How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell

If you’ve just gotten a 1st generation ring video doorbell and you can’t wrap your head around how to install it.

Maybe, you are not sure of how high or low the device should be placed above the ground level or how you are to place the Doorbell device on hard surface.

In this article, I will break down the easy steps you should follow, to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell. But, before you Install a  Ring Video Doorbell, you have to set it up and here is how to do that.

How to Setup a  Ring video doorbell (1st generation) using the App

First and foremost, you have to set up your ring doorbell in the ring app before you decide to mount it onto the door.

How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell

  • To do that, go ahead to Install the Ring Video Doorbell app for either Android or iOS
  • Now, launch the App
  • If this is your first time using a ring product, you will be requested to create a new Account
  • on the create account window simply fill in your details and click on “Continue
  • On the next screen Tap “Set Up a Device” and select “Doorbell
  • Next, grab your Ring Video Doorbell device and use your phone to scan the QR code or MAC ID barcode on it
  • How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell
  • Note: You can get the QR code or the MAC ID at the back of the doorbell device.
  • Once your device has been recognized using the QR code, a green square will appear.
  • however, if you’re using the MAC ID a green line will appear instead.
  • Now, in a scenario where your device isn’t recognizing the QR code or the MAC ID, go back and choose “setup without scanning
  • Now, confirm your location and hit continue.
  • You’ll need to name your device, you can simply pick any of the default names like “front-door” or simply customize it to whatever you like
  • After doing that, get your Ring Video Doorbell device and put it into setup mode by pressing the orange button at the back of it
  • As soon as you see a spinning white light in the front of your ring video doorbell, go to the app and type continue

Now, connect your ring doorbell to the Wi-Fi network

How to Connect to your Ring doorbell Device 

Over here you have to connect your smartphone device to the ring Wi-Fi network via the ring doorbell app.

The ring Wi-Fi network is a temporal access point that you only need to join briefly while setting up the ring device. 

As soon as you are connected to the ring Wi-Fi network which is temporal, then you will now connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Note: Your smartphone may generate a message that says “no internet connection” kindly ignore it.

Simply Join the temporary Ring Wi-Fi network access point and complete your setup.

For iPhone users: a prompt will ask you to join the ring Wi-Fi network

For android users: it should connect automatically

However if your android device does not automatically connect follow these simple steps,

Do these:

  • On your android phone, tap the home button to leave the ring app and navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > and select the Ring Wi-Fi Network from the list of available networks
  • In common cases, the network will appear as The Ring + the last 6 digits of your MAC ID or The Ring plus the Last 2 digits from the MACs
  • As soon as it’s connected go back to the Ring doorbell app 

Now, you will connect your ring doorbell to the Wi-Fi network

Connect Your Video Doorbell to Your Wi-Fi Network

To connect your Video doorbell to your Wi-Fi network just follow the steps below.

  • Do that by selecting your home WIFI network (preferably select the network closer to your ring video doorbell device) If your Wi-Fi signal is low you can learn how to boost it over here
  • Moving forward, enter your password and hit “continue
  • On the next screen, you can decide to add other family members and share access with them, do this by sending an invite to their email, else tap on skip this step.

In addition, there is something you want to take note off, as soon as you connect your ring doorbell to the Wi-Fi network, the doorbell might begin to update its internal software.

If you see a light in front of your doorbell flashing white continuously, it means it has started updating.

Once, the flashing stops, the update is completed.

Now, you can continue with the setup

After setting up your ring doorbell, push the front button on the ring doorbell device to complete a test call, this action will kick start your software and put it in a ready to function state

Since, your ring video doorbell is completely set up, which means you can receive alerts from it on your phone you still need to mount it in front of your house.

And in this article below, I will show you an easy way to do that install your ring video doorbell if you have an existing doorbell.

How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell with Existing Doorbell

To Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell follow this step by step guide if you have an existing doorbell and you want to replace it with a Ring Video Doorbell.

