How to Factory Reset Vizio TV without a Remote

When it comes to how to reset Vizio TV without remote a lot of people do not know that it’s possible to accomplish that. The Vizio TV has some buttons that help to navigate the TV without using the TV remote control. With these buttons, you can perform virtually all the tasks you can perform on your TV using the remote control. 

And one of the basic tasks you can accomplish with your Vizio TV button is to use the button to navigate the TV settings to factory reset the Vizio TV without the remote using mainly the TV keyboard.

It could be frustrating if your Vizio TV is not working perfectly and you are not ready to change it yet. The last option to resort to could be to reset it. But resetting it won’t be a problem except if your Vizio TV remote is not working. Therefore, you have to beckon on an alternative approach to fix the problem. Therefore, in this guide, we will consider how to reset Vizio TV without remote.

Vizio TV Factory Reset: Hard Reset Vs Soft Reset

Resetting a Vizio TV is a two-way thing. It can be a hard reset or hard format or master reset. It can also be a soft reset. While the two methods to factory reset a TV work they both produce a different result.

When you do a hard reset on your Vizio TV it erases everything on the TV and renders the TV new with no apps or personal configuration such as saved Wi-Fi on it. And on the contrary, the soft reset only refreshes the TV and clear all known error to make sure that the TV is working perfectly.

With all these in mind, it’s safe to proceed to how to factory reset your Vizio TV without a remote.

How to Factory reset Vizio TV without Remote

Factory Reset Vizion TV without Remote using the TV Keyboard

Vizio TV manufacturers offer an easy way to use the Vizio TV when you can’t find your remote. With the keyboard, you can change the TV channel, increase and reduce the TV volume, and do some basic settings with your TV.

The Vizio TV keyboard is however located at different locations on your TV depending on the model or version you are using.

Some Vizio TV keys are attached to the back of the TV monitor while some of the TVs have their keyboard added to the bottom very close to the indicator.

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Knowing where your Vizio TV button is located will make the job easier for you. And now, we will proceed with how to factory reset Vizio TV without remote and reset the TV to factory or default settings as if we make use of the Vizio TV remote.

Vizio TV Button

The Vizio TV button is segmented into four different parts. So, we thought we should analyze the button for you before we proceed to use the button to turn the Vizio TV back to the default.

When you located the Vizio TV keys you should see four different buttons with different inscriptions on them. Of all possibilities, you should see the following key names.

  • Power button: This helps to turn off and on the Vizio TV.
  • Volume up: This helps to increase the TV volume and navigate the TV up.
  • Volume Down: This button reduces the Vizio TV volume and navigates left on the TV.
  • Input/Source: This takes you to the Vizio TV source/input which includes the TV settings, channel, etc and it’s used to select options on your Vizio TV.

How to Reset Vizio TV without Remote “Amateur Guide.”

If you aim to learn how to reset your Vizio TV without using your Vizio TV remote just follow through in this article as we jump into how to use the Vizio TV keys to do a factory reset of the Vizio TV without using the remote control.

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Restart your Vizio TV

The first method we will recommend to reset your Vizio TV to default or factory settings and clear all stored cache is to restart the TV. And doing is faster with your Vizo TV keys.

Just unplug your Vizio TV from the power source and wait for a couple of minutes before you connect the TV back to the source again.

What you just did is what is called Cold Boot. Cold booting switches off your smart TV completely and it’s different from the known method to restart your TV by selecting the restart button on the TV settings.

So, that is our fasted method to factory reset your Vizio TV without a remote. 

Next, we will consider a more advanced method to reset your Vizio TV. This method will see you making use of the Vizio TV keys on the TV. Please scroll up to make yourself familiar with the TV keys definition.

How to Factory Reset a Vizio TV without a Remote Using the Vizio TV Keys

I believe this is what you have been waiting for. And now, we are ready to give it to you. Meanwhile, before we proceed with the steps to reset your Vizio TV to the default setting kindly make yourself familiar with the TV keys first since we will be making use of the TV buttons.

  • Turn on your Vizio TV using the remote by pressing the power button or the power button on the Vizio TV keys.
  • Press the “Source/Input” button once and use the volume up and down button to navigate to the TV System and press the source/input button once to select it.
  • Use the TV Volum up & down to navigate to “Reset & Admin” and press the “Source/Input” key to select it.
  • Use the Volume up button or down button to select “Reset TV to Factory Default” and select “the OK” button on the TV keys (input/source key).
  • Now, you will be prompted to enter the security code before you can proceed. This is your predefined security code to protect your TV. And if the code has not been changed from the default, input “0000″ using your remote.
  • Navigate to the TV Reset option on the screen and press the source button once to select it.
  • After a couple of seconds, the Vizio TV will turn off itself and turn on again to complete the task.

Once this is done, all your settings on the TV will be deleted and it will turn new after which you will be prompted to start to set up your Vizio TV and sign in with your Vizio account.

How to Reset Vizio TV without Remote but Vizio Keys

Perform the simple task below and your Vizio TV will be formatted and restored to its default settings.

  • Turn on your Vizio TV.
  • Press and hold the “Volume down and source button” together for about a few seconds.
  • After about 10 seconds of holding both the volume down and source button together, you should see an option on the screen with “To Reset to Default from the Back Panel press the input button for 10 seconds.”
  • Now, go ahead to press the Input/Source button for about 10 seconds and see the magic that will reset your Vizio TV to default.
  • If the steps above are followed properly, you should see memory is being clear. The display will reset shortly.

Now, the Vizio TV will turn off shortly after the message to erase your TV memory and turn it on once the job has been done.

And that is it, your Vizio TV will be restored to its factory settings without using your Vizio TV remote.

How to Cold Boot Vizio TV

This is not how to reset Vizio TV without using a remote. But, it can help to fix the Vizio TV if the device is malfunctioning most especially if you don’t cold boot the TV once in a while.

  • Switch off the Vizio TV by pressing the power-off button to turn off the smart TV.
  • Reach out to the TV cable and unplug it from the wall socket or from the extension you are using.
  • Leave the TV unplugged for about 5 minutes and then plug the TV back to the power source (wall socket or extension) and turn on the TV.
  • Done.

This method will erase all errors emanating from the fact that you have not cold booted the TV for a very long time.

We believe that with this guide how to factroy reset Vizio TV without Remote solves the problem for you. Don’t hesitate to leave a few comments below on your opinion about resetting a Vizio TV.

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