How to Fix Hisense TV Picture Problems

In recent times, there have been major complaints from Hisense TV users on various online forums and discussion gatherings. Hisense TV has excellent built-in qua; its specifications and it’s sold at an affordable rate. Although, this doesn’t stop the TV from developing different issues while using it over the years. Learn how to fix Hisense TV picture problems carefully below. 

In this article, we will let you know all the possible solutions to fix Hisense TV picture problems that could interfere with your TV’s display and picture and all the general solutions that will fix the problems. In case you can’t see any pictures on your Hisense TV but the backlight is still on it might be a major hardware problem.

Although, there are general errors and problems associated with the Hisense TV while using it. The most common ones are as follows; Hisense TV not coming up, Remote not working, Display and control problems. Below we will be listing common picture problems and their solutions associated with Hisense TV: 

The Screen Display Problem

The screen display is a very important part of your TV which holds the pixels. These pixels are responsible for display which is processed to give you the video/Movie. Issues related to screening display are common on almost all LCT TVs. Do a close inspection to identify the exact issue related to your screen. Is there a crack or huge damage? Then, the basic troubleshooting techniques might not work and you might have to replace your display.

If your Hisense TV is flickering or blinking without stopping, then follow these steps to quickly fix this issue:

  • Switch off your TV and ensure you remove the Power Cable from the main plug.
  • Restart your TV after waiting for 5 minutes.
  • Change the input source, then try again.
  • Ensure there is no possible power fluctuation.
  • Turn off “Energy Efficient” or “Power Saver” mode on your TV.Fix hisense TV picture problem

TV Has Backlight But No Picture

The backlight on your TV is on but you can’t see any picture, then this could be a major hardware problem. Your mainboard or power board might be damaged which is causing a black screen issue. It is possible to still hear sounds while changing the channels.

Follow these steps to fix the Backlight. Since it is a hardware issue, it’s better to seek professionals help initially. But you may follow the procedure below to try your luck:

  • Remove the power cord
  • Keep pressing the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Wait for another 2 minutes before plugging the power cord.
  • Switch on the TV

Black TV Screen on Hisense TV

Having a black screen is one common problem of most smart TVs and this should not stop you from buying a TV either Hisensense or any other TV brand of your choice. Black screen issue is often accompanied by sound from the content watching on the TV, so your TV sound is working, but you can’t see any video.

Follow the steps below to rectify the issue:

  • Turn off the TV then unplug from the power source.
  • Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds.
  • keep the TV unplugged for two minutes, then plug it in again.
  • Turn on the TV again.

TV Screen flickering

Flickering has been noticed by many Hisense TV users. However, this doesn’t happen with every single use, its random appearances can be frustrating.

Follow the steps below to fix the issue of flickering:

  • Reboot the TV first by turning on the TV after a minute of being unplugged.
  • Replace any defective cable that can be found.
  • Remove all interference from other appliances, these include devices such as mobile phones and other electric tools. Keep devices away from the TV to check if flickering disappears.
  • Also, try plugging the TV into another power outlet to prevent interference.

Turn off the Energy Saving feature of your Hisense TV

To achieve this:

  • Go to Settings and access the Picture settings.
  • The picture will be set to Energy Saving. Click on it to get seven options.
  • Select the seven options individually and see which one removes the flickering on the screen.
  • To retain Energy Saving mode, reboot your Hisense TV.

If the flickering continues after all the troubleshooting, it is most likely that your TV has a component that malfunctioned. It is best to take it to an authorized center for repair.

Fix Hisense TV Picture Problems by Adjusting the Brightness to Low or High

Do you feel your Hisense TV is too bright or dark?

Resolve this by adjusting the brightness settings, follow these steps:

  • Press the Settings button on the remote control.
  •  By the side menu, press the right directional button to pull out the full menu.
  • Then select Picture Mode. (Picture Mode allows tweaking individual parameters).

In case your TV has preset for brightness and color, you can use these parameters. Presets usually have parameters that are tweaked to match different conditions. You can use Picture to adjust different parameters, many of which improve the picture quality. The result helps bring out the best of your TV.

To get started, set the following parameters:

  • Picture Mode: Theatre mode
  • Brightness: 51
  • Color: 49
  • Contrast: 47
  • Backlight: 52
  • Color Space: Auto
  • Color Temperature: Low
  • Gamma: 2
  • HDMI 2.0 format: Enhanced
  • HDMI Dynamic Range: Auto (This parameter can’t be changed)
  • Local Dimming: High
  • Sharpness: 0
  • Tint: 0

After going through the guidelines listed above, you should be able to resolve every of your Hisense TV picture problem. Kindly leave a comment below to let us to if you were able to find a solution.


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