How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell

Moving forward here is what you need to do if you have an existing doorbell you want to replace:

First and foremost, you have to shut down the power to the existing doorbell or shut down the whole power at the circuit breaker to avoid any electrical shock hazard

Remove your current doorbell (the wires powering the doorbell will remain) and follow the remaining steps to mount the bracket

  • Now, mount the bracket by putting the level tool into the mounting bracket while placing the mounting bracket in such a way that you will be able to access the wires for power
  • After doing that, level the mounting bracket using the level tool
  • Next, drive the provided screws which are in the kit that comes with the device into the holes
  • In a scenario, where you’re mounting it on a hard surface, use the mounting bracket to firstly mark plot holes
  • Now, drill holes and insert the anchors
  • After that, simply remove the level tool from the mounting bracket
  • Once you’ve mounted the bracket, the next step is to connect the wires.
  • You will see some screws on the mounting bracket,
  • simply connect the wires to those two screws. The order in which they are connected doesn’t matter. You just have to ensure that the wires don’t touch each other.

Note: If you are using a digital doorbell chime (which usually makes an electronic sound as compared to the traditional chime), simply attach the diode. You can check the easy installation process on the chime for more information about this step

  • Next, place your Ring video doorbell on the mounting bracket
  • From the mounting brackets line up the tabs to the slots which are at the back of your Ring video doorbell. It’s completely okay to use a little extra force here
  • Finally, Restore the power back

Now that you’re done installing the Ring video doorbell, you have to check if everything is working perfectly.

If you have a wired interior chime connected to your Ring Video Doorbell and it isn’t chiming, simply take off the faceplate and check again to confirm if your connection is secure.

If after performing all these checks everything is in order, screw the included security screws in the bottom side of the faceplate with the small end of the screwdriver that comes with the kit 

After doing all these your ring video doorbell should be working perfectly,

However, if you don’t have any doorbell or you are not intending to replace your current doorbell with a Ring video doorbell, you need a power source

And, since you are going to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell without an existing power source, you will have to make use of the battery as the power source.

So to begin the installation and setup, you have to charge the battery first and here’s how to go about that:

How to charge the Battery of your Ring Video Doorbell

How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell

  • To charge the battery you have to remove it from the bottom of the device
  • Now, plug the battery using an orange cable that comes with the device kit to a power source. (this should take 4-6 ) hours
  • once the battery is fully charged the light will turn green
  • Now, Insert the battery into the ring device

To the installation:

How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell without an existing Doorbell

After fully charge your doorbell battery and follow the steps below to install it.

Firstly, line up your ring video doorbell and do the following steps:

  • Get the level tool (its included in the box) and put it into the small hole in front of the ring Doorbell below the camera 
  • Now, Place the Ring doorbell, next to your door at a distance of about 45 inches from the ground level.
  • How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell
  • Next, level the device with the level tool and mark the position where you might have to drill a hole, mark it with a pencil.

To Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell on brick 

If the surface where you want to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell on a brick surface.

How to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell

Here is how to install a ring doorbell on brick surfaces.

    • For hard surfaces like bricks, drill the holes where you’ve marked with a pencil.
    • Put the plastic anchors that come with the device kits into the holes.
    • Now, hammer the plastic anchors lightly to get them in

However if its a wooden surface or vinyl 

To Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell on wood or vinyl surface 

    • Simply use the screws alone, you don’t need to use the plastic anchors
    • After doing that, the place your ring video doorbell over the hole and, remove the level tool at the front of the device
  • Now, start screwing the four screws while holding your mounting bracket in place.
  • make sure they are well tightened
  • Now, slot in one out of the faceplates that are provided and click it into place
  • Lastly, get one of the Provided security screws and use the star-shaped screwdriver to tighten it at the bottom.


Installing your ring video doorbell doesn’t require much technology, especially if you have an existing doorbell in your home. 

But, if you want to Install a 1st-Generation Ring Video Doorbell without any existing doorbell, ensure you charge the battery fully.

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