How to Fix Tozo Earbuds Not Turning On

If you are trying to turn on your Tozo Earbuds but they are not responding you don’t have to panic. This doesn’t mean your Earbods have spoiled or they are no longer working. So I know that feeling, it can be very frustrating. However, relax and take a deep breath! This article will walk you through how to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on without any hassle.

Tozo has always been known for its excellent earbuds. The T6 received a lot of love and admiration from users the last time it was released. In addition, their new T10 earbuds have recently gained attention. However, users have recently complained about the T6 and T10 not working or not turning on even after charging them for a long time.

However, you need not be concerned! Yes, you read that correctly. We have compiled all of the possible solutions that will help you fix Tozo earbuds not turning on. Let’s get started!

We recently considered how to pair your Tozo earbuds to your iPhone so you won’t hesitate to check it out if you don’t know how.

how to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on

How to Fix Tozo Earbuds Not Turning On

There are several ways to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on issue. However, the solutions outlined below are the best and have already been proven to solve this problem. So, here’s what you have to do: Meanwhile, you may have to try multiple approaches before you will see or find what works.

Check The Entry Point

The cause of this issue on either your T6 or T10 is that your Tozo T6 or T10 is not charging properly, leading it to not work or turn on. Therefore, ensure to clean any debris or dirt that has become lodged at the charging jack’s entry point before trying to charge it for some time.

Then, see whether it works. If it works then you can read the other ways on how to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on or charging for fun.

Use A Different Charging Cable

If possible, we recommend charging your Tozo T6 or T10 earbuds with a USB cable other than the one included. After that, wait approximately an hour to see if it is still not turning on. If nothing changes then it may be more complicated than what we can think about in this headline.

Allow the Temperature to Cool down

Due to hours of use, the temperature of your earbuds may gradually rise and this can affect your earbuds from working properly. In that instance, wait until the temperature drops before trying to turn it on again.

Your Battery May Get Low

What if the earbuds’ battery is low? Do you ever think of that? If you press the turn-on button on your earbuds and none of them is working, then, your battery may have run drained. In that case, what you need to do is charge the earbuds and see if they will turn on.

Hard Reset Your Earbuds

You probably don’t want to do this if you have the opportunity because all your presets will be erased. If you have paired your earbuds to work with most of your gadgets automatically they will be deleted and you will have to reset the whole process. However, if that is the only option available you may need to follow the step below to reset your Tozo earbuds.

  • Take out your Tozo earbuds from the case.
  • Tap the earbuds head 5 times consecutively
  • Your Tozo earbuds should reset instantly.

However, if your Tozo earbuds has a reset button you simply need to press the reset button for about 10 seconds and all your presets will be cleared.

how to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on

How to Fix Tozo T10 Right or Left Earbud not Working

Here are some necessary workarounds that may help you in fixing the Tozo T10 right or left earbud not working issue. As a result, if you are anxious while trying to resolve this problem, ensure you follow the steps outlined below:

Update the Sound Driver of your PC

We frequently disregard this, believing that updating the Sound Driver will have little practical advantage in terms of maximizing PC performance especially when your earbuds are connected to it. It’s not true, because it’s as important as our GPU drivers.

As a result, you must ensure that you upgrade your sound driver, which requires the following steps:

  • Begin by searching for Device Manager and then selecting the Audio Input & Output tab.
  • Then, right-click the manufacturer of your audio device and select Update Driver.

That’s it! It is as simple as following the on-screen instructions to install the most recent sound driver version on your PC. After you’ve completed the preceding steps, you should check to see if the issue with the right or left side not working has been rectified. If not, follow the troubleshooting steps below to verify that your Tozo T10 headphones work again. Check them below:

  • Hold down the power button for a few seconds.
  • Then, quickly click on the power button three times.
  • Press the power button again for a few seconds after the LED indicator displays to wake it up.
  • The  Tozo T10 earbuds should now work to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on

Check the Content Currently On

If the left or right side of the earbud isn’t working, it could be a content issue with your device rather than a problem with your Tozo T10 headphones. As a result, we recommend that you test the problem by playing another video or audio to see if it occurs with the new one. If not, the earbuds are not defective.

Ensure your Earbuds are fully Charged

You may be unable to use the right or left side if you do not have fully charged Tozo T10 earbuds. As a result, check sure the headphones are completely charged before using them.

We recommend charging the smartphone overnight with the original or authorized cord to see if this resolves the issue. You should also use an authorized charging cable rather than a local cable, since the latter may cause additional damage to your Tozo T10 earbuds.

Use the Tozo T10 Earbuds on Different Devices

You should test your earbuds with another device to determine if the right or left side is not working. It’s possible that the problem is specific to your device. If the problem does not arise on the earbuds end, then you have a greater probability that it will not occur on your second device.

Check to See there are no External Damage

Make sure you thoroughly check your Tozo T10 earbuds for any external damage, such as a dent, crack, or other sort of damage. If you have any problems with the outward appearance of your headset, please contact an expert technician right away.

Contact the Tozo Support Team

Have you tried all of the solutions in this post but your Tozo T10 earbuds right or left side are still not working? Then, we will advise you to contact the Tozo T10 earphone support service, as they are the only ones who can advise you on how to fix the problem.

This is all about how to fix Tozo earbuds not turning on or working and also how to resolve the right or left side of the Tozo T10 wireless earbuds not working issue. Do not forget to leave a comment if this works or not.

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