How to Fix No Sound On Vizio TV

I am here to put you, my reader, through, on how you can fix the issue of No Sound On Vizio TV Now, Let us look at what is Vizio Tv. Vizio is a part of Tv family that came to been in 2002 which has been so useful in different homes and offices. It is originated in Irvine, California.

It has been a common issue that people experience in operating Tv gadgets everywhere around the world. And I will be so glad to put you through this time if you are encountering the issue called No Sound On your Vizio TV. Just feel at home to read through this content, and help is readily made available for you here. Let us kick start as we look at the solutions. 

No Sound on Vizio TV

How To no Sound On Vizio TV

There are various attempt you can try to fix no sound on your Vizio TV if the TV is turned on and whether it’s or not connected to an external speaker. So, here we will suggest you try the follow steps whether the Vizio TV no sound will be fixed.

Cold Boot your Vizio TV

First, we will recommend that you cold boot your Vizio TV. This is different from restarting your smart TV. With the cold boot method, you can end the Vizio TV no sound in no time.

  •  Unplug your TV for some minutes and re-plug it.
  • If the issue of No Sound On Vizio TV continues. Then, it is compulsory to proceed to check other things.

You can check your TV to increase the volume to a bit higher to find out what is wrong with the TV. If it is your TV default speakers that might be having issues, then, there will be no sound at all. If the default speakers produce sound, then you are good to enjoy your time. If the default speakers are not producing sound, you just have to work on your remote control.

Check your Remote Control Positioning

The batteries of the remote control can be repositioned to check and find out if they are the causative agents of No Sound On Vizio TV of yours.

If the problem of no sound refuses to vacate, you need to replace the batteries in order not to waste precious time troubleshooting. It might be a battery among the batteries of the remote that is faulty.

And it is wise indeed to take time to make use of quality battery type from a reliable brand. If checking batteries is not producing any good result. Certainly, you have to have your way to move to the next step.

Check the TV Cables

 Checking cables is also necessary, remove the cables and return them to their normal positions to be ascertained the cables are functioning well. If the cables are working well, there will be a production of sound.

Even, if the cables are a little bit faulty, at least you will be able to hear an unstable sound, which will mean that, you might have to replace the cables or change one of the cables. If you can not solve the issue by checking on the cables, you have got to proceed further to the following point.

Check Voltage Supply (110 volts or 220 volts)

 Try as much as possible and at the same time to check whether there is a low voltage supply of electricity. It might be the low voltage supply that caused it, which may require that you switch over to a higher voltage supply, by using a stabilizer or putting on power through a generator.

Troubleshoot your External Devices

 Troubleshoot to check all the external devices like speakers and other types of equipment, if they are also working well as expected. You can switch over to external devices like DVD player, Audio player, Domestic Consoles, etc.

Then, after switching on the external device, you have to change over to that device on your remote control. so that, you will be rest assured of where to navigate your sail and in and in a way to verify your Vizio TV is healthy and it is not the factor causing the problem. 

Audio settings

 Audio Settings must be checked if they needed to be reset to find the solution to No Sound On Vizio TV. To reset your audio, you will move your way forward further to MENU, then navigate to Audio Settings or If the problem still exists, then, you have to move on to the following step. 

Headphone connection

If you mistakenly forget to disconnect the headphone from your TV, this might cause No Sound On Vizio TV of yours. You need to disconnect the headphone and check the sound output of your Vizio TV. If the TV does not yet produce sound, take a step further to work on the following 

 Work hard to also check your feed, if you use a cable box or satellite with your TV. Check the necessary feed to discover what is wrong, if your TV works after checking the feed, it is the feed causing the problem, not the TV.

Check on SAP

SAP means Secondary Audio Programming, which is a good feature made available by the TV manufacturers for their customers that are not speaking English Language.

  • From your remote control, start from MENU
  • Move on to Audio and select the SAP option
  • Then turn the setting from “ON” to “OFF”. 
  • You might make a choice by selecting, MONO or STEREO.
  • Assuming that you cannot find the solution to your No Sound On Vizio TV. Go on to factory reset.


 Factory Reset your Vizio TV

You can perform the factory reset as long as you are able to carefully do it yourself. If you are not tech-savvy, then you can call on a tech-savvy to help you out.

 How To Perform Factory Reset Without Remote

  • You will have to press the volume down button together with the input button for some time, do not release them until you see a banner appears and the banner will tell you to release the volume button only. 
  • Your Vizio TV will perform the Factory Reset after some seconds.

How To Perform Factory Reset With Remote 

  • You will press your MENU, then go to System, press Reset, and Admin. So, you will now go to Reset TV to Factory Defaults, then press OK.
  • If it asks for a pin code or password, (Vizio default pin is 0000). Now, you are good, quietly restart your TV and the initial settings from the Vizio will appear.

NOTE– If your Vizio TV has no button except the power button and the TV has no remote, then head to the play store to download the Smartcast app and access the MENUS there. You may be asked to create an account, then try to do so.

All this information are made available to help you resolve the issue on No Sound On Vizio TV


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