How to Fix Cox Contour Remote Not Working

You can easily fix the “Cox contour remote not working” whenever the remote is malfunctioning with the steps in this guide. And since the Cox contour remote error varies, we will consider various methods that can be used to fix them.

Most times, when the Cox contour remote failed to change your channel it could mean that you are too far from the TV or there is a device blocking the remote from communicating with the Cox device.

And most times, the reason why your Cox remote failed to work or respond could be that the remote is not paired or you need to reset the remote.

So, whichever reason you think why the Cox remote not working comes from this article will address the issue and provide a standing solution that you can always fall back at to fix it.

Causes Cox Contour Remote not Working

First, before we consider how to fix the Cox TV remote not working we need to know some of the reasons why the remote is not when. Meanwhile, if the remote is damaged, you may need a replacement for your device.

But, if the remote isn’t damaged, then, the following reasons could be why the remote is communicating with your TV.

  • Cox remote is not in a TV mode.
  • The Cox TV is not directly opposite the remote to receive the signal.
  • Dead or low batteries won’t let the remote work with the TV.
  • The remote software is outdated.
  • The remote is not paired with your Cox TV.
  • The distance between the Cox TV and the remote is more than the required meter.
  • Update your Cox TV Firmware.
  • You haven’t restarted your Cox TV in a while.

There are a lot of reasons why the Cox TV remote may refuse to work if you are not observant or cautious of how the device works.

With the possible causes or reasons, we stated above you will know where to start addressing the Cox TV remote not working issue with your device.

Cox Contour Remote not Working

Cox Contour TV Pair Code

Below are some of the popular TV codes that you might need to pair the Cox remote with your device. You can as well dig deeper personally if the codes below ain’t working on your device.

How to Fix Cox Remote not Working

Now that we are familiar with the possible reasons why the Cox TV remote might not be working with the TV. We can now proceed with how to combat each of the causes and provide ways to restore the Cox TV remote.

  • Samsung TV: 2051
  • RCA:          0047
  • LG TV:       2731
  • Vizio TV:     1758
  • Sony TV:    0810
  • Sharp TV:   0093
  • Roku TV:     1756
  • Insignia:     2049
  • Philips:       0054
  • Element:    1687
  • Toshiba:      1524
  • Hisense:     2183

Replace your Cox TV Remote Batteries

What if you are using dead batteries? Your remote won’t work forever let alone for a moment. Once the batteries are dead or low, the remote functionality will be shattered.

So, whenever you notice irregularities in the remote the first thing to check is whether the remote batteries are not dead or wrongly inserted.

  • Remove the batteries cover.
  • Unplug the batteries from the remote.
  • Insert new batteries.

If the old batteries are dead or low the newly installed batteries will reinstate the TV remote. Now, use the remote to see if it works as it should or it’s still not working.

Pair your Cox TV Remote with your TV

You can only pair the Cox TV remote with a single device. If paired with a device it cannot be used to control any other device. Therefore, ensure that the Cox remote is paired with the Cox TV To do this, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Turn on your Cox TV.
  • Set the TV to the correct input to be able to pair your remote.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button on the Cox TV remote control.
  • Wait until the LED light at the top of the remote changes from “Red” to “Green.”
  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote and release it.
  • The Cox TV [3 digits] pairing code will appear on your TV screen.
  • Type the “Pairing Code” on your TV by pressing the number on your TV remote.
  • Press “OK” to confirm the code.

Now, the Cox TV remote will be paired successfully to your Cox set up box and you can now start using the remote for the appropriate assignment on the device such as changing channels, volume control, and many others.

Reset Cox Contour TV Remote

Resetting the Cox TV remote overrides all personal settings on the remote and restore the remote to default. Therefore, as a measure to fix the Cox Contour remote not working, we will consider resetting the TV remote.

  • Press and hold the “Cox Contour TV” setup button on the remote for 3 seconds.
  • After 3 seconds, the RED light will turn to GREEN.
  • Enter “9-8-1″ as the remote reset code.
  • Once the remote is reset the “RED” light will blink GREEN light twice to indicate that the Cox Contour remote is reset.

After the reset is done you need to reprogram the remote to your TV box set again or another device to pair the TV and the remote.

Set your Cox TV Remote to TV Mode

You can hit a deadlock using your Cox TV with your Contour TV set box if the mode is not set to TV. So, to ensure that the Cox Contour TV remote works with your TV the mode has to be set to TV.

Therefore, I will show you exactly how to put your Cox TV in TV mode so it can work with your Cox Contour remote.

  • Switch on your “Cox Contour TV.”
  • Press and hold the Cox TV remote setup button.
  • Release the buttons once the LED light at the top changes to green from red.
  • Type your TV manufacturer code using the remote buttons.
  • Once the entered code has been confirmed the LED light at the top of the remote should flash twice.
  • The Cox Contour TV will be set to the TV mode.

After the above steps, you can now control your Cox Contour TV using the TV remote from a reasonable meter away from the TV.

If none of the suggestions above work then you need to replace the Cox Contour TV remote. In most cases, we fix the TV remote not working using the recommended steps above.

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