How to Fix Hamilton beach Microwave won’t Heat

Do you have a Hamiltonbeach Microwave not heating properly or not heating at all? If yes, many factors can be responsible for such a problem. However, we recommend you involve a professional while you try to fix Hamiltonbeach Microwave won’t heat issues because if you are not familiar with its components, an injury may occur.

Having stated that an Hamiltonbeach microwave is a compact and affordable countertop microwave that delivers authentic performance and also has other useful features like one-time cooking. The Hamiltonbeach microwave is designed in various sizes and different power levels. 

Your Hamilton Beach Microwave not heating up is usually caused most of the time when there is a problem with one of the parts, especially a burnt magnetron or capacitor, or a blown fuse inside the microwave. Get ready as we’ve got many options that can help you get your Hamilton beach microwave back to normal!

Even when you unplug a microwave, it still holds high amounts of electricity which can be deadly. The more reason why you need to consult a professional while trying to fix your Hamilton beach Microwave, not heating. Hamiltonbeach Microwave

Why is my Hamiltonbeach Microwave running but heating?

Your Hamilton beach microwave running but not heating your food is a common issue related to most Microwave models. Several factors could be responsible for this ranging from a burnt-out diode, or magnetron to software malfunctions. 

The diode is the microwave part that allows the electrical current to flow in only one direction while the magnetron is a vacuum tube that generates microwaves that are directed into the food with the aid of a waveguide.

You won’t be able to use the microwave once the magnetron stops working which is most likely due to a burned-out diode. Once the diode fails, it could mean there is a short, which will allow the current to flow in both directions, or the only part way in one direction.

  • Software glitches.
  • There is an issue with the alignment of the lower door switch.
  • Bad door switches or door switch mounts.
  • Accidental microwave settings.
  • Blown Thermal fuse inside the Microwave.
  • There’s a loose connection at the magnetron.
  • Burnt out Magnetron or capacitor. 
  • Burnt out Diode.
  • There’s a loose connection on the control unit circuit board.
  • Bad magnetron or other high voltage parts.
  • The high voltage capacitor is not working properly.
  • Bad high voltage diode that has opened up in the process.
  • Tripped Thermo-protector.
  • Faulty Touchpad.
  • Microwave Door Sensors are defective.

Here are the major reasons why your Hamilton beach microwave is running and not heating.Hamiltonbeach Microwave

How to fix Hamilton Beach Microwave not Heating

To fix the problem of inconsistent or no heating in your Hamiltonbeach microwave, here are a few things you can do to solve the problem:

Make sure that the Timer function is OFF

At times you may accidentally click on the timer button instead of the cook button. Even though the timer has many functionalities like helping you to count down, it can be very frustrating if you are cooking food and you tap the timer button by mistake.

Make sure the Microwave door is properly closed

It’s very essential to ensure that your microwave door is firmly closed all the way gently. A forced door can spoil one of your switches, which could make your microwave stop running properly.Close Hamiltonbeach Microwave door properly

Check Connections

Once you have already checked your Microwave settings and it is still not heating up, then there is a high tendency that your problem is related to some electrical issues.

In a few cases, your device might not be getting enough power from the backend to keep it working properly. Considering this, you can begin by checking if the connections on your microwave are tightly installed. At times, the power cord may be loose and can also cause the device to get low current.

Install Microwave in Other Outlets 

A Voltmeter can be used to take a reading of your outlet to check if there are no issues with it. You can as well try installing your microwave in a different outlet instead of this to see if the problem was from your socket or not.

However, using a voltmeter is much more valid as it offers you the exact readings. Once this has been noted and there are any issues with your sockets then you might need to get these replaced with new ones to resolve your issue. Meanwhile, you can continue using the device on some other outlet.

Check the Hamiltonbeach Microwave Door

Finally, if your Hamiltonbeach microwave is still not heating, then you might want to check the microwave door if it needs to be closed before the device can begin functioning.

