How to Fix Vizio TV Remote not Working

We will walk you through how to fix Vizio TV remote not working in this article. Before you decide to get a new Vizio TV remote, let us try these tricks and see whether you will save some bucks.

Smart TV remote is an integral part of the smart device. It helps you to control your TV without touching the TV panel. If you don’t know where to find your Vizio TV power button, check out this guide.

When the remote stopped working it means that to control your Smart TV you have to use the TV button either at the back of the TV or underneath or sometimes below the TV.

However, the remote might not be damaged as thought. All you need to do could be a simple  tweak that will fix the TV remote not working.

So, if you are willing to fix your Vizio TV remote not working here are the step to take.

Since we cannot tell the exact reason why the Vizio TV remote has stopped working, then, we will list all possible solutions to ensure that the TV remote become active and start working.Vizio TV Remote not Working

Why your Vizio TV Remote not Working

The following could be reason why your Vizio TV remote is not working.

  • The more reason why your Vizio TV remote failed to work with your TV could be because the remote is damaged when it falls and the remote compartment have dissociated from one another.
  • Also, battery could be the problem. If the state of the remote battery is poor or due for a change, it could cause the remote not to work with the TV.
  • A rusted battery panel can cause the battery not to have contact with the remote thereby prohibiting charges from the battery to the remote.
  • Not that alone though, we also notice that if there is a barrier blocking the remote from communicating with the TV, the remote will remain redundant and it won’t work.
  • If the Vizio TV remote sensor is missing or spoiled it can stop the remote from communicating with the TV.
  • Your TV is at fault.
  • The remote residual charges is also a barrier that can cause the remote from working with your TV. Here, you need to discharge the residual charges by discharging the residual.
  • This is also applicable to your Vizio TV. You won’t let residual charges let your Vizio TV malfunction.

These are just a few of the reasons why your Vizio TV remote is not working. However, here in this article, we will discuss all the possible methods that can

How to Fix Vizio TV Remote not Working

Below the the ways to fix the Vizio TV remote not working without getting a new remote for your Vizio smart TV.

1. Check and Change you Vizio TV Remote Battery

When your Vizio TV remote is malfunctioning, the first thing to do is to check the battery whether the battery is dead or not. If the battery is dead. If the battery is dead then you need to change it. Do not under any circumstance use dead and new battery together as this might spoil your Vizio TV remote.

  • Remove the Vizio TV remote battery cover.
  • Pull the battery from the compartment.
  • Replace it with a new pair of batteries.

Now, turn on your Vizio Smart TV and point the remote to the TV sensor to see if the remote will start working.

2. Check the Remote Battery Panel

If the battery compartment is rusted the remote battery won’t contact the remote to allow the remote a signal to the TV.

So, if you can confirm that the two panels inside the battery housing is brown instead of white, then you need to get a device such as a screwdriver or a small knife to remove the rust.

Once you have removed the rusted part, change the remote batteries following the steps above and attempt to control your TV with the remote.

3. Cold Boot or Power Cycle your Vizio TV

If your Vizio TV hangs or freezes, it can stop your Vizio remote from working with your TV. Therefore, whenever your TV hangs or freezes and your remote is in a good shape, you can simply power cycle your TV to clear all stored errors.

  • Turn off your Vizio smart TV.
  • Unplug the TV from the wall socket.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes or more to discharge all stored charges.
  • Plug the TV to the wall socket and turn on the TV.

The steps above will remove all residual charges from your Vizio smart TV and clear all possible error that results in the Vizio TV remote not working.

4. Power Cycle your Vizio TV Remote

Power cycle your Vizio TV remote often to remove all the remote residual charges and reset all odds contributing to the remote not working as expected.

  • Remove both batteries from your Vizio TV remote.
  • Press each of the TV buttons one after the other until you are done with the entire buttons.
  • Insert your remote batteries and that is all.

Sometimes, residual charges can hack into your device remotely and stop it from functioning well. It’s best to discharge all the residual charges to reset your Vizio TV remote.

After the steps above, point the remote to the TV and see if the remote is working perfectly.

5. Move Close to your Vizio TV and Remove all Obstacles blocking the Remove from Communicating with the TV

Most smart TV remotes use a sensor which is either at the top or button of the remote compartment. And if there is anything covering these sensors, the remote communication line would be blocked.

Therefore, move away from anything that is blocking the TV remote and see if the remote is working. And if you can’t move away from the spot or close to the TV, you need to make sure that you are within a close range where the remote sensor can communicate on instructions with the TV sensor.

Use Vizio TV Remote Mobile App

We are still on the verge that we don’t want you to buy a Vizio TV remote. Yes, if you have a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone, you can just get back at your Vizio TV controlling it with a mobile app.

So, here, we will discuss some popular apps that can be used to serve as the Vizio TV remote control.

Vizio SmartCast Mobile App

The Vizio SmartCast mobile app is an official Vizio TV remote app for Android and iOS users. The SmartCast app works with almost all Vizio products including the Vizio TV, Home Theatre, and Soundbar.

The Vizio SmartCast mobile remote is user-friendly and easy to use. And here, we will talk about how to download and use the Vizio SmartCast remove with you Vizio Smart TV.

  • Download and install the Vizio TV SmartCast for your Android and iOS.
  • Launch the SmartCast app. If you are using the app for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account. However, if you don’t want to create an account at this time, you can click on the skip button to use the remote app as a guest.
  • Locate and click on “Choose a Device to Control” at the bottom of the remote app. If you have paired the app with your TV before now, the name of the TV will appear.
  • Connect the Vizio TV app and your smartphone to the same network and search for all the devices on the network.
  • Select the name of your Vizio Smart TV and click on “Pair.”

Wait for the remote and TV to pair. Once that is done, you can control your Vizio TV with the SmartCast app.

Meanwhile, you need to set up your Vizio device and connect the TV to the internet for this method to work for you.

The Vizio TV remote not working can be frustrating, but if you don’t want to spend a dime fixing your Vizio TV remote or buying a new remote, the steps in this article can help you to some extent whether the Vizio TV remote will start working or by using the official Vizio TV SmartCast remote app.

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