How to Go Live on YouTube with Encoder Programs

They are two ways to go live on YouTube. You can go live on your Android phone using YouTube app and on desktop computers visit YouTube live streaming on your dashboard.

There are few popular apps to go live on Android phone without using YouTube app and also you need an encoder program such as OBS, XSplit, and others to go live on YouTube as well as on Facebook with your audience.

However, to connect YouTube live stream with your choice of encoder software there is a need to copy and paste your YouTube stream key on your encoder software before you can connect live with your audience using the encoder.

Note: You will not be able to use YouTube live TV and generate your stream key without verified your YouTube channel. While YouTube channel verification is simple you may not be able to monetize your channel, upload a custom thumbnail, and go live on YouTube.

Best YouTube Encode Programs to Go Live

Encoder programs is an integral part of going live on YouTube. It makes it easy and flexible to go live when you are granted YouTube permission to access your computer and YouTube app to access Mic, audio, camera, and storage on your device. Meanwhile, people watching do not need an encoder program to watch live TV on YouTube.

So, if you are damn helpless with the best encoder program to go live on YouTube with your channel YouTube stream key to go live with your fans or subscribers, here are some of the recommended encoder programs to go live on YouTube.

1. Open Broadcast Software

OBS is a free and open-source encoding software to go live on YouTube, Facebook, and other live streaming platforms. The OBS uses a streaming key to connect to the streaming site and go live with a simple connect button.

The OBS offers a simple interface and user-friendly navigate to copy and paste the streaming key to easily go live with your audience.

2. Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

The adobe flash media live encoder is a freeware that uses computer camera, Mic, and audio feature to go live with online audiences. The Microsoft free encoder delivers a high-quality video when used as the encoding software to connect the broadcaster to the listeners.

The encoding software supports both Windows and Mac OS and it’s totally free to use for all live broadcaster on the internet.

3. XSplit

XSplit is a popular live streaming encoding software for Windows and Mac OS. The live streaming TV software makes it easy to create and share content with followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer and other websites where you can go live with your audience.

XSplit offers both premium and freemium service. However, the premium service is not compulsory but to enjoy the encoder full features you need a premium access.

4. Wirecast

Wirecast is known for its feature to broadcast a live streaming video to multiple platforms at the same time to the different server. The Wirecast is unlike most live streaming encoding software that only broadcast to a single server. However, you can go live with different fans on a different platform using Wirecast.

Although, different live streaming websites require a different streaming key. So, for YouTube, you need a YouTube stream key and for other platforms, you also need a streaming key to go live with the encoding software.

How to Generate YouTube Stream Key to Go Live

Here is how to generate a new YouTube live streaming key from your YouTube channel.

1. Log into your YouTube Channel and click on “Profile” icon to select “Creator Studio

YouTube Stream Key

2. Click on “Live Streaming” on the left side of the “Creator Studio” dashboard

YouTube Stream Key

3. Scroll down to “ENCODER SETUP” and click on “Reveal”

YouTube Stream Key

4. Copy and paste both “Server URL” and “Stream name/key” code in your encoding software to go live.

Always keep your YouTube stream key away from third-parties as users with your stream key will be able to go live on your YouTube channel.

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