How to Fix Prime Video 5055 & 1055 on Amazon Fire TV

What is Prime video 5055 and 1055 error on Amazon Fire TV and how do you fix it? Here in this article, we will guide you on what causes the error code on Firestick and Amazon TV.

The Amazon Prime video error 5055 and 1055 are errors that you see when you want to stream movies on our TV outside our country of registration. However, to fix this on Firestick and Amazon Fire TV, you must first update your country’s location from where you were before to your current country’s location.

With this, if Prime video isn’t working on your Firestick or Fire TV, this will reset it and change your location to the current location as detected on your Amazon Prime account.

You will need this article is you are seeing this on your Amazon Fire TV when you make an attempt to stream movies on your device.

Your device’s current location settings might be incorrect or unsupported. To very location settings and view supported locations, please go for Error Code 5055OR we are unable to connect to Amazon Video. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem continues, please contact Amazon Customer service at, for error code 1055-mate.

How to Fix Error 5505 on Amazon Fire TV

Here is your guide to fixing error 5055 on Amazon Fire TV when you change your country of location and the streaming service returns.

  • Go to on your web browser.Error 5055 and 1055 on Amazon Fire TV
  • Sign in to your Amazon account using your account email address/phone number and passwordSign in
  • Click on “Settings”  >> Country/Region Settings.
  • Click “Change” under country/region.Error 5055 and 1055 on Amazon Fire TV
  • To clear the error 5055 or 1055 on your Amazon Fire TV fill the form with your account information such as your new location, say, Ireland, phone number, name, and click “Update”.Update personal information and location
  • Switch on your Amazon Fire TV and remove your account from the device.
  • Re-register your device again after a few hours.
  • Done.

This may appear stressful. Most especially the aspect of removing and adding your account to fix the error message that you are seeing. Just know it does worth it and it works.

There is an alternative approach if you do not have access to a smart TV with internet access as this method allows you to fix the error right within your Amazon Fire TV.

How to Fix Amazon Error 5055 and 1055 on Fire TV

You can clear the streaming error code 5055 and 1055 on your Amazon Fire TV following the procedures below.

  • Press the home button on “Amazon Fire TV”.
  • Hover and “Select” settings with your “Remote” in the navigation bar.Error 5055 and 1055 on Amazon Fire TV
  • Go to my “Account”.Account
  • Select “Deregister”.Deregister
  • From the confirmation pop-up select “Deregister” again to confirm.
  • Now, re-register your new Amazon account under “Account >> Registration” by clicking I already have an account.Error 5055 and 1055 on Amazon Fire TV
  • Enter your account email address into the space provided and click on “Next”.Error 5055 and 1055 on Amazon Fire TV
  • Type the associated password and click on “Sign in”.Amazon Sign in
  • Done.

Note that Fire TVs come with a pre-registered Amazon account with the account information they were purchased under. So, it’s always recommended to de-register our Amazon Fire TV before use to avoid error 5055 and 1055 if you are not using it in the country where you bought it.

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