the Google auto ads code will do the job on your behalf and place your website ads codes to an optimized location using Google machine learning algorithms.

The auto ads is available for both old and new Google account. However, if you don’t know how to set it up, here is a step by step procedure to configure and set up Google auto ads code for your website.

How to Enable Google Auto Ads

Here is a quick walkthrough on how to enable Google auto ads on your AdSense publisher account and have it working perfectly on your website.

1. Login to your Google AdSense publisher account

2. Click on “my ads” and “Auto Ads” under content and click on “Get Started”

Google auto ads

3. Toggle to enable “Text & Display Ads” and tick “Automatically get new formats” and click “Save”.

4. Copy and paste the code generated into your blog and let Google handle your website ads position for you using the smart machine learning algorithms.

In a more discrete way, if you already have ads placed on your website you may not bother about the new publisher auto ads. Also, once you have complete your auto ads set up you don’t need to paste the code on your website if you are using Google page level ads.

What is your experience with Google auto ads? Share your experience with us using the comment box provided below.

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