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How to Enable PS4 Remote Play Connection

PS4 remote play connection allows you to play your PS4 game consoles in all compatible devices including your laptop. With the remote play, you can simply use another media player such as your computer to play your game when the previous screen is on use. However, to start using your PS4 with a device that is not designed for, you may need additional material such as HDMI. But, after that, you’d still need to enable PS4 remote play connection in the PS4 remote software. It’s easy to set up though but it requires some technical approach which we will explain to you in this guide.

PS4 Remote Play Compatible Devices

The following devices are compatible with the remote play software to play PS4 game console on other devices other than a TV set.

  • macOS
  • Windows (Laptop/Desktop).
  • Android.

However, you first need to download and install the remote play software on your device. Be kind enough to follow this guide to learn how to download and install the PS4 remote software.

How to Enable PS4 Remote Play Connection

We go straight to how to enable the remote play connection to be able to play your PS4 paired with other devices such as laptops or desktop other than the traditional TV set.

  • Launch the PS4 game console by pressing the power button.
  • Navigate to the console’s settings.
  • Click on the “remote play connection settings.
  • Check the box to enable remote play.Enable PS4 Remote Play Connection
  • Done.

Now, we have enabled the PS4 remote connection play successfully in the game console’s settings. We then need to configure your device to make sure that when next you want to use the remote play software it’ll be much easier.

How to Make PS4 Remote Play Connection Faster

Here we will guide you to turn your PS4 that is in the sleeping mode to connect with your PC or Mac or other compatible devices remotely on launch.

  • Go to your PS4 game console’s settings.
  • Select “Power Saving Settings”.
  • Go to Set Features Available in Rest Mode.
  • Connect your console to the internet.
  • Click to enable turning on PS4 from Network are both enabled

We have successfully configured the PS4 game console’s to work with compatible devices when it sleeps provided there on the same network. Now, you can start to play your PS4 game without being disturbed at home or when you are off-work using your laptop or macOS device.

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