Once the door is slightly open or not properly closed then that might be the reason why your food is not heating up. Many users usually find themselves in this situation. Therefore, always ensure that you firmly close the door of your microwave. In case this problem still occurs, then you should simply contact the support team for Hamilton Beach to help you out.Hamiltonbeach Microwave

How to fix Hamilton Beach Microwave not Spinning 

The function of a turntable in a Hamilton Beach microwave is to ensure the food is uniformly cooked throughout. However, what do you do when your Hamilton Beach microwave is not spinning? Well, you need to know why it stopped spinning in the first place.

One of the common reasons why a microwave turntable will not spin is because the turntable has slipped off track. Fixing it requires a very easy step, you can simply adjust the glass plate till it is back on track again. 

The turntable will spin with the rest of the unit underneath it once the is back on track. Follow the steps below to fix the Hamilton Beach microwave not spinning:

  • Always turn off the microwave from power before you do any work on it.
  • Even after the microwave has been unplugged, be cautious while working on it to avoid injuries.
  • Detach the panel carefully so that you can access the motor.
  • Now remove the motor and try to spin the blade for the turntable manually.
  • If it still won’t spin properly, then you may have to replace the motor.
  • It’s best to replace a bad motor rather than repair it.
  • Note, that you won’t be able to repair the motor for your microwave.
  • There are grooves in the microwave glass turntable to assist in guiding you to reinstall it properly.
  • You might not hear it snap in place but it will fall into place and lock securely.
  • If the above doesn’t work, try to remove the glass plate from the microwave and run the microwave without it.
  • This will let you determine if the underside is spinning or not.
  • It could also be that gears have stripped causing the microwave to no longer spin as a result.
  • The motor responsible for turning the turntable might no longer be running.

A motor is an important tool that has to be fixed even before the turntable itself will spin while you cook your food without any hassle.Hamiltonbeach Microwave

Is There A Reset Button On HamiltonBeach Microwave?

Most microwave users are always inquisitive and want to know if their microwave model has a reset button on it or not. The same is with the Hamilton Beach microwave users. 

However, there is no customized, built-in reset button on a Hamiltonbeach microwave. I guess this was designed to keep users from resetting the microwave unnecessarily, as it could cause the unit to wear out fast. Resetting a microwave in a while does not harm it but resetting it too often can cause more problems.

Although it doesn’t mean that a button does not exist because there is no dedicated reset button. In other words, the clear or off button can be pushed to do a soft reset on your Hamilton Beach microwave.Is there a reset button on Hamiltonbeach Microwave

How do I reset my Hamilton Beach Microwave?

Hamilton Beach Microwaves can stop responding because of software glitches or accidental microwave settings. To reset your microwave, follow these simple steps below:

  • Tap the cancel or reset button to perform a soft reset on your microwave.
  • When necessary, you can also perform a hard reset by unplugging your microwave for about 30 minutes, then plug it back in.

You have successfully soft reset your Hamilton Beach Microwave. 

Hamilton Beach Microwave Hard Reset

Even though there’s no dedicated button for the hard reset function, you can perform a hard reset by disconnecting the microwave from the power source for a few minutes and then reconnecting it back again

To reset all settings in your Hamilton Beach microwave, you can perform a hard reset by following the steps below:

  • Disconnect the microwave from power.
  • You can do this by unplugging the microwave or by switching off the circuit breaker.
  • However, leaving the power disconnected from the microwave for a few minutes will help reset almost everything in the Settings option.

At times, because of power fluctuation in your home, you may feel that the microwave had a hard reset. It may even have shut down the microwave completely but it may still need to be reset if it did not power down.

There might also be times when you need to do a more thorough hard reset on your Hamilton Beach microwave. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Unplug the unit, then wait for about 24 hours for the capacitors to discharge.
  • Plug the unit back in again.

That’s it! You have been able to hard reset your Hamilton Beach Microwave. 

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