How to Get a Twitch Stream Key

Here we will look into how to get a Twitch Stream Key. If you would love to go live on YouTube with the help of your Twitch streaming key this post is meant for you. So, stay glued to learn about the simple way to get the Twitch stream key and go live on YouTube.

With the Twitch stream key you will be able to go live with your fans. The Twitch stream key is the key to unlock your live streaming access from your Twitch account with or without using a third-party software such as OBS.

So, in this guide, we will discuss “how to get a Twitch stream key” and how to go live with the stream key.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a platform to go live on the internet with your fans with an activate code called the “stream Key“. The Twitch stream key is a feature to activate a live streaming service on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, stream TV (Twitch TV) and a lot more.

With Twitch streaming service, you can go live on Facebook, go live on YouTube, go live on Mixer, watch Fortnite, and other live stream platforms to share ideas with your fans and subscribers.

However to start streaming on Twitch TV or other platforms you need the stream key to go live with your fans. You can generate a YouTube stream key, and Stream with it on OBS.

All that is required is the stream TV key. In a rare case, you may have to provide the live stream URL.

However, most of the live streaming services require a stream key before going live. A good example is the “YouTube stream key” and Facebook Stream Key.

Twitch TV is not exempted, OBS is not exempted, and other live streaming services need an activation key called stream key to go live.

Note: Twitch stream key is a unique key. Its autogenerates each time you wants to use it. But when it falls into the wrong hand it can be mishandled and can be used to go live on your channel without permission. So, you want to keep it safe.

How to Get a Twitch Stream Key for YouTube

For YouTube, it’s called the YouTube stream key. To generate Youtube stream Key, you need to meet some certain criteria which were discussed in our previous post, we have covered how to generate YouTube stream key, so you may want to check it out in case you want to go live with your fans on YouTube.

Also, if you have not gone live for once on Facebook and you will like to go live on Facebook and generate a Facebook stream key with a server URL, check out this tutorial on how to go live on Facebook and how to generate a Facebook stream key.

How to Get a Twitch Stream Key

We are not going to discuss how to set up Twitch TV but how to get a Twitch stream in this article. If you want to learn how to get a stream Twitch key on iPhone, Facebook, Xbox, PC, and PS4, you need to create a Twitch account, activate your account and log in to your account to find your Twitch key.

However, we’d share with you explicitly how to get your stream key if you have already subscribed to any of Twitch’s plans to stream live online.

If you have chosen your favourite encoder program to be Twitch, here is how to get the Twitch stream key… Here, we’d teach you how to find your stream key using OBS encoder software.

How to Get a Twitch Stream Key

Here is a simple approach to getting a Twitch stream key to go live on Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, Facebook, and YouTube.

1. Install any encoder software programs such as OBS, XSplit, Mixer etc.

2. Launch the OBS encoder software program and select “Broadcasting Settings” under the settings

twitch stream key

3. Under “mode” select “Twitch” as your broadcasting service and click on “Optimize”

twitch stream key

4. Go to the Twitch dashboard and select “Stream Key” to reveal the Twitch stream key special codes

Twitch stream key

5. Click on “Show” to reveal the stream key and copy and paste the stream key into the stream encoder key box.

twitch stream key

The moment you clicked on “Show”, the streaming service will reveal your Twitch stream key so that you can copy it and paste it into your favourite live streaming software.

How to Get a Twitch Stream Key on

Here is how to find and get a Twitch stream key with a third-party encoder software such as the OBS software program. However, if you enjoy streaming on your PC and on Android or iOS devices, you can copy the stream key from website.

1. Log into your account

2. Click on your “Username” and click on “Dashboard” from the drop menu

3. Click on “Stream Key” under “Settings” and click on “Show key” to reveal your account stream key or go to “

Note: Do not forget to replace your username with your username

4. Highlight to copy the code under “Stream Key” and paste it into your encoder software to go live.

A lot has changed in Twitch settings, however, with this guide, you can still get your Twitch key and use it with your broadcasting software.

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