How To Fix iPhone Hotspot Issues With Any Device

If you are looking for how to fix iPhone hotspot issues connecting with any device, this article is for you. One of the many advantages of having a smartphone, iPhone, or Android, is the ability to use your device as a tether to connect your other devices.

If your iPhone, for some reason, won’t connect your other devices using the wireless router features as a hotspot, you may want to read to the end to find a fix for you.

iPhone Hotspot Issues and their Fix

There are various approaches to fix hotspot issues on iPhone. Try the approaches we shared below one after the other to see which of the solutions fixes it.

Makes Sure You Have Portable Hotspot Enabled

Well, this may sound really obvious, but it’s quite easy to overlook this and just think the hotspot is available. You may have activated it, but the iOS is designed in a way that this feature can auto-turn-off itself.

To confirm if this is well enabled on your iPhone, head to the Settings App > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and ensure the toggle is in the On position. Your connection should now be discoverable by your other devices.

Toggle Off WiFi

Another thing that may be preventing your other devices from connecting to your iPhone would be that your WiFi is still turned on. You may have turned on the personal hotspot but your WiFi could still be on.

To enable the full effect of your personal hotspot, your WiFi needs to be toggled off for searching for other connections.

Fix iPhone Hotspot Issues
Toggle WiFi Off

For your personal hotspot to work fully, your WiFi needs to be grayed out.

 Note: If you need to change your personal hotspot name, head to Settings > General > About > Name.

What To Do If Tethering Settings Aren’t Available

In some rare cases, some carriers will disable tethering on their devices. This is mostly on devices that are locked to certain networks. In some rare cases, this issue also affects some unlocked devices.

This issue problem can be from having no tethering option at all (option grayed out) or a message that says, “To enable personal hotspot on this account, contact [carrier]” Not to worry, there’s a fix to this as well.

Fix iPhone Hotspot Issues
WiFi Not Available

For starts, contacting your carrier on the issue may help provide a solution. The solution might be as simple as sending an SMS to your carrier or calling customer care for them to enable the setting over the air.

Another fix can be correcting the missing APN. If you know your APN by your service providers, you can correct this error. All you need to do is add the missing details in your APN settings.

Head to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network > APN Settings.

Factory Reset Network Setting

The Apple iOS also offers a built-in way to erase user data and restore settings to the factory settings. So if you are having personal hotspot issues, you may want to consider this option.

Simply head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You will need to enter your passcode for the process to be completed.

Fix iPhone Hotspot Issues
Reset Network

This process removes all your Wi-Fi and carrier settings and deletes your customized iPhone personal hotspot name.

Sign Out Of iCloud

Many iOS users reported that signing out of iCloud resets network related issues as it concerns personal hotspot. If you have tried some mentioned fix here and they didn’t work, you may consider doing this one.

Sign Out Of iCloud

Head to Settings > [Username] > Sign Out. Make sure you log back into your account to re-enable the services.

Factory Reset Your Device

Another fix can be to factory reset your iPhone. This will totally wipe out all the contents on your phone and start it as new.

Head to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to begin the process. You may want to consider backing up your device before carrying out this option.

Note: Only use this option as a last resort if you may have tried everything else.

Try Using USB Or Bluetooth Tethering

You can alternatively use your USB cable to tether your device to your laptop. This is one option that will not require a WiFi connection.

To use this, you will still need to enable your hotspot at Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot.

Fix iPhone Hotspot Issues
Other Connection Option

If you’re trying to use Bluetooth, you need to pair your iPhone with the computer or mobile device you’re trying to share the hotspot with.

Contact Apple Service Centers Close To You

Alternatively, you may take your device to any Apple center close to you for them to help you fix the issue. If you tried everything and nothing worked, or you just want to get it fixed by a professional, then this is one option that you can use this option.


The following should fix your iPhone WiFi connection issue, and if none of the fixes works, you should consider contacting your network service providers or contacting Apple on the issue.

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