How to Fix USB Accessories Disabled on MAC

The MAC PC, just like the Windows PC, has USB ports with which you can connect various USP Devices like USB Drive to the computer. USB Accessories disabled is an issue commonly encountered when using a MacBook.

Have you been getting a USB Accessories Disabled or USB Device Disabled prompt when trying to connect a USB Device to your MacBook? If yes, this article will help you understand why this issue occurs and the solutions you can apply to fix it.

Why does the USB Accessories Disabled Error Occur?

When you plug your USB Drives, cameras, keyboard, and other devices into your USB port, they can require a certain amount of power. 

These devices can sometimes require too much power from the MacBook, and you will get a USB Accessories disabled error. Connecting multiple external devices to a single MacBook can also cause the error to occur.

Some of the other reasons include

  • Defective USB port.
  • Using the wrong USB port or cable.
  • The MacOS of the system is outdated.
  • MacBook does not recognize USB.

Regardless of the cause, let us dive into some of the solutions you can use to resolve the USB Accessories disabled issue.

Ensure you are using the Correct USB Port and Cable

Before checking further for other troubleshooting solutions, check the specifications of your USB device to ensure you are using the correct USB cord and cable.

If your USB port or cable does not support the USB device you are using, it will not get enough power to function correctly and might cause a USB Accessories disabled error to occur.

It can quickly be resolved by using the right accessories for your port and cable.

Use self Powered Devices.

As earlier explained, sometimes the USB Accessories disabled issue might be coming from the amount of power required from the MacBook by the device before it can function correctly.

This can quickly be resolved by using only devices that get the needed power from an external power source, either an electrical source or a battery in the device itself.

Reduce the Simultaneous use of Multiple Devices

The more USB devices you have connected to your MacBook, especially if they are bus-powered and not self-powered devices, the more power is required from the MacBook.

To resolve this issue, simply make sure you have only the USB device currently in use plugged into the USB port, and ensure to unplug when it is no longer in use. 

Update the MacOS of your system

Sometimes, if you are not using the latest macOS build on your system, it may affect other system modules such as the USB Port, which can cause the USB accessories disabled error to occur.

 To resolve this, update your macOS by following the steps highlighted below.

  • Turn on your MacBook and go to Preference
  • Then open Software Update and check if there is an OS update available.
  • If available, click on Update Now and follow the prompts to download and install the new macOS update.
  • Once you have successfully updated the macOS, restart your device.
  • Connect a USB device to your system to confirm the issue has been resolved successfully.

Reset System Management Control (SMC)

System management control, known as SMC, deals with the hardware part of a MacBook. When you encounter a hardware related issue, such as the USB accessories disabled error, a viable solution will be to reset SMC.

There are different ways of resetting SMC, which depend on the kind of battery in your MacBook. Both methods are discussed below.

How to Reset SMC on a MackBook with Removable Battery

If your MacBook Pro or your MacBook Air comes with a removable battery, follow the steps below to reset the SMC

  • Remove the power adapter
  • Shut down your laptop and remove the battery
  • Press and hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button and insert the battery
  • Reconnect the power adapter
  • Finally, connect a USB device to your system to confirm the issue has been successfully resolved.

How to Reset SMC on a MacBook with an Inbuilt Battery

If your MacBook comes with a non removable battery, follow these steps to reset the SMC

  • Shut down your MacBook
  • On your keyboard, press the shift + control + option + power key at the same time.
  • Hold the keys for approximately 10 seconds
  • Release your hold on the keys at the same time.
  • Then turn on your MacBook and connect a USB device to confirm if the issue is resolved.

Reset Parameter Random Access Memory(PRAM)

The Parameter Random Access Memory, also known as PRAM, stores the settings of some MAC functions such as startup disk selection and volume, timezone, and more. 

It has been frequently reported that resetting the PRAM has been of help in resolving the USB accessories disabled issue. To reset the PRAM, follow the steps listed below

  • Turn on your MacBook
  • Press and hold down the keys command + option + P + R
  • Hold down the keys for approximately 15 seconds or till a grey screen appears in front of you.
  • Release the keys, and you will hear a reset sound.
  • Boot your MacBook and connect a USB device to confirm the issue has been resolved.

Seek the help of a Professional

If you have tried all of the solutions listed above and have not found a working solution, visit the nearest Apple repair center around you for professional help.

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