5 Best Soundbars

It’s no news that Soundbars have a number of advantages over traditional home theater speakers. We will be reviewing 5 best Soundbars in 2020 that have proved people’s preference for soundbar setups over traditional speaker setups.

Whether you need a Soundbar that works with Dolby Atmos or you basically just need something you can connect your MP3 player to, there is a model in the market that perfectly suits your need.

Meanwhile, not all soundbars are created equal. It’s important and fair to say that not all Soundbars provide the same sound experience. A TV lover or someone who often listens to music would prefer something that not only sounds good but is also connectable with your existing devices, whether TV or direct streaming from your smartphone or tablet.

5 Best Soundbars

We have done research on the best Soundbars for your varying experiences and needs. And we have come up with a list of them. They include:

1. Samsung HW-Q90R; First on the list of 5 best soundbars

image shows the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar

So far, the best Soundbar is from the stable of giant technological company, Samsung.  With the Samsung HW-Q90R, Samsung presents a premium and expertly built Soundbar with a 7.1.4 setup. It consists of a wireless subwoofer and two sets of wireless satellite speakers.

The Samsung HW-Q90R is capable of giving a fully immersive surround sound system ad appears to be one of the best Dolby Atmos Soundbars.

Due to its well-balanced sound profile, the Samsung HW-Q90R is versatile enough to suit all kinds of audio genres like TV Shows, movies, and almost all other audio genres. It can also produce a lot of low-bass which potentially brings out the rumble and thump of your thrilling action movie or active video games. The Soundbar can act as a hub for Television and other devices. Ultimately, the Sound system’s three HDMI ports are compatible with most high-end audio formats.

2. Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2CH – Best Soundbar for large rooms

image shows Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2CH soundbar suitable for large rooms

This Soundbar made it to the list of 5 best soundbars due to many reasons. If you own a big room and need to fit in even more speakers than the Samsung HW-Q90R, then the Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2CH is a go. It’s suitable for an immersive listening experience although it might take a little while to set up. But its top-quality surround sound performance would wear away the stress of setting it up when being used.

It has four up-firing speakers which facilitate the creation of better height sound effects with Atmos content which brightly shines when watching a movie. The sound system is professionally well built even though its design might be a turn-off. If you could get past that and focus on its excellent sound quality, you are sure to forget your taste of futuristic design.

3. Samsung HW-Q80R; Best 5.1 Soundbar

image shows Samsung HW-Q80R soundbar

Samsung makes the list of 5 best soundbars once again with its 5.1 HW-Q80R soundbars. The Soundbar has a similar design to that of the Samsung HW-Q90R which tops or list of 6 best soundbars. Just that its setup does not need or include a rear satellite speaker.

The 5.1 soundbar gives you a solid experience of enjoying any almost all types of audio content format, including movies and audiobooks, because its sound profile is creatively well balanced and has a subwoofer that never fails to deliver satisfactory rumbles and thumps.

Are you planning a loud house party or a get together in a large spacious room? Then the Samsung HW-Q80R is suitable for you with a built-in graphic EQ.

4. VIZIO SB36512-F6; Best Most Affordable Soundbar

image depicts VIZIO SB36512-F6 sound system on the list of 5 best soundbars in 2020

The Vizio soundbar is the best choice if you want an excellent soundbar that doesn’t break the bank. It might not produce as loud sound as Samsung but its overall surround experience is satisfactory, thanks to its satellite speakers.

The Soundbar provides excellent performance for its pocket-friendly price. It is also compatible with Atmos content which can give a sweet movie-listening experience. Meanwhile, it does not possess a graphics EQ feature like the Samsung soundbar and only has lesser inputs which make it the best option if you have quite a number of devices.

5. Sonos Beam; Best Small Soundbar

image shows the Sonos Beam soundbar which emerges 5th on the list of 5 best soundbars

Making the 5th place on the list of 5 best soundbars, the Sonos Beam is the best small Soundbar we found for you. The Soundbar has a very short design, which makes it comfortably fit in the legs of a 55’’ TV. A nicely built system that possesses a powerful and excellent sound, the Sono Beam can be easily upgraded by buying a separate wireless subwoofer and rear satellites.

The Soundbar has a decent performance even though some people might see it to lack a punchy bass due to its lack of a subwoofer.  Nevertheless, it’s an advisable choice to upgrade from your TV speakers. The bar has a pretty large stereo soundstage and a nicely balanced overall sound profile.  It complements these with an amazing center channel performance, a facilitating factor of its dedicated center speakers. This gives a clearer and more accurate dialogue in movies and other content.

Just like the Vizio SB36512-F6 Soundbar, the Sono Beam has fewer inputs and isn’t suitable as a hub for all your devices.

That’s our list of 5 best Sounders in 2020 is that going to shape your buying decision in relation to your taste and need? Do let us know in the comment section.

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